Zoom Player – Convert Your PC Into a Home Theater Center

Zoom Player is an extremely flexible and sophisticated media player capable of supporting numerous audio and video file formats. Furthermore, its features make your computer into a home theater center.

Pictionary is an age-old team-building game that is now easily available online with Zoom, giving teams the opportunity to collaborate without leaving home or traveling together.

Smart Play

Zoom Player is the smartest, most flexible, and customizable media center on Windows platforms. Our cutting-edge Smart Play technology ensures more media formats play without hassle or interference – it even comes equipped with an Install Center that makes installation simple – it scans your system for missing components required for smooth playback of all media content on your system and downloads them automatically!

Zoom Player’s simple 5-key (up/down, left/right, select) full navigation interface was designed for ease of use and allows for effortless navigating the software’s advanced features such as Media Library, File Browsing, Playlists, Color Controls, Audio Equalizers Bookmarks and Play Histories.

Zoom Player’s intelligent media graphing relies on information provided by your computer hardware and software setup to determine an ideal “play profile” for every session, ensuring maximum performance with quality video and sound that matches compatible components, creating a smooth experience time after time.

Smart Play provides additional protection by omitting known components that cause instability with certain systems, providing extra peace of mind to those using older and less stable computers.

Zoom Player supports an extensive variety of media files, such as videos (mp4, mov, avi, wmv, flv and 3gp) audio (wav, m4a ogg mp3 aac flac) and images (jpg png and bmp). Zoom Player is capable of streaming online content such as radio stations while offering features such as subtitle download and display as well as an equalizer to ensure great sound quality. Plus it seamlessly integrates with online streaming services such as YouTube.

Convert any PC into a Home Entertainment Center

Zoom Player makes any PC into a Home Entertainment Center (HTPC) instantly without requiring special hardware, running with all versions of Windows. Its fully scalable multimedia player enables users to design their own safe viewing environment by restricting or expanding functionality according to individual system and user needs. Zoom Player’s modular design also makes incorporation of new media formats or interfaces fast, efficient and painlessly possible within its software.

Zoom Player’s full screen navigation features are built around an easy five-key system (up/down/left/right/select), providing easy access and navigation between various interfaces such as Media Library, File Browser, Bookmarks and Play History. This enables comfortable use of this multimedia player using any remote control device.

Zoom Player’s image enhancement feature gives users an immersive cinematic experience while watching movies or videos, including still images as slideshows with adjustable timing and various image effects. Zoom Player gives users access to this powerful image feature for their enjoyment.

Zoom Player also enables you to share the entire desktop, an application window or whiteboard during screen sharing sessions with up to 12 participants – a great way to participate in virtual meetings and webinars!

Zoom Player download comes packed with numerous advanced functions, such as the Smart Play technology that optimizes playback of all types of media files for an immersive and reliable viewing experience. Furthermore, this software automatically detects suitable codec and decoder options based on system configuration; and improvements are regularly being made so you’ll always have a cutting-edge multimedia player running smoothly on your system.


Zoom is one of the world’s leading video-conferencing platforms, revolutionising meetings, rooms and now even telephone conversations. Zoom’s success can be attributed to its scalable design; in only weeks they have added hundreds of millions of users. To manage this massive influx, Zoom implemented upgrades that included new user interface and additional features that make their service simpler for users.

Zoom has expanded their cloud capacity in response to market demand, and are currently providing seven petabytes of data daily through Oracle servers, enough for streaming 93 years of HD video. Zoom also utilizes Equinix ECX Fabric as a software-defined network that bypasses public internet connectivity by connecting directly with its technology partners and customers, bypassing them altogether.

Zoom’s scalability has been instrumental to its success during this pandemic. Businesses have increasingly moved online and turned to Zoom for virtual meetings. This has resulted in an exponential rise in its demand, and Zoom has added thousands of seats across its global data centers in response.

Zoom’s classic media player aesthetic conceals an efficient Media Center application featuring intuitive navigation interfaces and robust post-processing filters. It supports most common audio/video codecs and decoders, boasts a fast-loading jukebox mode and provides a feature-rich category-based media library interface, while also supporting DVD playback through disc, hard drive or network connection. Zoom can even decrypt Blu-Ray movies and offers an advanced 10-Band Equalizer with Digital PreAmp and presets, along with Scene-Cut, nonlinear 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 fullscreen video scaling, Video Orbiting (which prevents screen burn by slowly moving the video image every few seconds) and GuardDog feature that restarts Zoom if it becomes unresponsive.


Zoom is committed to keeping your data secure. They never sell personal details to third parties. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Zoom collects basic technical data (like device type and OS details) from users who participate in Zoom meetings and webinars for troubleshooting purposes and administrative reporting purposes. Zoom also stores basic profile details like email address, salted password hashes (user password hashing), first/last name(s), company names etc for troubleshooting purposes and administrative reporting purposes.

Zoom recently implemented several security-focused features to its platform. It added 2-Factor Authentication, requiring all participants to log into their app using 2FA. Zoom also implemented virtual backgrounds which allows meeting attendees to select their own backgrounds rather than using default images as backgrounds. Furthermore, Zoom works to secure attendees consent before recording meetings by notifying attendees via notification and asking them for approval prior to continuing.

Zoom recently unveiled a privacy-minded feature to allow participants to delete their play history easily without impacting media files themselves – an invaluable feature for individuals wanting to keep an eye on their own viewing and listening habits.

Zoom Player is a robust media player that provides plenty of customization options, from its polished interface and list of available features, to advanced settings enabling users to control every aspect of their media experience. Some notable features of Zoom Player:


Zoom Player is designed to meet the needs of both novices and power users, offering unparalleled flexibility. It comes equipped with a comprehensive options dialog that lets you configure it exactly to your specifications without the bloat of other programs. Furthermore, Zoom Player boasts comprehensive documentation covering every aspect of its operation – complete with detailed explanations and screenshots for every feature!

Zoom Play can play most popular video formats (AVI, BDMV, DIVIX, FLV, MKV, MPG OGM MOV WMV AND YTT), audio files (AAC/AAC+/CDA/FLAC, GIFs (mid/midi MP3, wav WMA WMA and YTT), picture files (BMP/JPG/PNG SVG TIFF PsD PSPSD PSSD and DVDs (AAC/AAAC+/CDA/FLAC flac, flac/gifs mid/midi MP3, wav WMA WMA and yttt), picture files (bmp,JPG/J/jpg,PNG Svg Tiff Psd PSD and PsD), DVDs (AAc/AAc+ dvd-video hdcp, mpeg+,mkv Ogm Tta Vob and xvid), as well as automatically detect the correct audio output device for every selected file within a folder.

Enabling Smart Play in Zoom Player enables it to select the highest performing components to decode media files, providing optimal performance without glitches during playback or outright failure to playback. When enabled, you can select audio/video decoder profiles in Advanced Options/Playback/DVD / Smart button for easier decoding of media files.

Install Center will scan your system upon startup and download an index file with an up-to-date component catalog, guaranteeing you have access to the latest technology without compromising security or privacy, keeping your system stable, and eliminating problems caused by outdated components. If you wish to make any updates after this stage is completed, simply use the “Auto-Configure” button found within Options Dialog.

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