XYplorer Review


XYplorer is an advanced file manager with exceptional features that go far beyond basic file operations. Notable among these are its dual pane (horizontal or vertical), tabbed browsing and navigation functions.

Customizability options are extensive, while its support forum offers quick, thorough assistance. Plus it is portable with no system dependencies or footprint constraints!

Floating Preview

F11* toggles the Floating Preview, which displays your current file in a non-modal preview window that’s stored across openings. This preview supports Mouse Down Blow Up images as well as snap previews for HTML, PDF, MPEG, DWG files that generate thumbnail previews; flexible zooming using Numpad Add (+) and Numpad Subtract (-), extra fine stepping locks zooms, toggle zooms as well as extra fine step navigation are supported.

The preview window now utilizes Windows Themes selection style.

Customizable Toolbars

XYplorer provides all the functionality of Windows Explorer but adds more advanced features that go beyond simple file management. Its dual pane layout is intuitive to use and delivers a clean and elegant user interface. Furthermore, this program is highly customizable; panel sizes, toolbar layout and colors can all be altered as part of its look and feel allowing for complete personalization of its look and feel.

XYplorer offers many useful features, but perhaps its greatest benefit lies in its capability of previewing files before uploading them fully, saving both time and allowing the user to easily assess if downloading them would be worthwhile. Furthermore, this program displays files using thumbnails, lists, mini-trees for easy comparison between multiple files/folders quickly allowing for quicker decisions to be made quickly.

Other features include assigning labels, tags and comments to any file or folder for easy retrieval later. Users can even share these tags with others making XYplorer an efficient metadata management solution. Furthermore, breadcrumb trails make navigation even simpler – particularly useful when moving files between locations or applications.

Users of XYplorer can create customized command and toolbar buttons with its scripting language, which isn’t too difficult to grasp once given a try. This feature is especially beneficial to those working heavily with photos.

XYplorer stands out as an attractive option because of its ability to change filename case on FAT32 drives, something Windows Explorer cannot do.

This program also comes equipped with a very helpful “Wipe” feature, which permanently deletes files and folders from a hard drive. This function is particularly beneficial if a computer has become infected with malware or viruses and the owner is uncertain whether he or she has deleted all infectious files from his hard drive.

XYplorer is an ideal solution for users who require faster and greater flexibility in their work than is provided by Windows Explorer. It is lightweight yet maintains excellent performance under heavy load; additionally, all users can obtain a free lifetime license.

Customizable Icon Patterns

XYplorer offers a feature to create custom icon patterns, making this tool extremely helpful in assigning files and folders icons according to a pattern or instructions. Choose from full path selections, file extensions (executables), file name(s), size/date/directory-specific options as well as full or part paths in filename(s).

Example: Add a custom icon to any folders matching ‘xyz’ pattern, so when clicked in file lists they open instantly and automatically. This is an excellent way to speed up work!

XYplorer provides photographers and designers with an excellent feature, the ability to view images as thumbnails. This feature is especially helpful when previewing their work before exporting to another platform such as Photoshop. In addition, Hover Box now allows for peeking inside files by moving your cursor over them with your mouse cursor – perfect for previewing images before exporting or previewing with Adobe Lightroom!

Use the mouse down button while in preview window to enlarge your image to its original size. The XYplorer features an advanced file search that supports Boolean logic, regular expressions, Floating Preview, powerful Image Grid, multiple level undo/redo capabilities and much more!

XYplorer comes equipped with customizable keyboard shortcuts and supports a scripting language so that repetitive tasks can be automated. Plus, its portability enables it to run on any computer without the need to install anything new!

Overall, XYplorer is an ideal option for power users and professionals seeking an alternative to Explorer file manager. Packed with advanced features and quickly, light, and portable. Furthermore, its learning curve may take some getting used to; however, thanks to numerous tutorials and support resources online you should soon become an adept user.


XYplorer is portable software that can be run from any external drive without installing, changing your system registry or dependencies. The executable is extremely light (10MB) and loads almost instantaneously; users may customize its UI in any manner they can imagine by customizing sizes/positions/fonts/colors/toolbar buttons etc.

XYplorer was designed with one goal in mind – speed. This goal is accomplished through numerous improvements to usability that help streamline workflow and increase efficiency. Features of the app include dual pane browsing, cutting-edge tabbed browsing, advanced thumbnail viewing capabilities and powerful file search that supports filters, wildcards, Boolean logic searches as well as content searches. In addition to an advanced recycle bin that leaves Windows default bin empty while finding duplicate files.

Apart from these features, the program provides a long list of other capabilities that can assist in accomplishing various tasks, including comparison, backup, search and replace, renaming/batch rename or deletion files. Furthermore, scripts can be created to automate repetitive tasks. Furthermore, an instant dark mode can be activated quickly with just a single button click that automatically adjusts for screen resolution and brightness levels in real-time.

One of the more striking and unique aspects of XYplorer is its capability of saving and restoring view settings for any folder, enabling users to maintain the same view when opening and closing folders, saving time. Furthermore, this feature allows them to set their own icons for any file/folder pattern without creating additional files – these customizations are stored globally within an.ini file rather than needing extra files created.

Another impressive aspect of XYplorer is its ability to display “special” properties in columns – those not visible through Windows Extended File Properties Grid, such as dimensions for images, playtime for audio files, page count for documents and version numbers for executables. Furthermore, multiple levels of Undo/Redo for file operations that persist across sessions is provided and there’s also a powerful Floating Preview which displays any media file’s contents directly within its own window.

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