YouTube Kids App – A Safer Way For Your Kids to Watch Videos

YouTube Kids App

YouTube Kids App provides your children with a safe and secure platform to discover videos across a range of topics. It was specifically created as an environment in which to discover videos from channels approved by parents.

Soon we’re rolling out a sign-in feature for parents that will allow them to select exactly which content their children see. In addition, parents can block specific videos from appearing on YouTube Kids.

Safer online experience

Though not intended as a babysitter or completely unsupervised, YouTube Kids App may give parents greater peace of mind. As it exists separately from the main YouTube app and contains age-appropriate content curated either by YouTube or you as parents, parental controls include timers and ways to block channels or videos – though please remember it’s not meant to replace parents completely as inappropriate videos could still get through to it!

YouTube Kids employs an internal review process for reviewing and approving videos before publishing them on its platform, but this cannot guarantee 100% of quality control – meaning explicit language or disturbing or violent material may slipped through unnoticed. Parents should make sure to set screen time limits for their children using YouTube Kids App – generally between one and two hours daily for children under five, and up to an hour maximum depending on each individual child over 5. Apps and streaming platforms can be highly addictive; therefore, restricting access during school days and before bedtime will prevent children from watching inappropriate videos. Parents can use YouTube Kids’ native time limit feature or a web filtering application such as Qustodio to set screen time limits across apps and sites.

The YouTube Kids App gives parents an easy way to select age-appropriate video collections or channels for their child. Furthermore, this app disables YouTube search so children cannot browse videos themselves. Parents can easily access all settings in this App by clicking the lock icon at any screen – plus change their settings whenever desired!

YouTube Kids App is free for users, yet does collect some personal data about a child’s viewing habits, including which videos they watch and for how long. This data is then used to generate personalized recommendations tailored specifically to each user; it does not include their name or contact details and therefore will never be disclosed or sold to third parties.

Personalized recommendations

For parents seeking a safer way for their children to watch YouTube videos, consider installing the new YouTube Kids app on both Google Play and App Store for free. It has been specifically created with young ones in mind and allows parents to set screen time limits and block channels; parents can also restrict search. Furthermore, YouTube Kids includes educational videos and music clips designed to keep children occupied and amused while they watch.

Contrary to YouTube, which allows viewers to communicate through comments and messages with each other, YouTube Kids does not permit such features. Furthermore, children cannot create playlists of their own or add videos from outside YouTube to their watch list; yet this does not prevent accessing inappropriate material – something many parents fear could happen on this platform.

YouTube Kids is an algorithm-based app that selects content from YouTube’s broader universe and recommends appropriate videos based on children’s age range. Unfortunately, it has come under scrutiny for displaying inappropriate material to children and for recommending videos depicting violent or distressing depictions of characters from popular franchises. As a response, they have implemented a system requiring explicit parental consent before showing videos to children on YouTube Kids as well as restricting the amount of time it can be set on autoplay.

However, YouTube Kids does not use an algorithm which guarantees quality programming; according to Kloer from ParentsTogether she was able to identify videos which encouraged disordered eating or caloric restriction as well as violent cartoons that may upset young children in just an hour of review of a preschool-age child’s profile.

Parents can manage the content that their children access with YouTube Kids by creating up to eight separate profiles for them and assigning viewing preferences and video recommendations for each. They can also block specific videos or channels they don’t want their kids seeing and report any inappropriate videos for review by YouTube. They can choose to have YouTube Kids automatically shut down after an allotted amount of time has elapsed or manually reset its watch limit limit as needed.

Parental controls

YouTube Kids provides parental controls designed to keep children safe, such as content filters and screen time limits. Parents can set time limits for each of their children’s profiles, control autoplay, prevent YouTube from storing their search history or watching history and report videos or channels that are inappropriate for their child’s viewing – they can even turn off Google SafeSearch which blocks explicit search results from appearing both in Google searches and recommendations on YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids is a standalone app within YouTube that features specially tailored content for preschoolers, preteens and teens. Content settings are managed via an algorithm which automatically serves videos suitable to each age group. Users can set up profiles for multiple children using parental controls like password protection or multiplication questions to gain entry to settings menu. Parents can manage these controls through the padlock icon found on YouTube Kids home page by accessing profiles with password protection or entering multiplication questions as a passcode to unlock parental settings menu.

YouTube Kids allows parents to choose which shows, channels, and collections they want their children to watch by hand-picking shows from Collections or verified channels. Furthermore, the Pause History feature in Settings enables them to prevent YouTube Kids from referencing viewing history in suggesting new videos for their child’s viewing pleasure.

Problematic is that this feature isn’t 100% effective: some disturbing videos have managed to pass the app’s filters, including a Disney Princess-themed video with instructions on how to commit suicide and cannabis cooking shows featuring women dressed only in lingerie. There are premium third-party parental control apps which offer finer-grained filtering options as well as easy app and web monitoring and bedtime setting capabilities, providing greater protection.


YouTube Kids is an app designed to give parents more control of how long their child spends using it, filter out inappropriate videos that might sneak through, and notify children when their screen time has expired – this feature may not be available across devices, but can be an ideal option for families with young children.

Users have reported seeing a red box with an unlock timer feature in YouTube Kids apps on Amazon Fire tablets. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be present across all devices and there has been no explanation as to why some are seeing it while others do not. According to YouTube Kids community manager, however, their app is only in beta form available there and not officially.

This app offers many features to assist parents in controlling their child’s screen time. These features include filtering out inappropriate content, offering educational channels, and setting timers to limit screen time. In addition, it includes a music tab so children can listen to their favorite tunes without interruption from parents or siblings.

Additionally, the app features a feature enabling parents to pre-select specific shows or channels so only content from these will appear in search results. Furthermore, you can prevent suggestions from appearing and block any videos or channels you don’t wish for your child to view.

To use the feature, first create a profile for your child by setting a passcode and providing their age. Next, lock YouTube Kids by setting a timer of up to one hour by clicking on the lock icon in the lower-right corner of any page or directly selecting it from their home page.

Your children can access different profiles on the same device by creating individual password-protected profiles for them, with access requiring a passcode and password. This way, they cannot switch profiles in order to extend their screen time – although you should still monitor how they’re using apps and be prepared to report inappropriate material as needed.

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