Zoolz Review

Zoolz offers reliable backup and archiving with robust data redundancy in an intuitive client. The software comes equipped with no file size or speed restrictions, automatic archiving, 256-AES server encryption and round-the-clock customer service support – features which make Zoolz an attractive option.

Backups can be performed manually, automatically or using scheduled mode. Files can be retrieved using both web interface and free downloadable application.


Zoolz stands out as an exceptional backup service by offering both local and cloud storage options – giving it more flexibility than its rivals who only provide online backup solutions. Furthermore, this backup provider features document indexing and OCR capabilities, making archived files much simpler to locate; additionally it’s user friendly with excellent customer support services available to them.

The website is simple to use and provides detailed breakdowns of your devices and storage, while its admin interface offers many features, such as setting administrations, enabling security settings, generating reports and creating Discover menus to organize data by categories like mail, desktop, documents and pictures; additionally it can even automatically select files such as music files, books, ebooks or PDFs using its smart selection feature.

Zoolz stands out among its rivals thanks to its extensive versioning capabilities, enabling users to store unlimited past versions and archive deleted ones for as long as desired – saving both space and time while helping avoid unnecessary backups. Furthermore, users can select how long deleted files remain in archives after being deleted, as well as select what happens once an archive has been purge successfully.

Zoolz stands out from the competition with many useful features that distinguish it, such as its built-in document management system and advanced eDiscovery search engine that allow users to quickly locate documents, photos, and stream videos. Furthermore, its hybrid backup option enables them to back up data both locally and on network drives simultaneously as uploading it to the cloud.

Zoolz stands apart from most rivals by not restricting file size or type, as well as permitting manual, automatic, and scheduled backups. This makes the software suitable for more business operations while its support for multiple operating systems adds another benefit.

Even without mobile apps or disk-imaging options, Zoolz stands out as an excellent option for business users looking for reliable yet cost-effective storage. Their plans start from as little as PS1 per month for 1TB storage!


Zoolz offers home and business users a range of plans at reasonable rates to suit varying storage needs, with 1TB plans costing $15 monthly; 4TB plans cost around $160 annually. Plus, Zoolz’s courier service helps lower bandwidth costs further.

Zoolz cloud backup relies on Amazon’s reliable infrastructure and customer service to offer secure backup for multiple operating systems – Mac OS and Windows alike – with several storage options including local, online, and cold. Unfortunately there are no mobile apps or disk imaging features to add mobile functionality; furthermore this service may be more costly compared to others available.

Zoolz cloud backup service provides an intuitive web dashboard and desktop client that make data backup simple and straightforward. Their desktop client offers an easy user experience with its clean layout, basic information about your backup status and an effective search function to quickly locate files. Although simple to use, some key features are missing such as collaboration tools or document editing capabilities.

One drawback of the service is that it does not support instant file restoration to your computer, according to Amazon Glacier’s strict restore time restrictions. While this might not be a major issue if you’re backing up many files in bulk, it can become cumbersome when trying to restore just one document at once.

Zoolz doesn’t offer phone support, but has a robust knowledge hub filled with tutorials, videos and articles to assist users. Email support is also available if necessary – business users receive priority support as well as access to an account manager. Zoolz support representatives were quick in their responses when answering our inquiries, providing thorough responses.


Zoolz may not be the cheapest solution for home users, but it does provide ample storage space at a competitive monthly fee. They also have flexible plans designed specifically for businesses; however, the best rates require signing up for at least 12 months at once.

Zoolz offers both online and onsite backup solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their service is simple to use and packed full of features designed to make data protection as efficient as possible, such as cloud storage/archiving/file sharing/mobile device support; encryption/auditing tools etc.

Restoring files with Zoolz is simple, though may take some time depending on the size and speed of your backup and Internet connection. By default, Zoolz will select only important files to be backed up; if desired you can be more selective when choosing which folders or drives to back up.

Zoolz differs from many other backup services by not imposing bandwidth caps, meaning there won’t be an upload bandwidth restriction if you need to backup large files. Unfortunately, however, they do not offer unlimited storage space plans; when selecting your plan you should carefully consider your storage needs.

Zoolz’s backup service utilizes Amazon Glacier hardware, which is typically used for long-term archiving and storage, so your backups won’t be instantaneously accessible; retrieving them may take hours; however, Zoolz does offer a free trial period if interested in experiencing their service first before making their decision.

Zoolz offers support for multiple operating systems, such as Mac and Windows. Furthermore, local backups of external and network drives is supported, something not offered by many other backup services. Furthermore, Zoolz features several security measures including encryption of data during transfers and at rest; two-factor authentication; SSL protocol support and an activity log to track user activities.


Though Zoolz may lack all of the features found in more comprehensive backup services, it still provides users with several security measures for peace of mind. Files uploaded to Zoolz are encrypted before uploading to cloud storage and can be stored either hot or cold depending on frequency of access. Furthermore, users have exclusive control over their data through selecting their private encryption key; files in transit are encrypted using SSL, two-factor authentication can be activated as an added layer of protection; business customers even enjoy granular permissions so they can limit who can view and manage their data.

Zoolz offers great features, but their history with security may cause users to hesitate. Not long ago, the company was accused of breaching privacy promises by allowing employees to view filenames that should have remained private despite denial by Zoolz itself. While these allegations have since been disproven by evidence provided to them and this issue resolved itself with them; nevertheless, this raises questions regarding its reliability and trustworthiness.

Zoolz has taken great strides in improving its services’ security. Its data centers are strategically placed, offering top-tier security protocols that include high-end surveillance systems and state-of-the-art security measures that prevent physical break-ins or theft. Furthermore, its Privacy Policy states that your personal information will never be sold or shared without consent and is compliant with Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, with any third parties handling your data having signed an agreement ensuring their adherence with them.

Zoolz’s 256-AES server-side encryption ensures your files remain as safe as possible while they rest in the cloud – this is particularly essential for businesses as it helps safeguard them against data breaches and cyber attacks.

Zoolz provides a highly secure solution, but this may slow the upload and restore processes and cause delays during restoration. Furthermore, the company does not support disk-imaging which can be an obstacle to some users. Regardless of its limitations, however, Zoolz still offers an effective, reliable backup solution with plenty of useful features.

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