ZoneAlarm Review


Since 1997, ZoneAlarm has provided computers around the globe with protection. Its multilayered defenses include antivirus capabilities, an anti-ransomware feature and more.

At the core of this program is threat emulation, which involves running files through a virtual machine to test for potential threats before updating its threat database. This safeguard against zero-day attacks can be invaluable.

PCMag found the user interface (UI) easy to navigate, yet outdated. They offer phone, live chat and knowledge base support services as well.


ZoneAlarm provides comprehensive antivirus protection from malware, phishing attacks and other types of malicious software. The latest edition utilizes Kaspersky engine for increased performance and zero-day protection; additionally it is less demanding on system resources compared with earlier versions. Although not quite on par with top rated security solutions like Norton 360, ZoneAlarm remains an excellent choice.

ZoneAlarm provides several unique features for protecting your PC, such as threat emulation. This process works by opening suspect files in virtual environments to check for vulnerabilities that the developer might have overlooked; it is particularly effective at detecting zero-day exploits which have not yet been patched by their creators and therefore cannot be detected by standard antimalware programs.

ZoneAlarm provides many other protective functions, including a firewall and advanced parental controls, plus the ability to monitor PC activity using its parent company’s security cloud with an easily navigable live feed that shows you its status. Furthermore, its Pro version also features an excellent tool to secure web browsing on public Wi-Fi networks.

ZoneAlarm antivirus lacks the streamlined and straightforward user experience of its competitors, with numerous extraneous elements occupying space on its user interface. There are three main panels displaying antivirus, firewall and identity theft status alongside three View Details buttons which may or may not be necessary; Scan button may be hidden away under an obscure menu item which needs clicking to activate it.

ZoneAlarm antivirus provides an impressive support center with phone and live chat helpdesk services available seven days a week, in addition to online knowledge base resources for customers. Unlike Microsoft’s Windows Defender which is only compatible with Windows platforms, ZoneAlarm works across several operating systems – plus comes backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee!


ZoneAlarm’s Firewall feature protects your computer against malicious software that could attempt to gain access to sensitive personal information like passwords and credit card numbers, while simultaneously safeguarding your home network against hackers. With its flexible settings for various networks – for instance, creating custom network zones within local area networks, guest connections or public or guest WiFi connectivity – its interface is user-friendly with a helpful tutorial explaining how a firewall works.

The software keeps a log file that records all Firewall activity that you can view and manage through the Tools menu. By default, events are stored for seven days. You can set a daily archiving period or enable or disable specific protocol types from being logged. To block specific IP addresses or services using SmartDefense Advisor Web page.

If your computer has become infected with a virus that prevents ZoneAlarm from scanning properly or running optimally, use the Tools menu to fix the issue. For instance, you could change file locations that ZoneAlarm scans, add antivirus software to its whitelist or reset its firewall configuration – an invaluable service if you’ve recently changed router settings or added new hardware.

One of the more useful features is Application Control, which tracks programs requesting permission to act as servers or network clients, then searches the ZoneAlarm server for an access policy and decides if that request should be allowed or denied silently without alerting you. You can choose to remember your response; then automatically apply it if it comes back up in future attempts by that program while offline.

Anti-Keylogger is another useful feature, blocking programs from secretly recording your keystrokes while you enter passwords. By default it’s inactive; to turn it on easily visit Web & Privacy tab and choose Enable Anti-Keylogger option.

Web & Privacy

ZoneAlarm offers tools that make safe browsing online possible, including a Chrome extension to protect you against phishing attacks and dangerous downloads while browsing online.

The ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free extension utilizes Check Point’s ThreatCloud database to rate search results according to their risk potential, so when you perform a search the extension will display a list of safe and unsafe websites with links; selecting any of them will open it in a separate browser tab where you can enter your personal access code to verify if logging in legitimately.

Additionally, this extension protects users against phishing attempts by employing ZoneAlarm Zero-Phishing technology. This scanning technology detects and warns if users attempt to enter their credentials on unsafe websites. Furthermore, Hazard Removal technology eliminates any suspicious or malicious code within seconds and ensures retrieved documents remain completely safe.

Our in-house tests revealed that this suite was performing fairly well and did not place too much of a strain on our test computer. However, its performance did suffer in terms of file transfer speed and PC Mark 10 Extended tests where scores dropped by nearly two minutes compared to earlier scores.

If a ZoneAlarm Alert identifies an unfamiliar program, do a web search on it before proceeding with any decisions about its potential presence on your computer. If it is legitimate software, add it to myVault and monitor how it acts on your PC while protecting its access to any private information stored therein.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Keylogger is another security feature in the Web & Privacy tab, designed to thwart malware programs from recording your keystrokes and recording your keystrokes. However, please be aware that it doesn’t stop all keyloggers; some may legitimately be part of your system setup and this protection tool cannot remove them completely.


ZoneAlarm stands out as an antivirus provider by offering an Anti-Keylogger tool, which keeps identity thieves at bay by blocking keylogging software that could steal passwords and personal information. By default it’s off but it can be activated in the Web & Privacy section of its client application.

Other notable features include Wi-Fi enabled location tracking using Google Maps to find lost or stolen laptops; an email spam filter to block unwanted and dangerous emails from entering your inbox; browser virtualisation that keeps malware out of your system; Registry cleaning and PC Tuneup to remove junk files and programs that slow your PC; secure online backup with 2GB free server space, as well as protection from ransomware by encrypting files before hackers demand payment; as well as ransomware protection that encrypts files automatically and notifies you as soon as hackers demand payment; plus ransomware protection is built right into this product!

If you want to download ZoneAlarm, visit its site and choose from one of their subscription plans and pricing tiers before clicking “Buy Now.” After this, an email will be sent asking you for your email address in order to receive updates and upgrades as well as prompting you to reboot your computer before the software installer closes out its task.

Once installed and running, the ZoneAlarm client app offers a clear layout with clear categories and options. Scan allows quick or full antivirus scans; Update checks for new virus definition updates as well as ZoneAlarm protection database upgrades; Tools provides system diagnostic tools including Game mode toggle; while Help provides FAQs, technical support options, and details about this program.

Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security for comprehensive protection that comes equipped with premium real-time phishing protection and anti-malware scanning, mobile security application for iOS and Android devices that protects against unapproved access to camera/microphone/apps that compromise privacy, secure connection to public Wi-Fi networks and protect against malicious apps gaining control of camera/microphone functions on device, plus protects against apps which hijack camera/microphone functions of device.

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