ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Review

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is an efficient security suite, perfect for protecting important information against hackers. Plus, its myVault feature can keep sensitive files secure.

DefenseNet can use DefenseNet to evaluate programs and judge their safety, eliminating popups. Furthermore, it prevents spyware from sending your personal data online.


ZoneAlarm provides an intuitive installation and update process, taking only minutes to set up. Once installed, the suite checks for updates automatically without prompting you to reboot or provide any personal data – though unfortunately the free version doesn’t offer real-time cloud security and ransomware protection like its full counterpart does.

One reason this program has become so popular is that it provides multiple layers of protection: its antivirus software detects and removes malware running on your system; its firewall protects you against attacks from outside; it blocks communication between your PC and suspicious websites; its browser protection tool prevents dangerous files or scripts from being downloaded directly into browser; while its anti-keylogger feature blocks programs that secretly record keystrokes – especially helpful when entering passwords or login credentials!

Highlights of the software include its ability to detect and eliminate spyware and adware, using VPN protocols to monitor browser activity and protect you from malicious websites. Furthermore, you can create a whitelist of trusted sites so only they have access to your browser.

ZoneAlarm has an outdated user interface and does not present itself in a pleasing fashion compared to many competing programs. Furthermore, when installing, this software attempts to force Yahoo as your default search engine, homepage and new tab page; something which may cause some users discomfort.

ZoneAlarm makes downloading and installing its program simple through their user-friendly website, offering several payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Furthermore, their online forum and email support services are both offered in both English and French for maximum customer convenience.

ZoneAlarm comes equipped with an integrated password manager that makes keeping track of all your passwords easy, and an antispam component to block unwanted emails and spam, and gaming mode that enables you to customize privacy settings so the program does not interfere with gameplay. Furthermore, it includes tools to prevent hackers from attacking your computer such as changing IP addresses and blocking MAC addresses of remote servers.


ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a good way for anyone looking to secure their computer from hackers and other threats. Featuring an auto-learn feature that learns your computer usage pattern automatically and only flags significant changes – for instance if a browser, email program, or application that requests access requests your permission with the ZoneAlarm popup asking whether you agree or deny. A green check mark indicates acceptance; in case of disapproval there will be a red X.

Once you’ve downloaded ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, follow the installation prompts and submit your email address in order to receive product updates and notifications. When this step has been completed, click Finish button and access your ZoneAlarm settings.

Though ZoneAlarm Free Firewall may have its drawbacks, it remains a top firewall program on the market. Offering two-way security to both incoming and outgoing connections, it effectively blocks hackers from discovering your computer network while protecting you against spyware attacks that could expose sensitive information.

One of the great things about ZoneAlarm is its compatibility with other security programs like antimalware and antivirus software, making sure all of your protection works together to keep you secure and saving you time by eliminating multiple different applications at once. This feature makes ZoneAlarm an invaluable time saver.

ZoneAlarm software also comes packed with other features designed to protect your PC, such as Game Mode, ID Protection and Web Secure. Some of these require subscription; such as Game Booster and Anti-Keylogger – though most can be found within its free Firewall feature set making it an excellent way to get complete PC protection at minimal expense.


ZoneAlarm provides a basic free plan, featuring a malware scanner and Wi-Fi protection and traffic monitoring features, but lacks essential tools like web protection or real-time cloud security – not to mention it only works on PCs – though mobile apps for both Android and iOS are compatible.

Pro Antivirus + Firewall, available for $15/year per device, features basic antivirus signatures, two-way firewall, full stealth mode, zero hour protection and two-way traffic monitoring. For advanced features users can upgrade to Extreme Security NextGen at $28/year per device for additional threat emulation, content filtering and anti-keylogger tools.

Both plans are easy to install, though you may have to reboot after installation. The user interface is sleek and user-friendly, yet some design quirks exist; such as not showing a total system scan immediately upon opening the app; instead opening an overview screen showing current security status instead. Luckily, you can easily change this behavior in the settings menu.

This firewall doesn’t provide visual logs accessible by non-technical users; however, you can access detailed text logs through its interface. While this may make for an easier user experience overall, some may prefer more visually-oriented software solutions instead.

ID Protection Services provide additional advanced features by monitoring credit activity and notifying you when suspicious inquiries or changes occur to your account. This service is especially valuable for people who shop online or work from home frequently; unfortunately it’s only currently available in the US; for international customers interested in this feature BullGuard provides similar coverage across 15 countries.

ZoneAlarm stands up well against its competition in terms of core functionality; however, its security suite falls short in comparison. You’ll likely find better antivirus programs with more features and longer track records available at similar costs; additionally, this package does not include VPN capability if you want comprehensive protection.


This free program offers various protection packs designed to meet the unique needs of both home users and small business owners. Each pack provides different levels of security depending on which level fits best with the user.

The basic firewall engine provides system protection, blocking hacker activity and other threats from infiltrating your computer and protecting against network traffic filtering that exposes personal information to untrusted sources.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall also provides additional forms of protection. For instance, this software can block sites known to transmit spyware and other unwanted data. Furthermore, it protects files created on your hard drive from being uploaded online thereby preventing others from accessing and altering them.

Antivirus components of this program detect and delete spyware programs that have already infiltrated your computer, while simultaneously blocking new attacks such as raw data accessing and timing attacks that bypass antivirus protection programs.

My Vault, another feature of the program, provides users with an effective solution for protecting private and sensitive information like passwords, bank account numbers and social security numbers. By securely storing these details on a server location, hackers will not have access to decrypt the data and gain entry.

Application Control allows you to set rules for specific program components that request network or server access and decide if they should be granted or denied. It does so by querying the ZoneAlarm server for an access policy for every program requesting permission; upon finding one, it then either grants or denies it and displays this decision within a window.

Advanced global settings can be customized based on protocols, packet types, services provided and types of traffic. You can also set expert groups based on program behavior, component behavior or any other factor – you can access this feature by clicking in the Antivirus & Firewall panel of ZoneAlarm’s software client and then the Application Control section and clicking “Settings.”

The software also keeps a log of Firewall events. You can view this log by selecting from the list in the Log Viewer window or an entry in the table, and can manage your logging settings by clicking Managing Logs.

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