Zoner Photo Studio Review

Zoner Photo Studio stands out among photo editing software with its multifaceted approach to organizing files, improving photos, creating time lapse videos and TikTok posts – and much more.

A filmstrip across the bottom of your screen makes navigating between images or modules simple, while our Create tab makes producing prints, calendars and postcards directly from your catalog easy without ever leaving the program.

Organize your photos

If you have many photos on your computer, organizing them properly can save a tremendous amount of time when working with photos – it will make finding photos and editing them much simpler and quicker!

The Catalog makes it simple and quick to organize and search photos that have been tagged or given ratings, making this feature of Manager module especially convenient. Furthermore, keyboard shortcuts will speed up your workflow even further.

Use the Catalog to manage all your photos stored either locally on your computer, or, for more advanced functions, external (removable) media. When adding folders to the Catalog, Zoner Photo Studio X will monitor their contents and store all photos’ information automatically – saving time by not needing to load each folder individually and making working with photos much faster!

An invaluable tool for those who take photos while traveling or shooting photoshoots and want to quickly locate specific images shot there, this software makes this possible thanks to EXIF blocks that add location data directly into photos; users can also manually enter this data for use when searching the Catalog.

Another helpful function in the Catalog is a duplicate files finder, enabling you to locate identical photos on your computer and delete duplicate copies without editing multiple copies of them. This can save a great deal of space while helping prevent redundant edits being applied to them and result in all edits being lost, leading to having to redo them all again later.

Within the Manager module, you can also take advantage of Calendar and Keyword Views to quickly locate photos that were taken on a certain day or with specific keywords. Furthermore, our software features a map view which shows where photos have been added via GPS coordinates or manually entered. This makes it very simple to locate them by place as well as compare them side-by-side or chronologically.

Edit your photos

Zoner Photo Studio features three main modules: Manager, Viewer and Editor. The Manager helps organize files with its tree-like structure while the Viewer allows full-screen image viewing as well as offering a handy slide show feature. Finally, Zoner’s Edit module serves as its real workhorse by offering both basic and advanced editing tools to complete editing projects efficiently and professionally.

Zoner provides essential tools for resizing, cropping, flipping, rotating and adjusting levels as well as more sophisticated ones like radial and gradient filters, smoothing brushes and retouching brushes – while its red eye removal tool works unlike most software solutions!

Advanced users have access to an additional module known as Develop. While most of its functions are non-destructive, sometimes more precise control over certain edits may be desired; that is where this module comes into play. In case destructive mode becomes necessary at any point during editing sessions, however, be aware that doing so will irreversibly alter your original file.

Another useful feature is being able to add custom watermarks to your photos, making them even more useful. Furthermore, images can be directly exported for sharing on social media sites or exported in high resolution mode directly to Zonerama, providing unlimited online storage space.

Create is the outlier in this module, offering an exciting and novel feature: it lets you design and order various projects such as calendars and canvases as well as postcards and collages. While this might appeal to some customers, most print shops already provide tools for managing such layouts themselves – perhaps making this more of a niche feature than anything.

Zoner has long been considered an outstanding raw processing option, and with its 2021 Autumn update has become one of the more reliable choices on the market. Furthermore, its Manage and Edit modules make it a valuable choice for photographers seeking DAM functionality as well as basic editing features and more advanced advanced editing in one intuitive package.

Share your photos

Photographers’ work doesn’t end once their images have been downloaded from camera or memory card. There’s still sorting, editing and sharing to do as well as copying files by hand – making cloud storage an invaluable way to streamline these tasks and reduce physical strain on photographers’ bodies. Zoner Photo Studio X makes this easier by offering easy synchronisation across multiple cloud services, making it quick and effortless to access files on computer or phone devices.

Apart from cloud syncing, the software also makes it simple and straightforward to create galleries of photos online that can be accessed from any browser. These galleries can either be public (accessible by anyone who knows the URL) or private – only visible to those with access to both an URL link and password which can be reset as needed.

Option 2 is sharing photos through Zonerama service provided by Manager’s left-hand browser panel. Here, users can browse images, make comments, and create slideshows – all without needing technical expertise – plus there are handy tools available that allow for attractive thumbnails and indexes.

Zoner offers an incredible feature for social media enthusiasts – the ability to directly upload a gallery directly onto Instagram or other services, saving time for those using photography as part of a business like hair salons or restaurants.

All information pertaining to your photos – keywords, descriptions, ratings and marks – are organized and searchable using a database known as The Catalog. This helps keep them organized and searchable when managing large numbers of images.

Zoner Photo Studio stands out as an all-in-one photo management solution, and one of its greatest strengths is raw processing, which was drastically improved in the Autumn 2021 update to rival much more costly competitors. Other areas may still fall short, but as an all-in-one photo solution it can’t be beat!

Print your photos

Even in today’s digital era, printed photos still hold an important place. That is why ZPS Photo Studio provides many functions designed to make printing photographs as straightforward and straightforward as possible for you.

The Print module makes it possible to quickly and easily create various photo products, such as books, canvas prints and calendars. First step in this process should be selecting a folder containing images you would like printed.

Next, select your printing size. There are various options to consider here, including Max count for size – this allows you to specify how many photos will fit onto one page according to the chosen format – Paper color settings as well as orientation/distance settings such as Grid width can all be set as needed and Crop marks which allow for trimming the photo’s edges can also be included or excluded as needed.

Once you have configured all of the settings, click Print. The program will print your selected photos, and you can view their output in the right sidebar.

If the results don’t satisfy, additional adjustments can be made within Print settings. For instance, you may increase or decrease the number of copies being printed; adjust row/column numbers; set margins on photos etc.

Print is also useful if you need professional prints from a printer; just follow a few easy steps:

Zoner Photo Studio X is an all-encompassing photo management and editing tool, but can be daunting to newcomers to digital post-processing. Furthermore, its many tools may be hard to manage since they’re split across five modules found as tabs on your workspace: Manager, Develop, Editor, Print and Video. Generally though it works very well and its Autumn 2021 update improved noise reduction and tonality controls considerably – an excellent choice for photographers seeking comprehensive tools that they should experience during a one-month free trial period!

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