YouTube TV App Review

YouTube TV App

YouTube TV provides more channels than its rivals (including Hulu Plus Live TV), along with a free cloud DVR with unlimited storage capacity and is fast and intuitive on streaming devices like smart TVs.

The interface is user-friendly with three tabs for Home, Library and Live content – the latter of which features a familiar program grid that shows currently airing and future scheduled programs.


YouTube TV stands out from other streaming services by not restricting how many shows can be saved to your DVR at once, making it ideal for anyone who follows many shows but doesn’t want to delete old episodes regularly to make room for newer ones.

Feature-wise, the service provides a cloud-based DVR that stores recordings for nine months – though to access this feature requires subscribing to either its base channel plan or one of its premium add-ons.

Netflix provides an impressive variety of channels ranging from popular to niche selections, and offers excellent search functionality compared to any live TV streaming service. Furthermore, shows and movies on demand can also be found as part of your live programming schedule.

One great feature of the app is that you can personalize your home screen with a list of your most-watched shows, making them easy to revisit later. And for TikTok users, the platform will soon offer support for this short-form video service!

YouTube TV can be watched on any supported device, including smart TVs and streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV devices, Vizio SmartCast TVs, Samsung and LG smart TVs, Google Chromecast built-in TVs, Apple TV and iPhone/iPads. It works over both wired and wireless connections; for optimal results it requires at least 25 Mbps download speed or faster.

YouTube TV recently unveiled a feature known as Multiview that allows users to simultaneously watch multiple streams of the same program at the same time. Originally designed for sports fans to follow multiple games without switching channels for scores or changes in play, now Multiview can also include news, business and weather content.


YouTube TV app is an ideal option for cord-cutters seeking a great channel selection, an unlimited storage DVR cloud DVR and access to on-demand content. Furthermore, it offers add-ons that allow you to personalize your experience and save more of your favorite shows for later watching. However, its pricing can be prohibitively expensive: monthly fees apply plus add-on premium channels may incur additional fees; additional add-ons such as premium channels may incur further costs; also required is Internet connectivity.

YouTube TV prices have steadily increased over the years, yet still offer excellent value compared to cable prices. Their base plan offers most major channels and NFL Sunday Ticket; additional bundle options exist for additional channels and sports. YouTube TV also has a unique feature which allows for personalized DVR storage spaces for each member of your household.

YouTube TV remains one of the best options available in the US for live TV streaming, making it accessible from laptops, phones, tablets and televisions alike. Easy to use with excellent viewing experiences across devices–plus up to six family accounts on one account can be created!

YouTube TV is available for a free seven-day trial period, depending on the package and promotion chosen. Cancelling within this timeframe does not incur charges; however, sales or communications taxes may apply depending on where you reside.


YouTube TV provides a selection of add-on channels to suit all tastes and budgets, which you can add during checkout with many available for a free trial period. Channel packages range from $15 per month up to over $30 monthly subscription costs; popular choices are HBO Max, Showtime, NBA League Pass and Epix – and it even provides its own curated channels like AMC+, WE tv+ and NFL RedZone as an added value!

YouTube TV’s base plan offers unlimited DVR recording and streaming on up to three screens simultaneously, as well as regional sports networks, ad-free programming, and access to YouTube original content. Furthermore, users can use the service with most Firestick devices.

Are You Wanting HD Content on YouTube TV? Consider Subscribing to 4K Plus add-on! It allows users to stream programs in 4K resolution, improving the quality of some live and on-demand content. Up until recently, however, this service required subscribing to YouTube TV’s Base Plan plan; but beginning September 2022 YouTube TV began offering this add-on separately to subscribers of premium add-ons who do not belong to its Base Tier plan.

YouTube TV announced a new feature called multiview in 2023 that allows viewers to simultaneously stream up to four live feeds at once from select news programs, making it easier to keep up with current events. It also includes “key plays,” which highlights pivotal moments from programs – you can watch this content either on a computer or mobile device, sharing it with others via social media.


YouTube TV provides the perfect solution for those who have cut the cord who miss live television: with over 100 channels (local affiliates and on-demand content) available in its base plan, as well as add-ons like sports and premium channels and unlimited DVR storage, YouTube TV offers cable-like experience at a much lower cost. Furthermore, users can stream personal libraries through any device utilizing voice remote controls or Google Assistant searches for more personalized viewing.

YouTube TV stands apart from some competing services by offering only one basic subscription option, unlike FuboTV, rather than offering various channel upgrade packages. However, you do have the option to upgrade with extra channels such as “Sports Plus Add-on”, HBO STARZ premium channels for an additional monthly fee and now even 4K Plus which provides higher video quality viewing and allows offline playback of recordings.

The YouTube TV app is easy and straightforward, featuring three tabs at the top of its interface: Library, Home and Live. Library holds your DVR content while Home shows featured and live thumbnails for currently airing and upcoming programming; Live provides an expansive list of events with their times and channels – similar to Sling TV’s grid display.

YouTube TV provides sports fans with the option of hiding team scores from their recommendations page so as to not spoil rebroadcast or replayed games later on. Furthermore, movie recommendations may also be disabled if certain titles don’t appeal.


Are You Missing Live TV After Cutting the Cord? YouTube TV may provide the solution you’ve been searching for if that is what is ailing you! With similar cable-TV experience with additional benefits of cloud DVR recording capabilities and smart devices allowing screen mirroring capabilities as well as computers, YouTube TV is available across many devices including Smart TVs, gaming consoles streaming devices mobile phones with screen mirroring capabilities mobile phones with screen mirroring capability as well as computers to meet this itch!

Before watching YouTube TV on your Samsung smart TV, make sure the app has been properly installed. To do this, navigate your way through your Smart Hub to the Samsung App Center using the arrow keys on your remote, locate it there, highlight it and click select if applicable. If this fails, rebooting both device will allow the app to reconnect to wireless network connections more effectively.

Once you’ve launched the YouTube TV app, you can begin browsing all of its fantastic content. Its interface is relatively user-friendly compared to some other streaming services with multilevel menus and a host of different features; YouTube TV only has three tabs at the top: Library, Home and Live – Library contains your DVR recordings while Home displays featured thumbnails similar to what many are accustomed to seeing on cable television.

YouTube TV stands out as one of the premier live TV streaming services in the US thanks to its vast library of channels available for subscribers. Alongside major broadcast networks, subscribers have access to regional channels and niche stations – no wonder it has become so popular!

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