Zoolz Intelligent Review


Zoolz Intelligent is an elegant, capable, and intelligent cloud backup service which makes archived files easier to locate through its search and indexing engine. Furthermore, this tool features features like OCR recognition and document management to further streamline this process.

Files are encrypted client-side and during transfer with 256-AES encryption for client and transfer use, while full-quality originals are stored cold for long-term archiving. NAS drives, server backups and admin controls enable administrators to define user and policy limits.


Zoolz is a cloud storage provider in USA offering secure and cost-effective cloud backup. Their service is powered by AWS – an established infrastructure trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations – while their products cater for individuals as well as businesses alike. Their products feature file previews, automatic backups and end-to-end encryption – everything needed to store and protect data safely.

Zoolz’s software interface may seem outdated and awkward, but it still does its job effectively. Recently however, they introduced BigMind as a cutting-edge cloud backup service with advanced features such as AI-assisted facial recognition for searching files as well as mobile access and an online dashboard for easier management of BigMind backup.

Another fantastic feature is BigMind’s ability to restore files from anywhere around the world. This can be very handy if you wish to use your files on another computer or device – something which is made possible through iOS and Android mobile applications that allow accessing BigMind Mobile’s mobile app for this task as well as managing backups and restores remotely from wherever.

Backup Agent for NAS Drives allows users to customize their backup schedule and store only files that have changed since the last full backup, with storage efficiency achieved through incremental backup that only stores new or updated data since its last full back-up and security enhanced with military-grade 256-AES encryption which encrypts files before being transferred onto a server.

Zoolz offers an online support team and knowledge hub that offer guidance for using its products, as well as an exclusive partnership program that guarantees high profit margins while permitting you to create custom plans for customers. It has both a FAQ section and online chat support team that are ready and available. In addition, users have access to videos providing guidance on using them properly as well as accessing videos of guides on using Zoolz products.


Zoolz provides affordable and secure cloud storage services at an economical rate. Their packages range from individual users and businesses alike – such as their one-TB plan – with many offering a free trial period as well. Their service features include customizable dashboards as well as the option for controlling upload/download speeds.

The service features a user-friendly web-based interface that makes the service straightforward to navigate, enabling you to see all of your devices at once and switch between AWS S3 and Glacier vaults easily. Sharing and preview files, and organizing them into folders is also convenient; moreover, its backup options utilize military grade AES-256 encryption to protect all of your information before, during and after transfer from devices to servers.

Zoolz offers more than online storage; they also back it up locally on servers and external hard drives, giving you immediate access to your files from any location around the world, and making Zoolz an excellent solution for photographers wanting instant upload of images without waiting for uploads to complete in the cloud.

Zoolz BigMIND file organization and search tools make it simple to find photos or documents you need when backing them up, with hybrid storage providing faster restoration times than traditional backup solutions and deduplication built-in to reduce how much data needs to be stored online.

Zoolz offers compatibility with most operating systems, including Windows and Mac. You can use it to back up multiple devices at the same time and it supports unlimited users. In addition, you can set a custom backup schedule, selecting which folders or files you’d like backed up, as well as which files to exclude from it. On top of all this, Zoolz also offers excellent customer support with its help center offering representatives ready to assist whenever necessary and an FAQ page that provides answers for commonly asked questions about its services.


Zoolz is an established US online backup service, known for providing next-level cold storage capabilities at an economical price. Utilizing Amazon Glacier cloud infrastructure services for cold storage purposes, this backup option makes an excellent long-term or archiving storage solution; however, it may not be suitable for users needing immediate access or recovery of their data.

Zoolz provides an intuitive web-based dashboard, making its interface accessible. While the design may appear outdated, the web interface allows for simple navigation and provides an overview of your devices, computers, and servers. Reorganize files/folders; preview them; share them; switch between AWS S3 storage vaults and Glacier vaults easily and much more!

Additionally, the web dashboard is fully configurable to meet your business’s individual needs. You can set different policies for each of your users, restrict the number of devices they can connect to at once, as well as configure storage amounts allocated per user – an invaluable feature for businesses with multiple offices nationwide or globally.

Zoolz does not provide mobile apps, but offers an intuitive web interface to manage backups and restores. With its comprehensive search function that lets you find files quickly, and can detect duplicate files to free up space; as well as fast and accurate searching capabilities that let you locate files using just their name or file extension – Zoolz provides easy file backup management from anywhere!

This company boasts an outstanding track record when it comes to customer support, with representatives always willing to assist with any inquiries or issues you might have. Their support team is available 24-7 and can answer your queries by phone, email or live chat – in addition to having a knowledge base with frequently asked questions that answers all of them! They strive to ensure your data remains safe and available whenever it’s needed by guaranteeing its availability for any unforeseen events that might arise.


Zoolz is one of the leading backup providers in USA, providing local backups, archiving and an array of storage options. Their solutions cover everything from computers, mobile devices, servers, NAS drives and social media profiles; you can even backup multiple files at once!

Zoolz provides various security measures, including 256-bit AES encryption and the option to create a password for your account. Unfortunately, however, two-factor authentication – another widely-used means of protecting online accounts – isn’t supported. Lastly, users should note that their information may be shared with third parties to comply with law enforcement requests or prevent fraud.

The company maintains secure data centers and has taken measures to mitigate against natural disasters, while using Amazon Web Services which offers superior levels of protection and resilience. Furthermore, free lifetime plans are offered as an incentive for business customers that require flexible backup solutions.

Zoolz stands out from other online backup services by offering both cold and instant storage solutions, the latter powered by Amazon Glacier for long-term storage needs. Photographers especially can benefit from using Zoolz cold storage feature as it allows them to backup RAW and Jpeg files – though keep in mind that speed of storage may vary with these files types.

Zoolz offers businesses looking for cloud-based backup solutions a solid option, yet lacks some key features offered by other services. In particular, Zoolz does not support file versioning which could pose major difficulties to those relying heavily on cloud storage for daily operations and no mobile app means employees have difficulty accessing data remotely.

Zoolz provides reliable backup service with many benefits for devices that support it and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Furthermore, its customer support team are available 24/7 should any problems or concerns arise.

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