X VPN Review


X VPN collects some information about your connection without sharing it with third parties, including geolocation and connection timestamp. In addition, it collects details of what apps you use as well as how much data is consumed per month.

X-VPN is an average VPN service with some drawbacks: its privacy policies remain unclear and it doesn’t support torrenting or bypassing censorship.

It has a large server network

X VPN boasts over 8000 servers in 50 countries, making it one of the largest providers in our review. However, some virtual servers may not actually exist where claimed by the company – this can create issues for users trying to access content restricted by geographical restrictions. Furthermore, there have been reports of DNS leakage revealing browsing histories to third parties.

Another serious drawback of X-VPN is its absence of a kill switch, which temporarily blocks your activities if it unexpectedly disconnects unexpectedly. Without one, ISPs and websites could access your real IP address and compromise both privacy and security. iOS app of X-VPN does have this feature built-in; unfortunately not available on Windows version.

This VPN provider offers multiple protocols to strike a balance between speed and security, including AES-256 encryption technology and its proprietary protocol X-VPN, which it claims offers faster speeds and superior performance compared to traditional PPTP protocols.

Their website is well-organized, featuring detailed installation manuals as well as an FAQs section which covers many frequently asked questions. Live chat support is available Monday to Friday with sometimes delayed response times for live chat support services.

Even as a relatively new service, X-VPN has already amassed an impressive customer base. According to its company claims, 80 million users have subscribed to the VPN, though this number cannot be independently verified. With so much pressure put on a service’s infrastructure from so many users accessing it at once, connection issues or outages could result.

X-VPN not only supports PCs and smartphones, but it is also capable of connecting gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to VPN hotspots for optimal protection while playing. Android and iOS applications allow you to do just this – providing an effective method to safeguard data while gaming!

X-VPN’s free version makes testing the service easy, with similar pricing models to other premium VPN services such as NordVPN or Surfshark but more cost-effective solutions like this one. In addition, hackers are protected by its servers running from volatile memory and booting from read-only disks; making any leftover logs hard for them to store.

It is easy to use

The best VPN services protect your privacy, secure your online traffic and allow you to bypass geographic restrictions. They offer fast connections, high-quality encryption and work seamlessly with streaming services like Netflix; some even come equipped with kill switches in case their VPN service goes down unexpectedly – however X-VPN’s terms of service indicate they may give over any necessary information to Chinese authorities if required by law, making X-VPN less reliable than its rivals.

X-VPN offers both free and paid subscriptions, with the former providing access to its servers without restrictions or limits. Paid subscribers have access to a private browser which enables them to browse privately; it has apps for PCs, smartphones, smart TVs as well as game consoles; it can tether its VPN connection onto game consoles; as well as working across Android iOS Mac Linux systems X-VPN boasts an impressive network of servers but may be lacking some top providers’ larger networks of servers.

Though X-VPN doesn’t collect personal information directly, it does store timestamps and protocols used by its users. Being located in Hong Kong means your information could be shared with Chinese authorities; plus its free version doesn’t offer a kill switch that prevents connection failures.

Split tunneling, an essential security feature, is absent in both iOS and Windows apps of X-VPN VPN service, providing you with control of which apps go through VPN tunnels while others connect directly to the internet – this feature is particularly beneficial if multiple applications exist on one device.

While the X-VPN website doesn’t mention this restriction, its mobile apps do. The mobile version provides several features not found on desktop version such as support for new devices and additional protocols; additionally, these apps allow you to set up your own VPN server, allowing multiple devices access simultaneously. You can download them both from official company website as well as Microsoft Store.

It is affordable

X VPN is a free-to-use VPN service with an impressive selection of servers, but falls short in terms of security and features when compared with its competitors. For example, its iOS app lacks split tunneling features for India as well as not working with Netflix, plus there’s no kill switch so your privacy could be lost should the connection become interrupted; furthermore its macOS app has a 500MB data cap which doesn’t renew after usage is depleted.

X-VPN stands out from its competition by failing to offer a no-log policy, which can greatly diminish your privacy and anonymity online. In fact, instead of using first-party DNS servers for routing requests directly through Google Search Console rather than via first-party servers such as OpenDNS for routing your requests; which could reveal your browsing history.

While X-VPN may be useful for bypassing censorship and watching foreign movies and TV shows, its servers are not optimized for torrenting; additionally it does not bypass China’s Great Firewall; plus it does not support peer-to-peer networks.

Comparing X-VPN with other top VPN services requires considering several key parameters, including security and encryption, no-log policy & jurisdiction, server network, streaming & torrenting support, compatibility & ease of use as well as pricing. X-VPN’s website features an easy comparison table which makes comparing features easier while helping users find their perfect provider faster.

X-VPN boasts an expansive server network based in Hong Kong. Its servers are spread out among 57 countries, covering many geographic regions; however, most are virtual and may not actually reside where they claim they do – this could expose your personal information to hackers and government surveillance, DNS leaks that reveal real IP addresses, as well as DNS leaks which expose IP addresses, locations etc. For your privacy protection X-VPN uses an advanced encryption protocol with multiple server locations around the globe to safeguard privacy.

It is secure

X-VPN is one of the more well-known VPNs on the market, boasting good speeds, a no-log policy, and supporting multiple devices and platforms. Unfortunately, however, it does not compare as favorably when it comes to security compared to other options; its main weakness being it cannot access certain websites such as GFW of China; less reliable downloading copyrighted content due to lack of kill switch; privacy at stake due to connection disruption.

X-VPN stands out from many other VPN services by not recording browsing data or DNS queries, which ensures your online activity remains completely private and cannot be monitored by third parties. Their no-log policy also helps ensure they do not share your personal information with government agencies; in particular, it prevents sharing it with Chinese authorities since X-VPN does not belong to 14 Eyes alliance.

X-VPN’s installation process is straightforward and won’t require any complex software or configurations – even on computers without browsers! Simply visit its website and select your device before clicking “Download.” Its lightweight nature means it will take up minimal space on your system.

X-VPN stands out from other VPNs by its unique ability to unblock video and audio streaming sites with proprietary technology, using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption and providing features like kill switch protection and DNS leak protection to safeguard devices securely.

X-VPN’s website is well organized, offering various installation manuals and FAQs. Their customer support team offers live chat Monday to Friday; however, their technical experts may take longer than anticipated in providing answers to technical inquiries.

X-VPN’s free plan is limited, offering only 500MB per month. However, for $3.95 monthly subscription the Premium plan offers unlimited bandwidth as well as a VPN tethering feature that connects your phone directly to gaming console.

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