Zoolz Review

Zoolz offers outstanding user support. However, their privacy policy reveals that they record names of files and directories being backed up, something those using torrents for streaming copyrighted content should consider as a potential drawback.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud streamlines data management processes and increases productivity, using artificial intelligence to maximize data utilization. Additionally, this service delivers actionable insights to help businesses meet their goals more easily.


Zoolz offers reasonable pricing compared to other cloud storage services, making it an attractive option for small businesses or individuals with large amounts of data that need backing up. Furthermore, its 30-day free trial period and unlimited lifetime backups provide users with an additional advantage; though it should be noted that these backups cannot be restored instantly.

Zoolz offers various plans in the US that meet different customer needs, with its basic plan being free while premium plans feature additional support and additional features. Furthermore, this service features a searchable wiki to assist with common issues.

Zoolz stands out from other cloud storage services by enabling users to access their backups from any device – ideal if you work remotely from home or remote office environments. Furthermore, it supports Windows XP, 7 and 8; additionally it can be installed as either a server or user version so backups continue even when offline systems are present.

BigMIND Home and BigMIND Business plans provide business users with two separate plans designed to meet their storage needs: each comes with a free trial period in the USA. BigMIND Business plans come equipped with additional features, such as file organization and search capabilities; hybrid storage; deduplication that helps backups run more quickly; hybrid backup; deduplication capability that enhances backup processes and more.

Zoolz may have made waves in the industry, but it may not be ideal for those who rely on torrents to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Due to legal concerns in the USA and its lack of support for torrents, this provider poses legal threats for their use; furthermore, its unclear privacy policy makes users leery. For this reason, users who intend on torrenting in America would do well to choose Reddit VPN if using torrents – otherwise risk losing all their data!


Zoolz offers numerous features designed to make its cloud storage solution more effective for both personal and professional use. These features include instant backups and cold storage; optical character recognition file management tools (OCR), which allows users to search documents without knowing their exact filename; media streaming allowing HD and 4K video streaming and media hub offering tutorial videos; plus much more.

Zoolz offers an intuitive web interface, making the service accessible and user-friendly. The dashboard presents all your connected devices and allows for switching between AWS S3 and Glacier vaults. Furthermore, filters can be created that prevent Zoolz from backing up files with specific extensions/names/size thresholds or that exceed certain sizes – which saves both time and storage space! This feature saves both both time and storage space!

Zoolz stands out as an impressive platform by supporting multiple file types and formats, such as images, audio files, videos and PDF documents. Furthermore, its search engine makes finding files quick and simple while its lifetime storage offers you peace of mind when trying to protect your information.

Zoolz offers an impressive array of features for small and midsized businesses, but is also flexible enough to adapt to their individual business needs. Users can customize the amount of storage allotted per user, limit which devices can connect, create custom permissions and even throttle backups so as to not consume their internet bandwidth too quickly.

Zoolz stands out with its capacity to store up to 10 versions of each file, which allows you to restore older data when necessary. Plus, any format is supported when retrieving files – saving both time and energy during recovery processes!


Zoolz offers an affordable and secure online backup solution designed to meet the needs of both home users and businesses alike. This service can be utilized for backing up files, folders and entire computers – with its software capable of copying data both locally and to cloud storage simultaneously, providing redundancy.

Their backup system utilizes incremental data copies, which reduce the time required for full backups, as well as deduplication to minimize file sizes backed up. Moreover, multiple servers located around the world ensure data availability – giving you peace of mind even in times of emergency! This ensures you can access your files even in times of trouble.

Service is easy to use and offers many features that make it a smart choice for both home and business users alike. Its desktop app lets you quickly select files to back up, as well as connect other cloud services so all your data can be managed in one central place. In addition, its dashboard gives a clear overview of users, servers and how much instant and cold storage you have available to you.

Zoolz stands out by supporting both network attached storage (NAS) devices and external hard disks, making it possible to easily back up data from multiple devices at the same time, with large volumes of information managed efficiently by its service. In addition, Zoolz supports all current versions of Windows, OSX and mobile operating systems – as well as Android and iOS mobile phones and platforms.

Zoolz offers various cloud backup plans, from instantaneous 2TB storage for less than $10 monthly to enterprise solutions designed specifically for businesses. Amazon Web Services serves as their data repository so your information remains safe and accessible; before signing up with any plan it is wise to review their privacy policy as it may store details regarding device usage and location information.

Zoolz provides round-the-clock customer support, as well as providing a knowledge hub with articles covering an extensive array of topics. Their search feature makes finding files simple; even more so when they offer rapid searching capabilities.


Zoolz offers several security measures to safeguard your data. Uploads and downloads use 256-bit encryption while 3-level encryption protects stored files. It also backs up files across multiple servers to safeguard against data loss; with “cold storage,” which provides cheaper online storage that only needs to be accessed when required for retrieval purposes.

Zoolz stands out as an attractive cloud backup option for businesses and individuals in USA with features such as no-limit upload speed, unlimited downloads and support for external and network drives – as well as offering a free trial period to new users – plus its advanced search function allows them to locate any file quickly.

For maximum results from these features, it is vital that your computer remains clean and organized. To do this, run a malware scan and clean your hard drive using 1cleanmgr or 2sfc /scannow as appropriate. Furthermore, uninstall any unnecessary programs and disable Autostart programs – this will stop Zoolz from automatically backing up unnecessary applications.

The Zoolz Intelligent Cloud is designed to safely store massive amounts of data, and works best as an archive for terabytes or petabytes of information. Featuring optical character recognition technology that makes searching files faster, it supports hundreds of media formats without delay or buffering issues and supports HD video streaming without issue.

Zoolz stands out with its powerful cloud storage solution, which seamlessly merges Amazon Glacier cold storage infrastructure with an intuitive user interface. Available on desktops, mobile devices, browsers and all major operating systems alike – Zoolz offers seamless sharing, collaboration tools as well as support for Amazon Glacier for archiving purposes – offering round the clock customer support which is extremely helpful.

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