ZoneAlarm Review

ZoneAlarm is an antivirus and firewall package with outstanding ratings from both AV-Test and the PCMag reader survey, featuring zero-day protection and 24/7 cloud security as standout features.

Anti-keylogger tools prevent software from recording keystrokes, safeguarding passwords and banking details. Furthermore, it offers various security features designed to protect you when accessing public Wi-Fi networks.


ZoneAlarm stands out as an effective antimalware program with strong zero-day protection, numerous other security features, and low resource usage when scanning.

However, this suite does not come without its share of flaws: its user interface (UI) can be cumbersome and difficult to use; and it feels outdated compared to many competitors suites. Furthermore, unlike competing suites it doesn’t provide an easily customizable shortcut and instead relies on three View Details buttons which seem unnecessary – having right-click menu option would have made things simpler overall.

ZoneAlarm’s antivirus engine is powered by Kaspersky Lab’s antimalware software, yet also boasts other unique features like game mode and free identity theft protection. Furthermore, its stateful firewall monitors programs for suspicious behavior – this protects against many attacks other security systems miss, such as raw data access, timing attacks, SCM & COM intrusions and more – with real-time threat detection being another highlight feature.

DefenseNet responds immediately and leverages data from millions of users to instantly address new threats, while full system scans detect viruses in every file and folder on your PC while quick scans scan less important areas. OSFirewall monitors program behavior to spot and stop attacks bypassing traditional anti-virus protection.

ZoneAlarm’s antivirus can also provide a deep clean that completely disinfects and reboots your system to start over – this feature can make an incredible difference when recovering from ransomware.

ZoneAlarm remains an outstanding option for home and small business users looking for solid malware protection, firewall strength and extras such as free online backup. Unfortunately, its most notable drawbacks include its non-unified user interface (UI) and lack of cloud-based protection compared to some competitors; however, the good news is that ZoneAlarm offers generous free plans with most key security features available across Windows PCs, Mac computers and mobile devices.


The ZoneAlarm firewall is a reliable two-way protection system that monitors both inbound and outbound computer data, protecting against hackers’ attempts at accessing personal information and providing essential protection against viruses, spyware and other cyber threats.

The software is user-friendly and works without slowing down your computer, using Kaspersky anti-virus protection engine and featuring unique features like built-in identity protection (free credit monitoring and threat emulation) as well as multiple scanning options and an extensive text log that lists every program blocked or allowed through firewall.

It has a sleek and user-friendly interface, while Android and iOS mobile apps appear similar to Windows app in terms of both appearance and use, though with slight wording differences. This approach helps keep things straightforward for less technically experienced users.

Your software gives you the power to easily customize its operation. Allow or block individual programs or services, or have the program always validate itself against ZoneAlarm’s list of trusted programs, for further reduced alerts that allow you to focus on more pressing matters. Alerts may be generated if it detects programs not approved for usage on your computer or suspicious actions – these alerts can be changed in settings as desired, depending on what messages are displayed by default.

ZoneAlarm software makes an invaluable addition to your security portfolio by offering control of which networks belong in which zones. You can opt to automatically assign new network connections to either Trusted Zone or Public Zone upon detection; or allow or block certain types of IP packets; such as incomplete (fragmented) IP packets which hackers sometimes exploit to bypass network devices that read packet headers.

ZoneAlarm is an excellent option for users seeking to add firewall protection to their home computers, but there may be alternatives that provide greater protection or features at lower cost points.


ZoneAlarm’s Anti-Ransomware feature provides protection from programs that take control of your files hostage and demand ransom payments in return. It works by monitoring your computer for suspicious activities that could indicate ransomware attacks, blocking these activities and automatically recovering encrypted files if they become encrypted. Furthermore, ZoneAlarm features a backup feature so that copies of all your data can be safely saved to an internal drive, cloud service or removable device for safe keeping.

ZoneAlarm uses multiple security measures, including threat emulation, to counter ransomware. This technology runs tests against files using virtual machines that regularly update its threat detection system in real-time – providing enterprise-grade protection from ransomware attacks. While it makes for a great addition to any antivirus program, its costs do come at a premium price point.

Check Point’s cyber security leader program offers advanced features to safeguard both mobile devices and desktop computers, from iOS and Android platforms alike. An in-depth security analysis analyzes operating systems, apps, websites, networks and privacy. Furthermore, its privacy-first approach guarantees your data remains completely private.

ZoneAlarm app features an easy user interface and green smart scan button, indicating your PC is healthy. Furthermore, this program features Thor foresight and custom scan options that enable it to detect and remove malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other types of threats from your PC system.

Once the scan is completed, a summary of its findings is displayed for you to review. You have the option to ignore all detected items if desired or use “Resolve” link to take appropriate action. There is even an app available which helps restore all file types or folders that were infected by viruses or malware.

ZoneAlarm provides non-urgent inquiries or issues via its email ticket system, while their website features video tutorials and FAQs to assist users in solving them. You may also reach customer support over the phone.

Parental Controls

ZoneAlarm’s Parental Controls feature is an invaluable way for parents to monitor and limit the computer usage of their children. Parents can block access to specific websites and files while setting time limits for internet use, monitoring social networking sites and chats as well as accessing activity reports.

ZoneAlarm stands out as one of the few security suites offering mobile app protection for smartphones and tablets. The app is straightforward and user-friendly, available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

The latest version of software offers several new features that aim to protect users’ privacy by offering them control over how their information will be made available to Facebook searchers and advertisers. Its release coincides with changes proposed by Facebook regarding how its members’ data is utilized.

Other features include a two-way firewall, identity theft protection and PC tune-up tools that perform less efficiently than those offered in Norton 360, but nonetheless provide useful benefits in helping keep your system running smoothly. Furthermore, this version is intended to run faster and less intrusively than earlier editions of this software.

This new version is compatible with Windows 8 and features an easier-to-use interface; its design has been simplified for clarity and intuitiveness; but may take a bit of adjustment to fully utilize. Furthermore, there’s now an automatic back-up plugin included that will back up all of your ZoneAlarm settings and profiles automatically.

ZoneAlarm stands out from its competition with an excellent set of features at a highly affordable price point, including telephone support that’s often provided by competitors such as McAfee and Symantec. Instead, e-mail and keyword-based virtual support as well as user forums provide support. Furthermore, ZoneAlarm has a promotion whereby customers can purchase it for just $45 for one year with five devices covered – an incredible value indeed and well worth investing in!

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