XYplorer Review


XYplorer offers advanced tabbed browsing technology, offering productivity and ease of navigation. Furthermore, this program features dual pane display capabilities as well as additional usability enhancements.

Scripting is supported to allow users to automate file management tasks efficiently. The scripting language is easy for any user to grasp.

Speed has been our main priority, leading us to create an application with incredible speeds.


One feature that sets XYplorer apart is its scripting functionality, enabling users to automate tasks by writing scripts for execution with either its built-in language, Python, Perl or other languages. Once written, scripts can be easily executed through clicking buttons or using keyboard shortcuts; ready-made scripts may even be found within the program or at one of the many forums associated with XYplorer.

Queuing is another essential feature, enabling file operations to be lined up sequentially before being completed one after another. This helps save both time and reduce hard disk stress by eliminating excessive head movements; especially helpful when copying large files and folders.

XYplorer boasts a high-end search engine with tremendous power and speed, including Boolean logic, advanced pattern matching with Regular Expressions, whole word fuzzy matching, content search within files (search within files), multiple location searching, Duplicate File Finder functionality, drag-and-drop support for efficient file searching and even an interactive breadcrumb trail hot key to help keep track of where you have been. Plus it can save and auto-restore folder search settings!

With XYplorer, you can view images, videos, text files, and other types of documents in a preview pane for quick review before opening them. This can be particularly helpful when trying to ascertain what might be inside certain files before doing so.

In addition, XYplorer provides an advanced tabbed browsing layout with dual panes to provide a much more efficient and faster method for performing file management functions compared to Windows Explorer – often 5-10x faster when performing basic functions such as copying and moving files.

As is typical for programs packed with features, XYplorer has an intensive learning curve that may prove too complicated for casual users to master. Furthermore, this software consumes system resources quickly and may cause conflicts with other applications on your system; hence it’s recommended that it only be installed if you require an improved and more powerful alternative to Windows Explorer; otherwise it would be best removed.


XYplorer is an efficient file manager that makes many tasks simpler than Explorer and provides additional features not found in standard Windows Explorer replacements. For instance, users can navigate folders in an advanced tabbed multi-pane interface combining navigational and traditional features – as well as easily move files and folders between locations without losing their place! Plus it comes equipped with its own search engine for automated tasks; users can even create scripts to automate routine tasks! XYplorer is free for download and use; however it should be kept in mind that it may include programs you don’t require as this could cause potential system issues for which XYplorer may come preloaded – in which case uninstallation should take place –

Catalogs work similarly to Tags by providing groups of files and folders a directory-like structure. However, unlike tags, Catalogs encourage atomicity by being static (using the programming definition of static) and by living as a MOC (Meta-Object Concept). They also help reduce friction when rapidly connecting objects at either content- or context-level (tags or Dataview::tags), or recalling groups of related content or notes at context level.

XYplorer also allows you to easily save and restore tab configurations when reopening catalogs, using its convenient Favorites panel for frequently used functions and multilingual interface support with customizable toolbar buttons to meet your individual needs.

Other features that set XYplorer apart are multi-file searching, dual pane viewing and an info panel displaying previews of different file types. Furthermore, you can view both raw view and attribute list within one window while easily adding or removing tags from files.

Remarkable scripting capabilities should also be noted; they’re highly powerful and can greatly simplify workflows. Their scripting language is very user-friendly and does not require prior experience to use effectively. This file manager works on all Windows versions and supports numerous languages, including Russian. As a standalone product, there’s no installation or registry changes needed – simply download for free if desired (although Lifetime License offers lifetime updates; Standard offers updates only once annually).

Duplicate File Finder

An effective duplicate file finder can help free up space. XYplorer offers this ability, searching by file name, date, size and content in any location.

It also allows you to easily create a list of duplicate files to delete automatically, scan network drives for duplicates and replace them with symbolic links back to their originals, support multiple scan methods including binary comparison (exact duplicates found), multiple comparison scan methods including binary comparison scan, multiple file comparison methods such as visual similarity comparison for photo collections as well as visual similarity scanning for duplicates. This app can find duplicate images, audio, video and documents as well as their owners.

XYplorer offers many features and can require some time for users to become acquainted with all of them, although the documentation provided is extensive and easy to grasp. Furthermore, ready-to-use scripts for recurring tasks can also be found here as well as automated task creation using its custom scripting language – something newcomers may find intimidating at first, yet is quite straightforward once grasped.

One great feature of this program is its ability to provide a breadcrumb trail of folders on the right side of your screen when working with multiple folders at once, which is a huge time saver when working with large folders. Furthermore, this application highlights duplicated file folders by turning red while also showing their file sizes and displaying thumbnails when moused over.

Finally, this program can help you organize your music collection by scanning for duplicate files and deleting them. It can also find and delete duplicated photos, archives, texts and documents which can help free up space on your computer and improve storage management more efficiently. This way your collection stays neatly in order.

XYplorer is an impressive multi-panel file explorer that provides numerous ways to automate frequently occurring tasks. With its highly customizable interface and optional dual pane feature set, XYplorer makes a suitable solution for both novice and advanced users alike.


XYplorer is an advanced file manager for those who require more than just an alternative to Windows Explorer. With cutting-edge features like tabbed browsing and dual panes to boost productivity and efficiency in an attractive, customizable interface. Furthermore, this program comes equipped with scripting support for multiple languages as well as Boolean searches – perfect for professionals!

Search and Replace is equipped with an extensive set of file manipulation commands, including search and replace (with wildcards), copy/paste to/from clipboard, duplicate file finder by name/content comparison and bulk extension changes. Likewise, its Duplicate File Finder can quickly identify duplicate or near-identical files at one or more locations before either moving them off of disk or removing them thereby freeing up space on disk. It can also detect duplicates using hash/byte-by-byte comparison or by matching all other respects compared files – perfect!

The Preview feature in XYplorer allows the user to easily view images, text documents and other common file types without leaving XYplorer. There are multiple viewing options available within XYplorer to the user for easily viewing these items; one such viewing option involves activating a tiny preview popup when hovering the mouse over any file – this works not only on images but also texts documents archives and other files! Furthermore, its context menu offers numerous image manipulation commands like rotating cropping and flipping as well.

Other cool features include the ability to annotate files with various annotations such as comments or ratings; being able to rename files by matching patterns including wildcards; batch rename and replace; changing file extensions (including spaces to unscore and vice versa); capitalization adjustments; as well as creating customized lists of folder/file icons that will apply globally and automatically update as new files/folders are added.

XYplorer also features an advanced scripting engine and user-friendly menu identifiers to allow for users to quickly and easily create their own commands and toolbar buttons. In-built ready-to-use scripts are included with the product while additional ones may be found on its forum; portable apps do not require plugins; all scripts run out-of-the-box and can be fully customized by their creators for optimal use.

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