Yandere Simulator Game Review

Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is an animated yandere girl-centric game developed since 2014 by YandereDev. You play as one who eliminates anyone who comes close to her crush, often through violence and terrorizing.

Unfortunately, YandereDev’s game suffers from feature creep. This means they keep adding more and more things without truly considering whether they are essential or not.


Yandere Simulator is an engaging stealth action game with a dark sense of humor. Players control Ayano Aishi, an obsessive fangirl of her senpai who will do anything to be closer to him – including murdering rivals! Ayano can use her special vision to see important objects outlined with specific colors through walls in order to quickly track down and eliminate her opponents.

It was initially released in April 2014, but has only recently gained widespread acclaim following popular streamers like Rubius playing it. Since then, its fanbase has grown substantially; one-man developer YandereDev has garnered hundreds of thousands of views for video updates detailing its development.

Since its initial release, Yandere Simulator has undergone multiple updates that aim to make its gameplay more user-friendly and less prone to bugs. Now with an improved user interface that enables players to change camera angles or focus on objects at any time; and an augmented reality mode providing information about surrounding people as well as photos taken of them; Yandere Simulator continues to grow more accessible each year!

Additionally, the game’s AI has been upgraded, giving its characters more personality and interactions among them in various forms. Furthermore, its language support has also been increased.

The game also introduces a brand-new weapon for players to use against their rivals, from pistols and sniper rifles to various attachments that make your weapons even more lethal.

Yandere Simulator is an exciting stealth action game in development. Although still young, it already features an abundance of content and impressive visuals for such an early title – both worth exploring if you love stealth games! Please be aware, however, that some graphic violence may not be suitable for younger players.


Yandere Simulator is an immersive stealth action game featuring stunning visuals and animations, packed with lots of content and made surprisingly well for an indie game still being developed. It already has a significant following with dedicated supporters; chances are high it will become a smash hit once completed!

The game takes place in an anime high school environment and follows Ayano Aishi, better known by her nickname of “Yandere-chan,” as she murders anyone whom she feels are trying to win her crush’s attention. YandereDev developed this game which can be described as being likened to “Hitman meets Japanese high school”.

Yandere Simulator boasts stunning graphics, but also offers various settings you can modify to optimize performance. For instance, post-aliasing can be disabled for better frame rates while changing the number of meters displayed will affect how much detail is shown.

Another way to enhance performance is to disable bloom, a feature which adds light reflections onto the screen and can cause lag and reduce frame rate, so it is advised that it be turned off. Finally, try changing to low-detailed student option which removes many details from student bodies to further boost frame rate performance.

Switching these settings may speed up the game, but should be aware that certain features may no longer be accessible – for instance, taking photos of students’ faces or bodies won’t work with this setting enabled. In addition, Yandere Vision allows users to display important objects outlined in certain colors through walls; you can toggle this feature by editing “yandere_vision” settings within the game’s configuration file.

Twitch’s decision to ban Yandere Simulator has drawn strong opposition from its one-man creator. He believes it to be hypocritical of them to prohibit his game while permitting ones containing violence, torture and nudity – even suggesting a small adjustment like increasing censor clouds for nude students could solve the problem.


Yandere Simulator features an outstanding soundtrack composed by an esteemed Japanese composer and offering a variety of genres. There are tranquil, relaxing tracks to help Yandere through her day, as well as more disquieting and disturbing tunes for violent segments of the game. Both music and sound effects do an outstanding job of adding atmosphere and adding to its overall atmosphere.

Dev team recently updated the game to address some bugs and implement some new features, creating more realism with realistic school atmosphere and new sounds for security cameras and metal detectors, adjusting appearance of fountains around school grounds, as well as adding sound effects when closing doors in Mission Mode.

Yandere now features an improved animation when she peeks from around trees, with players having the option of choosing to hold something in her hands prior to performing this animation. Furthermore, they added sound effects for opening and closing doors when she’s crouched down and made school hallways sound more authentic; furthermore they created an easter egg for Cyborg Ninjas and updated their calendar.

At their school, they also changed some textures and added new ones; making it easier to see the date on screen when using a phone camera. When lunchtime arrives, Inkyu and Sakyu now go to different locations; players can order Lethal Poison or Emetic Poison from Info-chan; they also use their screwdrivers to disable metal detectors in Mission Mode with sound effects for shutting them off.

Finally, they revised the censoring options in the mission screen to be more convenient for players. In addition, they made several fixes to sanity-based killing animations so that victims’ bodies wouldn’t end up too far from where they started out during an animation sequence. Furthermore, some hairstyles now include physics-driven movement for added realism while two more accessories were added for Yandere.


Yandere Simulator is a stealth action video game in which players control a female high school student as she kills any rival for her crush. The main character, Ayano “Yandere” Aishi (or “Yan-chan”) has an obsession with one of her seniors and attempts to prevent others from coming too close while killing any who come her way.

This game’s narrative follows the Japanese concept of yandere, in which someone falls madly in love with an older person (known as their Senpai in Japanese). Ayano meets her Senpai and falls head over heels in love at first sight despite her shy nature; eventually though he becomes popular enough that other girls try competing for his attention and Ayano decides to eliminate any possible rivals who try competing against her for him by killing any rival who dares challenge her feelings for him.

Yandere Simulator takes place in a fictional Japanese high school and follows an female high school student as she murders people to protect her crush, an older male teacher. Players select which rivals they wish to kill off with various methods – however killing other students could have devastating repercussions for your reputation and social standing.

As well as killing rivals, Ayano can also win scholarships or grants that will help her pay for school. She can earn study points by attending classes regularly and using them to increase grades or unlock new abilities such as more powerful weapons or the ability to attack rivals from behind.

Yandere Simulator is available for both Windows PCs and Android devices. While it is enjoyable and entertaining, Yandere Simulator may contain disturbing and violent material that is inappropriate for children to view alone or without parental guidance or support from trusted adults. Therefore, for optimal gameplay it is advised that this game be played alongside another adult so your children do not experience inappropriate content while playing the game alone.

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