XYplorer – A Fast, Light and Portable Alternative to Windows Explorer

XYplorer has been enhanced to deliver even greater power and ease-of-use, with one-click searches being saved for reuse across sessions – caching results both tabwise and session wide.

XYplorer offers advanced features for file management, including an intuitive and powerful search engine, full file information (including its contents), customizable drag-and-drop context menus and much more.


One of XYplorer’s more underrated features is its tabbed file browser, which makes switching folder views effortless without needing to close or reopen windows. Plus, each tab remembers its configuration – even across sessions!

Other distinctive capabilities of FileCatcher include displaying folder sizes directly in the file list (a feature many users miss in Explorer) as well as advanced copy, move, rename and other operations. You can synchronize folder contents to free up disk space; search for duplicate files and color code them accordingly; create shortcuts or execute custom commands or DOS scripts directly.

Another time-saving feature is its ability to quickly and easily create folder structures (like “Copy Folder Structure Here”), which can then be instantly copied onto other locations via drag-and-drop. Furthermore, this program supports many unique ways of automating frequently recurring tasks efficiently. Furthermore, its fast interface uses minimal system resources and loads nearly instantly; you can choose either modern ribbon UI or traditional menu bars and it is fully portable – an indispensable companion when working with large amounts of data! This tool should not be overlooked!


XYplorer makes scripting one of its most potent features, enabling you to build plug-in commands and execute them with just a click or keystroke. A special scripting language makes learning to code easy while advanced users may create automated tasks (or macros) which do the work automatically and store their creations in Catalogs.

XYplorer provides another powerful feature to its users by displaying specific properties of files in columns, such as dimensions for images and audio files, page counts for documents, or version numbers of executables. The options are almost limitless and can be tailored specifically to user requirements.

XYplorer provides power users with unparalleled file management efficiency through a highly customizable interface and advanced functions that make it an indispensable alternative to Windows Explorer. It is constantly monitored by an extensive power user community for updates. Furthermore, this software comes with both personal and commercial licenses; both options offer free use; free versions are free for personal users while professional users may purchase commercial licenses; it is spyware-, adware- and malware-free platforms and is constantly improved with new operating systems and features.

Multi-level undo/redo

If you find that Windows’ default file manager is too limited for your needs, XYplorer provides a superior alternative. With tabbed file browser windows, tag and color highlighting system, customizable keyboard shortcuts, extensive configuration options and scripting abilities XYplorer provides an outstanding alternative file management option.

The program includes multi-level undo/redo capabilities for moves, copies and renames – something especially helpful with batch renaming operations where all renames are shown before taking place and one click is enough to undo them all. Furthermore, an action log is kept that remembers between sessions so you can fix yesterday’s mistakes today.

Another handy feature of Tree View is the ability to quickly create folder structures directly in it, saving time over creating them via dialogs. In addition, easily swapping two list items names is done with just a command and tooltips display full paths when mouse hovering over files; secondary sorting via keystroke can also be utilized.

Practical commands such as Backup Here, Copy to New Subfolder, Copy Here As…, Move Here to New Folder, Create Shortcut(s) Here and Go to Dragged Item can save time. Furthermore, the program features an advanced search engine capable of Boolean logic matching (including Regular Expressions ) Whole Word matching, Fuzzy matching as well as content searches inside files or even options to search specific locations only.

Background processing

XYplorer is an alternative to Windows Explorer with tabbed browsing, universal file preview, powerful file search, customizable interface and optional dual pane capability. It is lightweight, fast and portable – as well as having numerous unique functions to automate common or repetitive tasks and make your work experience more pleasant.

F11 provides access to a non-modal Floating Preview that quickly displays any file as a transparent window with size and absolute screen position saved between sessions. It supports all forms of images as well as thumbnail previews for HTML, PDF, MPEG and DWG (where your system can generate thumbnails) along with features like Mouse Down Blow Up and Transparency Grid for transparent images.

Other unique features of XYplorer include multi-level undo/redo for all file operations (move, copy, rename and delete). They are remembered between sessions so you can fix today what was broken yesterday. Furthermore, sequential file processing – far more efficient than parallel processing and less strain on disks – can be enabled in Settings to make life easier during large copy and move jobs across volume boundaries. This option should also be enabled.

Visual Filters

XYplorer offers tabbed browsing, powerful file search capabilities, universal file previewing, a highly customizable interface with optional dual pane support and unique functions to automate repetitive tasks and speed up work flow. Best of all – it’s fast, light, user-friendly and free!

Scripting allows you to tailor solutions specifically to your individual needs, with many pre-packaged scripts readily available in our forum for download.

Visual Filters enable you to quickly focus on specific files or folders. The Duplicate File Finder identifies duplicates across drives, locations and folder hierarchies; Branch View shows all subfolders within one folder in one list to make it easier to identify its most pertinent contents; powerful Visual Filters allow for advanced searching based on any number of criteria such as Extended Properties in Columns (Audio Sample Rate and Bit Depth, Camera Model Name/Model No, Comments Tags or Color Coding), among other options.

The timestamp command allows you to see Modified, Created and Accessed dates alongside their actual file date/time in the file list. Image thumbnail sizes have also been simplified for easier reading and can now be navigated directly using context menu. Using drag ‘n drop, users can access directories where items they dragged are located without opening it first – you can even save your Folder View Settings such as view type, sort order and column layout and have them automatically restored when visiting this folder again!

File system reports

XYplorer is the only file manager that provides users with an ability to see folder sizes in directory/tree view (the real space used rather than what’s shown in Explorer’s details pane), display complete lists of files within any given directory/tree on its own tab, and offers several innovative methods of automating repetitive tasks efficiently and quickly. As such, it serves both advanced users and computer professionals, offering them more versatile functions than Windows Explorer itself.

This program features a very useful Mini Tree which shows only those paths you have actually taken – reducing clutter and making browsing very fast. Furthermore, editing allows direct control over its structure for adding and removing branches as desired.

Advanced File Search features Boolean logic, regular expressions, whole word matching and fuzzy matching capabilities as well as binary string searches. XYplorer automatically detects duplicate files and can rename them accordingly to free up space; generate various system reports and export extended file information for entire directories/trees; use keyboard shortcuts for easier search – not forgetting its scripting language which provides endless customizations and automations!


XYplorer is a comprehensive file manager that offers advanced solutions in an intuitive interface. With features ranging from its unique dual pane and tab set architecture to customizable keyboard shortcuts for over 300 functions and high-performance search engine to scripting (custom solutions for advanced tasks), one-click previews for major image, audio, video, web font files as well as portable data storage in app folder or user defined directory, portable file associations plus much more!

It provides many effective means of automating repetitive computer tasks efficiently, including queued file operations, zip support, duplicate file finder and an inbuilt file association system. As a carefully designed fusion of technology and usability, XYplorer offers light performance while remaining highly configurable while leaving only 15MB disk space and 20MB RAM requirements behind in resource consumption footprint.

* New in 8.70: * File Info Tips and MP3 Tag Editor (up to 35 fields per file). Quickly rename files with one click, edit ID3v1.1-tag information easily, reorder files with drag ‘n drop, and more!

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