Yahoo Messenger Review

Yahoo Messenger was one of the pioneers in bringing instant messaging into mainstream use, providing many tools to simplify chatting and make it more enjoyable.

The buddy list integrates social network updates and displays which contacts are online or offline. You can even opt-in invisible, so as to appear offline to others.

It’s free

Yahoo Messenger was an innovative instant messaging program that revolutionized how people communicated. It featured voice and video chat, instant messaging, email alerts, file transfer, photo sharing, Facebook integration and emojis; in addition, users could add music to their conversations; Yahoo also offered worldwide PC-to-PC calling and SMS texting services and was available both desktop and mobile devices.

Yahoo Messenger is an essential way of staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues. You can instantly share photos with anyone using it; make free international calls from landlines and mobiles; stay up-to-date on news and sports scores; play fun GIF games – it even has its own animated GIF generator! Plus its clean interface makes using it effortless!

Another new feature is a “like” button for messages and media, enabling you to let your friends know which messages and photos you liked by pressing it. You can choose who sees your likes by hiding from specific contacts or all contacts altogether; and with its updated version comes many other enhancements, including taking back sent messages or photos. Download and use Yahoo Mail App at no charge but be aware you will require an active Yahoo Account before signing in!

If you don’t already have one, creating a Yahoo account is easy by visiting its official website and filling out an online application. When applying, you will be required to provide information such as name, gender, country, ZIP code and email address as well as choose an ID (the nickname used during IM sessions) and password before setting a security question and accepting terms of service and privacy policies.

Your Yahoo account allows you to connect to the Internet using any computer or mobile device equipped with an Internet browser, providing instant messaging services when away from home computer and accessing conversations and message archives. Furthermore, mobile users can log into a Yahoo account on their phones in order to send and receive SMS messages through Yahoo Messenger for Web.

It’s easy to use

Yahoo Messenger is easy for newcomers to instant messaging to use, providing access to instant messages for friends, family, coworkers and voice chat – you just need a microphone, speakers and Windows OS operating system – it even works on mobile phones and tablets!

Once you’ve installed Yahoo Messenger, log in with your Yahoo ID to access your contacts and message archives. Additionally, you can choose an avatar, change online status settings, set block lists and stealth settings, as well as customize your IM experience using IMVironments, tab plug-ins or webcam capabilities.

To send a message, just click a person’s name from your Messenger list – they will receive it in an IM window on their computer screen. Alternatively, enter their Yahoo ID into the search field above your Messenger list – Yahoo matches IDs by name, email address and phone number so you’re bound to make friends easily!

Yahoo’s instant messenger services allow users to easily share photos and documents during chat sessions by dragging-and-dropping them into the conversation window or using its File menu, and can share an entire folder by sending a link. Furthermore, its integrated email accounts make its instant messaging services accessible at all times; you can view your Yahoo Inbox to keep an eye on messages and emails!

This program also offers various plug-ins to provide instant information, including weather, news and stocks. Select a tab plug-in from either the left sidebar in your IM window or from the Plug-ins button below Messenger list for instantaneous information updates. Conversation plug-ins allow users to share activities such as shopping or playing games during an IM chat.

Yahoo Messenger can also be found as an integrated Web page within Yahoo Mail’s browser-based version, making it even more useful if you use these two services frequently throughout the course of a workday as it allows you to manage online conversations easily in one central place and access messages and contacts from any Internet-enabled location.

It’s fun

Yahoo Messenger is an engaging way to stay in touch with friends. Its interface is fast and user-friendly, enabling you to send photos and video clips as well as use emoticons to express yourself. Plus it connects seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter for easier socialization; additionally it also has the unique capability of being invisible – an added layer of privacy not available with other IM clients.

Chat windows in Yahoo Messenger (YM) are well designed, clearly showing users how to initiate voice and video calls. Furthermore, its latest iteration adds some fun features, such as IMVironments (animated, talking cartoon thumbnails) and Audibles (talking animated characters that let you make comments or make jokes by clicking them).

As well as traditional emoticons, the app features several new ones. You can send a falling heart, Zen-inspired fish tank and patriotic flag tribute. Plus you can share Flickr or Tumblr photos in a side window during an IM session; or send slideshows of multiple Flickr photos!

YM is the first instant messaging client to offer multi-tab support for ongoing conversations, which provides a major upgrade over the old conversation structure that allowed for multiple chat windows to crowd your desktop and taskbar. In addition, YM features several plugins such as tabbed conversation lists and newsfeeds; you can find this list by clicking the plug-ins button above the conversation window.

Not available in other IM clients is the ability to set a personalized status that broadcasts your availability and activity across social networks. You can choose from various preset statuses like “Available” or “Busy,” or create your own customized one so your friends know when you are available or busy – these updates also appear on Y! Updates, Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Yahoo Messenger (YM) now includes two additional new features, “Smart Contacts,” which automatically categorize your contacts by relationship and groups them accordingly, and Xobni, Yahoo’s technology for search-and-people-based navigation on Microsoft Outlook. According to Yahoo’s senior vice president of Product and Engineering for Communication Products in a blog post, Smart Contacts understands relationships among your contacts more quickly, which allows faster addition of people into groups.

It’s secure

Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging program with various features such as tabbed chats, an archive feature and an extensive library of emoji icons. In addition, voice and video conversations can also be initiated using this free program from Yahoo. While security has been raised as an issue by some users, Yahoo assures them it takes it seriously and employs rigorous and aggressive measures to protect customers’ privacy.

An exploit in Yahoo Messenger software allows attackers to exploit a buffer overflow exploit to execute arbitrary code on user computers, creating a serious security vulnerability. Yahoo released an update for this bug which can be found at their website – users should update to this new version immediately!

YMSG protocol does not use encryption, meaning any messages sent between clients can be seen by anyone who intercepts them. To protect against this risk, client-side encryption may be implemented.

Some users may worry about the security of Yahoo Messenger, but by taking some basic measures it should be safe. For instance, be sure to install a firewall on your computer and don’t share your password with anyone else; additionally, change it regularly in order to protect yourself against someone attempting to gain entry and steal information about you.

An additional advantage of firewalls is protecting your network from hackers and other intruders, blocking access to computers without permission and preventing snooping via public Wi-Fi connections. Finally, they enable secure Internet connectivity on either home or office networks.

Install a personal firewall as another means of increasing your security; this will protect against malicious software programs as well as spam and phishing attempts and prevent intruders from accessing personal information or infiltrating private chats.

To enhance security, install a virtual private network (VPN). This will allow you to connect securely and anonymously from outside the public internet to your home or office network and allow use of popular instant messaging (IM) applications such as Skype and Google Talk.

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