Xvirus Anti Malware Review

Xvirus Anti Malware is a protection tool created to combat threats your existing antivirus software may miss. Utilizing heuristic analysis, this application scans files for suspicious scripts before blocking their execution on your PC.

Protection Shields provided include Files Guard, Network Guard and Behavior Guard. In addition, the program optimizes your system in order to speed it up while clearing away temporary files and clean-up temporary memory space.


Xvirus Anti Malware is an innovative security solution that goes beyond what traditional antiviruses can find. The software scans your system for viruses, spyware and other forms of malware to stop them from spreading across your PC and causing harm. When used alongside regular antivirus solutions for added cyber-threat protection.

Xvirus Anti Malware stands out from other security solutions by being light and easy to install, taking only minutes for setup and installation. Furthermore, updates happen regularly so your security remains current; additionally it runs on demand to detect potential threats to ensure you remain up-to-date; additionally it scans memory and temporary files to locate malicious items which might have found their way onto your system.

Xvirus Anti Malware can be downloaded free, without time limits or irritating ads, its dark interface making it simple for anyone to navigate and its support of multiple languages making launching it quick, full or custom system scans easily with one click; automatically updating virus databases; using minimal resources while being easily enabled or disabled with just one click – these features all add up to one of the best anti malware applications around!

Xvirus offers protection from various threats, such as spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots and worms. Furthermore, it features several useful tools – password manager and system information tool among them – and even detects hidden ransomware in high and low level folders.

Xvirus Anti Malware’s detection capabilities extend well beyond detection; its removal capabilities can also assist you in eliminating any existing infections on your system. Furthermore, this program can monitor internet activity to stay abreast of cybersecurity news as well as detect suspicious websites before you visit them. Lastly, its warning capabilities alert users before visiting potentially hazardous websites.

Established in 2010, Xvirus is an Auckland, New Zealand-based cyber security provider that offers an array of products designed to protect computers and devices against attacks. Their offerings include threat blocking and prevention services, real-time scanning protection features, automatic updates, ransomware prevention as well as ransomware prevention prevention. Xvirus is featured as part of CB Insight’s 1 Expert Collection which showcases companies poised for rapid expansion.


Xvirus Anti Malware is an easy and effective tool that guards your computer against multiple types of malware and cyber threats, including trojan horses, ransomware and adware. Working alongside your existing antivirus software, it ensures no gaps exist in protection. With multiple protection shields such as files guard, network guard and behavior guard preventing infection with spyware trojan horses ransomware adware etc it also features quick scan, full scan and custom scan for on demand tests on your computer system.

As soon as the program is installed, desktop and Start menu shortcuts are created and an initial scan to detect malware infections runs automatically. Scans can be initiated either instantly by pressing’scan now’ button, or scheduled on weekly or monthly basis for added peace of mind. In addition, various settings govern how this program operates – one being “Xvirus Auto Mode,” allowing it to make important decisions without necessitating your input.

Xvirus’ great advantage lies in enabling you to view the results of both on-demand and scheduled scans at any time, providing a list of detected infections with details like name, size and location – giving an easy way to keep an eye on which infections were removed and which are still present; furthermore you can also track how long it took for the scan to complete.

Dual scanner features are extremely helpful when you are concerned about infiltrating your USB drives or other external storage devices, providing peace of mind that the data on those drives hasn’t been compromised by malicious code. Furthermore, Xvirus allows users to block suspicious links, downloads or attachments ensuring your privacy remains safe.

Xvirus features an attractive dark interface with easy navigation and support for multiple languages. It offers an abundance of features – some only available with paid Pro versions; for instance, its free version doesn’t allow Network Guard activation or password protection of your PC.


This app performs admirably when it comes to malware detection, particularly when compared with similar anti virus software. Scans are quick and efficient while it does not hog many computer resources. However, more advanced options for customizing its behavior would enhance its efficiency even more and could also benefit from having a cleaner interface.

This program can easily identify and eliminate malware from computers, keeping its database constantly up-to-date. Furthermore, it speeds up computer performance by clearing away temporary files and any unwanted data, and performing scheduled scans that alert the user of potential issues.

Xvirus’ low system requirements make it ideal for older computers with limited hard disk space or limited budgets, preventing malware installation as well as protecting from online exploit kits and their threats.

Xvirus stands out from other antivirus programs by not requiring additional drivers or applications to run properly, running in a virtual environment on as few as two processor cores and being compatible with various operating systems and hardware platforms such as portable USB drives.

The application can detect various forms of malware and ransomware, including spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, rootkits and ransomware. Furthermore, it helps prevent identity theft, extortion and reduce computer lag and slowdown by blocking known sources of malicious content such as websites or services hosting it.

Xvirus can serve both as a standalone anti-virus solution or installed alongside other security solutions to strengthen overall computer protection. With its free, lightweight and portable design that’s easy to use and impressive detection rate, this program works great on all Windows versions as well as multiple languages. Established in 2010 in Auckland New Zealand and part of 1 Expert Collection which includes companies providing cybersecurity solutions; providing unparalleled analyst expertise, detailed company data analysis tools and an all-in-one platform bringing it all together.


Antivirus software is one of the best ways to safeguard against malware attacks; however, it cannot stop all threats. Hackers are constantly devising new techniques to penetrate computers and steal personal information or encrypt files; even well-maintained antivirus programs may become vulnerable due to zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced malware; so take additional safety measures as a safeguard.

Anti-malware programs provide several features to safeguard your computer, including detection and quarantine of unknown malware, automatic updates and removal, performance scans to assess performance issues on the PC as well as blocking unsafe links, downloads and email attachments from reaching you. Some also include anti-ransomware protection to keep hackers at bay from seizing control of files on your system.

Antivirus software detects malware by comparing its digital signature against a list of known signatures – this process is known as heuristic scanning and it forms an essential part of antivirus protection. Unfortunately, hackers have discovered ways to bypass signature-based detection by changing code or using operating system independent languages; hence it is crucial that multiple layers of security be deployed.

Other methods for detecting malware include running suspicious files in a virtual environment (commonly referred to as a “sandbox”), observing their behavior and tracking instructions that have been executed on the host system’s processor. Some of these techniques require significant computing resources so it may be wiser to opt for software with minimal impact on computer performance.

Anti-malware software should conduct regular scans of your computer for signs of malware and alert you if any is found. A quality anti-malware application should detect most forms of malware such as viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, keyloggers, adware, ransomware, bots as well as prevent further infections by analyzing heuristics as well as behaviors of installed programs and stored files to identify potential security risks and predict possible outbreaks of infection.

Some of the most widely available antivirus products today include Avast Free Antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, McAfee AntiVirus + Security and Symantec Endpoint Protection – each product offering top-rated customer support and innovative anti-malware technology.

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