Yumi Review


Yumi strives to offer nutritious and organic baby food delivered directly to your door. Their meals are produced in an FDA- and HACCP-compliant facility and come in various meal plans depending on your child’s age – single ingredient purees for Stage 1, Baby Led Weaning meal combinations, or Immunity Meal combos.

What is YUMI?

Yumi Baby Food Delivery Service provides nutritious meals tailored to each age and stage of development of children, along with add-ons like snacks and vitamins that make mealtimes more convenient for parents. Their recipes are created with input from pediatricians and nutritionists; every jar contains at least five micronutrients. Yumi’s foods are free of heavy metals or additives.

YUMI was established in 2017 by two moms who were appalled at what they found on store shelves. Determined to create a clean food company that could deliver nutritious meals straight to customers’ doors, YUMI now provides purees, finger foods and bites suitable for every stage of eating development.

Yumi meals are prepared and shipped using a proprietary cold-packing process to maintain freshness, packed in BPA-free jars and free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. Their meals use organic fruits, vegetables and herbs from local farms that abide by stringent food safety standards – they even partner with USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified farms! Furthermore, Yumi uses federal data to track soil contamination as well as any potential heavy metal contamination found within their ingredients.

YUMI stands apart from many other baby food brands by using only natural ingredients, without added sugars. Their applesauce is sweetened using dried powder from Peruvian fruit known as lucuma and contains no extra sodium; alternatively, its jars use modified atmospheric packaging technology which eliminates negative impacts of heat pasteurization while maintaining food safety.

Yumi provides busy parents with time-saving benefits. Parents have found that their babies love Yumi food and that it makes meal time much simpler; many even report that their babies ate better after switching over and they saved money on groceries as a result!

At first, YUMI meals may appear expensive; however, once you see how much they save on your grocery bill and the convenience of using their app to place orders and manage payments – they become clear value.


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Yumi Baby Foods stand out from other frozen or shelf-stable store-bought baby foods by being freshly made every week in an FDA-approved and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified facility, using only high-quality organic ingredients and offering options to suit allergies or dietary restrictions such as gluten-free meals.

Meals are packed in insulated boxes with non-toxic and non-caustic ice packs to keep the food cold, with color-coding to identify each meal type jar. Each one holds enough food to feed one child for up to seven days of freezer storage or two months in a fridge, once opened they should last 24 hours in there as well.

Yumi Foods produces their food using organic produce and ingredients free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, using only USDA-Certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified farms for production. In addition to following stringent food safety testing standards and reviewing federal data on soil contamination, they also make their baby food with low-sodium and no cholesteremic-acid ingredients to guarantee maximum baby safety.

Yumi’s meals combine fruits and vegetables in ways that support healthy development, such as including iron and potassium in one single serving – this makes Yumi’s meals healthier than most packaged food offerings, providing more nutritional diversity to children.

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Yumi Baby Food has amassed more than 244,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, quickly becoming one of the leading natural baby food brands out there. Their innovative approach has garnered them features in media outlets like Goop, Forbes and Business Insider – their innovative purees are more expensive than generic supermarket brands of purees but are far more convenient and offer higher-quality product – their price varies depending on how often jars are ordered each week; there may also be discounts offered to military families or bulk purchasers; their products range from Stage 1 purees and blends as well as finger-friendly Cubano bites and beet puffs for babies 10 months+.

Customer service

Yumi offers excellent customer service, responding to email queries within a day. However, to improve their open rates further, their subject lines could be kept to 36 characters or fewer.

If you would like to cancel or pause your subscription, do so prior to its charged date or within one week before delivery is scheduled.

Change your order online by logging into your account on our website, clicking ‘Manage subscription’ under your account name on the left side, and making any necessary modifications prior to Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. in the week prior to shipping date. All orders are delivered in temperature-controlled boxes containing non-toxic, non-caustic ice packs designed to keep foods fresh.

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