Yandere Simulator Game Review

Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is a stealth game created by Alex Mahan, more commonly known as Yandere Dev, that uses the “Yandere” trope to explore themes of obsession, rivalry, and jealousy. Since its debut, the game has amassed a dedicated following among fans worldwide.

However, the developer has been mired in controversy, and some content creators have even pulled their support for it.


Yandere Simulator is a high school life simulation game featuring murder, stalking and sexual exploitation. Ayano Aishi’s character suffers from “Yandere Girl Syndrome”, which makes her obsessed over one boy she likes and violent toward anyone who threatens her. She can eliminate rivals by threatening them, doing them a favor or killing them – though being mindful not to get caught means cleaning up crime scenes after every crime has taken place and incinerating corpses as evidence against herself.

The game takes place in an imagined Japanese high school. Most of its action occurs there, where Ayano can interact with students and search classrooms; take photos of rivals; leave notes for them; record their activities using her camera; but she must avoid being noticed by her enemies or she will receive a game over and start again from their last saved point.

As the player advances through the game, Ayano’s sanity will decline; should her mental wellbeing reach too low a threshold level, her ability to perform murders will vanish. To restore it temporarily, Ayano can look at a picture or meditate in Senpai’s aura; pressing CTRL key can also cause her to laugh hysterically which temporarily raises sanity levels.

The game’s controls resemble those found in other stealth titles: the ‘N’, ‘B’ and ‘M’ keys control music volume while muting is controlled by ‘M’. Pressing Alt enables cinematic camera mode; H cycles through hairstyles; O selects eyewear and accessories while P toggles between sexualized and inappropriate ones; P activates debug mode which shows important objects outlined through walls in certain colors; while opening this debug menu allows players to see objects highlighted through walls while walls. Finally” opens a debug menu that allows players to see important objects outlined through walls; with its debug menu offering information that allows players can see objects outlined through walls.


Yandere Simulator was designed to emulate the atmosphere of an anime high school. Thus, its final version will likely contain at least ninety named characters; with many being available to be killed off; debug builds contain eighty NPCs plus Ayano whom you may kill (plus Ayano herself!).

As part of the game’s strategy, there are also various characters connected with the main character, such as her teacher or best friend; these people are known as rivals and must be eliminated using one of several means available in this game, including poisoning or electrocuting; nonlethal methods include kidnapping or playing matchmaker.

Ayano faces a total of ten rivals before she can confess her love to Senpai. Each opponent appears once per week and each has different characteristics – some will be easy to defeat while others more challenging. By defeating her rivals, Ayano can also gain “study points”.

In 202X mode, there are 89 students in total: 79 regular and eight rival students; however in 1980s mode these numbers have been reduced by one and eight rival students have been removed entirely. Furthermore, this game features several extra characters known as the Rainbow Twelve who don’t adhere to any particular schedule and make up an equally balanced mix of male and female students.

These students are brought into classrooms as rivals for Ayano to compete against. Lethal methods may be used against them, or they could become friends and help solve her case together. Their names will also be added as potential suspects in her file.


Yandere Simulator is a stealth action video game with an immense following among gamers. Its unique premise and gameplay have drawn in gaming media and influencers. Furthermore, YandereDev has provided an open development process and ambitious roadmap for the future of their product.

The game takes place in a Japanese high school and draws inspiration from the “Yandere” character archetype found in anime and manga. Players assume the role of a lovesick high school student determined to win over her crush by employing various tactics to eliminate rivals in this meticulously detailed school environment.

Yandere Simulator features not only standard weapons, but also numerous secret items that can help cover up evidence or dispose of bodies. These include items like mop and bucket to wipe away bloodstains or cover murder weapons in the garbage bin, an incinerator to destroy any evidence implicating Ayano or even F8 to hide blood with photos of flowers instead.

Players can smuggle in various weapons into school, including garden shears and butcher knives. Players may also discover weapons in club activities like gardening club or baseball club; other weapons may not be accessible everywhere on campus – be sure to explore before making their move on anyone. Secret items include a hidden crowbar in groundskeeper shed and syringe in nurse office!

Elimination methods

Yandere Simulator provides several ways of eliminating rivals. One is killing them outright; however, this may lead to complications should the police or teachers discover it. Another approach involves framing them; this requires research and preparation but can be accomplished by purchasing gloves containing your rival’s fingerprints – this way avoiding arrest and making disposal easier for your body.

Poisoning rivals is another effective means of eliminating them, though this requires extensive preparation. A player should place poisoned lunch on their rival, wait for her to walk by, and pour it onto her when she walks by. Once exposed to it, their victim will slowly succumb to bleeding out until death finally comes her way.

Social sabotage is another effective strategy for taking down rivals. To do this effectively requires listening in on conversations between students about your target and other classmates about them – for instance if Kokona were gossiped about, this might reveal her father being in debt with loan sharks from school who can then offer help in getting rid of these loan sharks – allowing a player to formulate questions directly addressed to her and offer help – something which she would likely accept!

Yandere Dev has pledged to implement more strategies for eliminating rivals. These methods may vary according to each rival and involve various events and relationships; for instance, players might kidnap one of their opponents and then demand money as ransom from her.


Yandere Simulator is an unfinished stealth action video game developed by Alex Mahan – commonly referred to as “Yandere Dev”. It has proven itself controversial and garnered the attention of media outlets; gameplay involves stalking rival schoolgirls before killing them via various methods such as kidnap, poison, electrocuting or stabbing; it even allows taking panty shots of underage girls!

Although its controversial nature was initially met with mixed reviews, the game has earned critical acclaim from multiple reviewers. While its unfinished state raised questions regarding quality and playability; many gamers nonetheless find it enjoyable and enjoy its gameplay experience.

The developer has also generated considerable controversy by employing an animated character to represent himself in his videos and blog posts, prompting accusations of both sexism and racism; however, he denies these allegations by explaining that this character only adds more entertainment value to his videos.

Recently, the developer of Yandere Simulator entered into an agreement with TinyBuild to co-develop and publish their game. This partnership was announced via YouTube video and should expose Yandere Simulator to new audiences while raising production values and improving technical issues within it.

Future releases of Yandere Simulator will be more like television shows than videogames; initial episodes will focus on eliminating 10 rival characters before eventually creating the complete version of the game when all rivals have been eliminated and added extra features for its sandbox mode and making the visual aesthetics of Yandere more pleasing to look at.

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