Zoolz Review

Zoolz provides an affordable online backup solution to both businesses and individuals, protecting against data loss due to HDD failure, ransomware attacks, or accidental file deletion.

Cold storage and vault storage features allow instantaneous retrieval of files while also offering long-term archiving to maintain old ones without impacting on your main online space.


Zoolz is a cost-effective cloud backup and archiving service, featuring an array of features and providing excellent customer support. Furthermore, unlike some other backup services, Zoolz supports both local and remote file storage with flexible pricing plans for optimal convenience – making it suitable for individuals as well as small businesses alike.

The service’s Windows client is designed for ease of use and includes numerous advanced features, including automated backup based on categories and folders; users can even specify folders or file types they’d like backed up; it even supports open files and has version history functionality; backups can even be paused/resumed as needed! It uses an efficient block-level upload system that efficiently backups large files efficiently while its deduplication feature saves space by only keeping track of changes; furthermore it features fast security through military grade 256 AES encryption technology!

Zoolz offers flexible cloud storage plans with unlimited free storage capacity, making data transfer simple between computers, servers and mobile devices – perfect for business owners needing access their important documents from any location.

Zoolz offers users an archive feature, enabling them to archive files for long-term preservation and access, at reduced storage costs and with ease of retrieval for critical files. Their cloud storage is supported by redundant systems for maximum availability while they also help free up space on hard drives by eliminating old, rarely-used files from them.

Zoolz does have one significant drawback – retrieval takes an average of three to four hours for files that need immediate access – which could prove troublesome for users in need of immediate data retrieval. However, Zoolz is working towards solving this problem and has recently implemented faster file retrieval speeds.

Zoolz offers a reliable and cost-effective backup solution that’s suitable for both personal and professional use, with an intuitive web interface allowing easy setup and monitoring of backup status as well as viewing registered computers. Furthermore, its removal procedure takes less than a minute.


Zoolz offers an intuitive backup service with many advanced features that is suitable for businesses who wish to protect their files from ransomware attacks. Utilizing Amazon Web Services infrastructure and covered by their Amazon Web Services Guarantee, it provides complete protection from hacking or natural disaster.

Zoolz utilizes both instant and cold storage, which provides extra layers of security for your files, ensuring they can still be accessible even if your local system becomes corrupted. Unfortunately, though, this dual-cloud approach requires restores from cold storage to take several hours – further complicating matters by default only keeping ten file versions available to restore.

Zoolz also features an archive feature which allows users to store files without actually deleting them from their hard drives, offering the potential to recover accidentally modified or deleted files back from a previous version if needed. Furthermore, this functionality helps protect users against ransomware attacks by creating multiple copies of them at one time – useful against ransomware attacks!

Zoolz offers several personal plans with prices ranging from $9.99 per month to $12.99 per month, while also providing business plans to accommodate organizations with large volumes of data. Zoolz business plans feature unlimited storage capacity as well as file transfer and restoration functions.

If Zoolz is no longer your cup of tea, canceling your subscription is easy and straightforward. Simply click your name in the top-right corner of your dashboard, click “Delete account,” enter your information and confirm via email – done!

Zoolz is a cloud storage provider that works with both public and local cloud providers to deliver reliable storage solutions for businesses. Their intelligent cloud platform automatically recognizes, structures and stores files so they’re easier to locate in the future; supporting multiple devices for an intuitive user experience; offering video tutorials as well as knowledge hubs with FAQs to get your started quickly and securely.


Zoolz offers several backup plans with prices depending on how long and much storage you require. They even offer a free trial period so it is easier than ever to try before purchasing.

The software uses a lightweight client to operate operations in the background, with three-tier deduplication processes to conserve storage space. It’s highly efficient at backing up large files quickly and intelligently; users can pause/resume backups as necessary – and all this comes backed by 256 AES encryption both during transport and storage of information.

Zoolz Cloud from Genie9’s cloud backup service BigMIND Home is an efficient solution for both home and business users, boasting infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services; an enterprise-level cloud platform trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations and compliant with GDPR/HIPAA compliance for maximum data security.

Zoolz offers users many additional features that enhance their experience with it, from its powerful infrastructure to easy usability and customization of backup processes – everything from setting device backups and schedules, as well as comprehensive knowledge hubs to ensure every question can be answered quickly and completely. Furthermore, this software features an expansive knowledge hub which covers virtually every subject imaginable – not to mention a comprehensive knowledge hub containing almost every answer you might require! It’s also user-friendly: users have complete control of when and what devices need backing up from setup right through to setting device backups and scheduling schedules!

Another impressive feature is its intelligent search feature. This tool supports both facial recognition and text-based searches to quickly locate specific files and folders with ease, while automatically categorizing photos, documents and videos for easier searching.

Hybrid backup capabilities of Amazon Glacier storage solution are also impressive, offering local backups on external drives or network locations, in addition to cloud-based data storage for less frequently accessed files.

Zoolz enjoys a solid reputation for reliability and user friendliness, yet still faces issues with customers who feel taken advantage of. In January of 2020, for instance, Zoolz sent an email requiring lifetime subscribers to pay an ongoing monthly fee in order to continue accessing their data backups – this decision caused considerable uproar as existing customers felt like they were being exploited by Zoolz.


Zoolz offers an unparalleled cloud backup and storage service, protected with military-grade encryption to provide fortress-like protection of files sent out of devices to its servers. Encryption takes place before any file leaves its device – creating a password-protected shell before they even enter the cloud – meaning hackers and malicious parties won’t have access to stolen or compromised files if stolen or compromised.

Security features of SecureBiz include no file or speed limits, support for external and NAS drives, 256-AES server-side encryption, round-the-clock technical assistance and custom backup schedules that back up individual folders or entire drives. Plus there are no monthly bandwidth restrictions making upgrading or downgrading subscriptions an effortless experience!

Zoolz stands out from competitors with its ability to restore data after hardware failure or ransomware attacks, providing business owners with fast recovery of important files without incurring time- and resource-wasting downtime. Its robust recovery capabilities allow business owners to recover key files without losing valuable time or resources.

Installing and using this software is straightforward, with an intuitive dashboard facilitating navigation and operations. Users can view their available storage space and manage backup schedules through desktop client. Mobile app offers similar functionality but may benefit from some usability enhancement.

Zoolz provides both hot and cold storage solutions to suit different data access requirements. Their software even enables file revision recovery in case of accidental deletion or malware attacks; plus multithreaded upload/download capability as well as VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service), enabling backup files while being used.

Although Zoolz provides highly secure cloud backup and storage solutions, some shortcomings should be considered when making the decision to sign up with it. Notably, two-factor authentication – a critical measure against cyber threats and unauthorized access – isn’t offered. Neither does full disk imaging as is commonly found with most backup services; but this shouldn’t deter businesses from considering using its software; its range of other great features makes it a good choice.

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