XviD4PSP is a free program that lets you convert videos between AVI and MP4 formats into different ones, as well as adding subtitles.

This program boasts an easy user interface and comes equipped with all of the codecs necessary for file conversion.


XviD4PSP is a video converter software capable of transforming almost any file format into one compatible with most portable devices. Furthermore, it includes features to help customize output such as batch processing, subtitle support, audio normalization and trimming or cropping of videos – making this program extremely flexible.

Comparable software may offer simple user interfaces or comprehensive settings windows; XviD4PSP stands out by offering more user-friendly functionality and providing comprehensive control of every aspect of conversion process. From changing video and audio encoders, applying effects, adjusting brightness/contrast levels or selecting DVD output presets – making XviD4PSP an ideal tool for both newcomers and advanced users.

Performance wise, XviD4PSP is extremely efficient; converting video files takes less than half the time of other programs. Furthermore, its built-in video player enables previewing your work and wide format support makes it the ideal solution for those with multiple devices.

This software is free to download and use, though advertisements do appear at the bottom of your screen. If you wish to remove these advertisements, XviD4PSP offers licenses that remove them. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems it has been successfully tested to work across most environments with little risk for compatibility issues.

XviD4PSP can handle most common video formats and be used to produce high-quality videos, making it an indispensable program. Reliable and flexible, it can be used both professionally and personally. While its price is lower than some competing programs, its intuitive interface makes it an excellent choice for beginners just beginning video editing. Plus it works on almost all devices such as PSP, Xbox 360, Sony Ericsson phones Nokia phones Blackberries etc with additional plugins and tools available to enhance the editing experience.


XviD4PSP is free for any user and does not require registration or additional costs, although translators would require purchasing a license in order to access a more advanced version of this software.

A license for XviD4PSP costs $14 and allows you to download and install newer versions of the software, while providing numerous other benefits like batch conversion and support for multiple audio tracks and subtitles.

If you want more information on this software, visit its official website or reach out directly to its developers for additional guidance. You can also submit questions in forums or social media channels related to it.

XviD4PSP is an efficient and versatile video converter, supporting an array of formats. Its user-friendly interface and handy features make it simple and hassle-free to use; plus its ability to convert multiple files at the same time saves both time and effort! Note, however, that software may contain bugs or issues which could impair its performance and that XviD4PSP does not support all audio/video formats. HitPaw Video Converter may provide an effective alternative, as it has numerous features and is available both for Mac and Windows platforms. Furthermore, its support of all modern codecs makes it an excellent way to convert videos. Lastly, its user-friendly interface ensures optimal performance on all devices.


XviD4PSP is a simple and straightforward video converter software program that is both accessible and free for personal use, making multimedia files compatible with PSP, iPod and other devices accessible via its convenient user interface. Perfect for both experienced users as well as newcomers alike!

This program can also be used to edit videos and audio files, removing logos, cropping files and adding special effects; adjusting audio levels; eliminating noise; changing contrast, brightness and saturation settings of files as well as resizing videos if desired; even making them blurrier!

Another feature that makes this program exceptionally helpful is its extensive support for video formats, making it perfect for people who frequently watch movies on mobile phones or other portable devices. Furthermore, the program comes equipped with an embedded video player which enables users to preview the file prior to making any modifications.

Although XviD4PSP is promoted as a converter for PSP devices, it can actually convert videos for use on other platforms, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Furthermore, this program optimizes videos so they are compatible with these devices’ optimal capabilities and can even convert for DVD and Blu-ray players.

In addition to its primary functionality, XviD4PSP can also be used to add subtitles and menus to video files for those wishing to watch films in languages they do not understand. Furthermore, it may be used to improve quality by decreasing colors or altering frame rates – XviD4PSP is also capable of altering quality by changing frame rates between various video streams.

To maximize XviD4PSP performance, it’s essential that your computer remains clean and organized. To do so, run regular malware scans, perform hard drive cleanup using cleanmgr and sfc /scannow, uninstall programs no longer necessary and monitor auto-start programs and enable automatic Windows updates as well as making regular backups of files with recovery points defined.


XviD4PSP is a multi-purpose video converter tailored specifically for use on portable devices. Featuring an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training to navigate, its highly configurable nature means it meets the needs of a variety of skill levels and experience levels alike. Capable of converting various file formats, creating high-quality videos for PSP, PS3, XBox 360, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and hardware DVD players as well as supporting more devices than ever.

Though XviD4PSP is promoted as a conversion program for Sony PSP devices, it can actually be used to convert files for many other devices as it supports a wide array of video encoding formats and offers device-specific optimization profiles that cater for their requirements. As a result, this makes XviD4PSP an incredibly flexible and reliable program – well worth exploring if you want professional quality video conversion!

The app does not rely on external programs or codecs in order to function, with all necessary components integrated directly into its design. This enables a smoother integration into the user’s system and less clutter on their desktop computer. Furthermore, this program was made to run off of a USB drive independently from existing codecs.

XviD4PSP does have some limitations which may limit its overall usefulness, such as not reading signpost files from VirtualDub or supporting multiple audio tracks for encoding. Despite these issues, however, the program remains powerful and flexible enough for large data conversion needs; MKVExtract is another tool which could pull embedded subtitles from MKV files and then feed them directly into XviD4PSP to add them back in.

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