Zemana AntiMalware Review

Zemana AntiMalware

Zemana AntiMalware is a lightweight and fast program that quickly eliminates malware infections with an intuitive user interface, offering free versions for PCs and Android devices as well as premium versions with real-time and zero-day protection, anti-ransomware tools, and 24/7 customer support.

Cloud based software enables quick scans and removal of threats, as well as removal of unneeded apps, browser add-ons and adware.


Zemana stands out from traditional antimalware programs by using multiple sources of information to detect and remove threats from your system, making it more efficient at detecting malware that might elude antivirus programs and protecting you against ransomware without incurring payments to hackers. This unique capability distinguishes it from its competition.

Furthermore, this program runs without slowing down your PC. It performs a thorough scan to locate and delete all harmful files, even those hidden away elsewhere on your device. Once scanning is complete, all found threats will be displayed as a list so you can decide whether to exclude or quarantine them as necessary – so even novice users will find themselves easily customizing the settings to their needs.

This program also features a 30-day free trial version, so if you are not completely satisfied with it, refunds can be easily requested without any questions being asked by provider – in most cases within days!

Zemana not only protects computers against malware, but it can also provide real-time protection for mobile devices – specifically Android ones – from threats like ransomware that drain battery power or cause other problems. With real-time protection synchronized with cloud servers for detection of new threats, this feature can provide invaluable assistance for Android users who often become victims of these types of scams.

Zemana offers another outstanding feature with its anti-keylogger, providing users with protection from cybercriminals who monitor users’ keyboard input and use this data to steal personal and sensitive data from victims. Zemana includes an exhaustive definitions list for PUAs (potentially unwanted applications), as well as user behavior monitoring to detect patterns that indicate keylogging activity.

Zemana may have some drawbacks, but it remains an excellent option for PC users looking for additional protection. With its impressive detection rate for zero-day attacks and potential replacement for antivirus software capabilities, it may offer effective additional defense. Nonetheless, for complete protection it may be wiser to invest in dedicated anti-virus programs instead.


Zemana AntiMalware provides a free trial period to enable users to test out whether its functionality suits them. This version of the software can scan and remove malware from a PC, detect and eliminate malicious browser add-ons, toolbars and suspicious applications, protect against ransomware attacks and remove adware as well. Furthermore, its lightweight nature means less user interaction is necessary with this lightweight program.

Zemana AntiMalware’s premium version offers additional features over its free counterpart. These include anti-ransomware protection, real-time protection and 24/7 customer support – an ideal solution for people wanting extra security than what traditional antivirus programs can provide. Furthermore, its AntiMalware capabilities include rootkit and bootkit detection/removal capability as well as rootkit detection/removal.

Zemana stands out as an invaluable tool in its ability to detect and remove adware from computers, which is a common problem but often hard to eradicate. The premium version of Zemana provides several features designed specifically to remove this type of software as well as block websites serving up ads with potentially intrusive advertisements.

Both Windows and Android versions of Zemana offer intuitive user experiences that are simple and user-friendly, lightweight, and don’t interfere with other programs. While Android may have some limited functionality compared to its Windows counterpart, both provide plenty of usefulness.

Zemana stands out from other anti-malware software programs by not charging a trial period fee; however, the number of devices protected during that trial period may be limited; for greater protection on multiple devices you will require purchasing a full license.

Zemana AntiMalware is an outstanding anti-malware program that should be utilized alongside other security software. With its lightweight design and fast scan speed, this anti-malware application is quick and effortless to use – ideal for quick scans without causing disruptions or conflicts with anti-virus programs – providing peace of mind to anyone needing an independent second opinion about their security needs.


Though Zemana enjoys an excellent reputation, it’s essential to keep in mind that their software should not replace antivirus and firewall programs. Instead, Zemana serves as a second-opinion solution that can assist in finding malware missed by existing security suites – by using cloud data with local machine learning techniques for fast lightweight scanning as well as offering user-friendly navigation it won’t compromise existing solutions or interfere with them.

Zemana stands apart from most competitors with its free version, as it doesn’t limit the number of devices it can protect. From individual computers and networks alike, you can use Zemana to scan computers and smartphones without incurring subscription costs or credit card charges. Furthermore, this app is readily available for free download without needing subscription or credit card details to use.

Zemana AntiMalware’s reputation rests upon its ability to quickly detect and delete most types of malware quickly and effectively, especially ransomware threats without needing manual removal steps. Furthermore, the software can block browser add-ons and uninstall unwanted apps from both phones and computers.

Zemana’s antimalware software relies on cloud infrastructure to share information about malware threats, and quickly update its definitions and prevent most from ever reaching your system. If, for instance, another computer becomes infected with Cerber ransomware somewhere else around the globe, Zemana could upload this virus directly into its database and prevent users from paying to get their files back.

Zemana’s antimalware stands out by being able to detect and delete keylogging software used by cybercriminals to steal user login details for online banking accounts. Furthermore, this software also prevents webcam hijacking so a criminal cannot use your camera against you!

Zemana offers a user-friendly experience that’s customized to your preferences, with customizable window sizes enabling easy navigation and working. Furthermore, its user base continues to expand rapidly while remaining affordable to everyone.


Zemana AntiMalware is an effective anti-malware tool, but it lacks features. Most notably, it doesn’t offer antivirus protection – although it can act as an additional layer of defense, best used alongside an antivirus solution like Norton 360 for the most complete online defense possible. Furthermore, Zemana doesn’t block suspicious websites or file downloads, nor can it protect against phishing attacks or spam emails.

Zemana AntiMalware’s premium version provides more comprehensive malware protection than its free edition can. In addition to real-time protection, it also features anti-ransomware tools, browser cleanup services and rootkit/bootkit remediation – none of which are found in its free edition. Furthermore, cloud scanning technology quickly detects and eliminates new threats than other anti-malware tools.

As such, it makes an excellent and reliable anti-malware solution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide real-time protection or perform a full system scan, yet is fast and lightweight on system resources.

Zemana features an intuitive user interface that’s simple to use, even for less experienced computer users. Even those newer to tech won’t experience difficulty navigating its settings or initiating a scan – smart scan is ideal for quickly checking out your PC while deep scan is more thorough but takes more time.

One thing I find particularly impressive about this program is its ability to recognize potentially unwanted applications that other anti-malware software may miss, like SMSreg – a PUA that comes installed with some unscrupulous battery optimization apps – when testing on my PC. It easily detected and removed this PUA.

Zemana Premium ranks highly among other top anti-malware tools for detection rates, quickly and efficiently detecting and eliminating various threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware and toolbars without interference from existing antivirus software. It can even work alongside existing anti-virus solutions without creating conflicts between them and Zemana’s premium version.

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