Zoom Review – A New Phishing Campaign Targets Zoom Users


Zoom is an intuitive video conference tool with numerous useful features, such as virtual background options, group video calling for up to 500 participants at once, screen sharing capabilities, and whiteboard collaboration for brainstorming sessions.

Zoom’s software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android devices allowing users to participate in Zoom meetings from whichever device best fits them. This enables them to utilize Zoom meetings wherever and whenever is most convenient for them.

It’s easy to use

Zoom is an intuitive videoconferencing platform designed for easy use across the globe. The app connects employees around the world while communicating with coworkers and clients alike; it can even integrate with other business tools. Zoom offers various collaboration features like virtual whiteboards and screen sharing; meetings are simple to join via computer or mobile device and documents can even be shared during calls! Plus, its scalable technology can accommodate large numbers of participants!

Zoom is one of the leading meeting technology solutions on the market, featuring an impressive array of features designed to improve call quality. Furthermore, its software runs on any operating system and supports numerous devices – no downloads or hardware requirements necessary! Zoom provides businesses of all sizes an affordable and secure option that meets their meeting technology needs.

Zoom offers various plans that meet different needs. For instance, its free Zoom Basic plan includes unlimited video calls for up to 100 attendees; its Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans offer additional features like custom meeting rooms as well as integrations with CRM systems; while Enterprise plans offer encryption and access control.

Zoom Contact Center, their new unified communication hub, allows agents to stay in touch with customers via phone calls, emails, texts and video calls. It can also handle customer requests and complaints and route them directly to an agent when necessary; create automated workflows as well as prevent common customer journey errors.

Zoom was designed to facilitate high-quality video calls, but the quality depends on your Internet connection and Wi-Fi signal strength. Therefore, make sure your Wi-Fi signal strength is strong and your bandwidth sufficient.

Zoom’s scheduling feature enables users to save time when organizing large conferences, by helping to ensure people don’t miss any key events. Plus, sharing calendars between team members makes organization much simpler!

It’s affordable

Zoom is one of the leading video communications services, allowing users to create virtual meetings, audio/video calls, webinars and screen sharing sessions. Compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS devices as well as offering various collaboration features like virtual backgrounds and screen sharing; Zoom’s user-friendly design and quality video feed have contributed greatly to its popularity; however this ultimately depends on factors like internet connections and bandwidth availability.

Zoom offers different plans, from pay-as-you-go pricing models to more comprehensive services with unlimited meeting participants and beyond. Zoom’s comprehensive service is particularly advantageous for businesses that need to host larger events; its comprehensive plan provides hubs, registration and ticketing, lobby chats and customer support as well as multiple sessions simultaneously.

Zoom started out as an individual video calling platform but has since evolved into an indispensable business communications tool, offering video conferencing, text chats and file sharing among other features. Zoom is easy to use with free plans available up to 40 minutes with 100 attendees; its intuitive user experience is ideal for team collaboration and communication needs.

Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts both provide similar video conferencing software. Both can accommodate unlimited participants from desktops, laptops and mobile phones; they’re accessible from desktops, laptops and mobile phones alike – though some users may experience lag or poor audio quality with these alternatives. Zoom’s advantage over its rivals lies in providing more robust communication features and providing a superior overall experience.

Zoom provides video conferencing as well as a telephone system that supports emergency calling in both the US and Canada, which works seamlessly with existing PSTN lines without needing hardware installation. Their service can also be tailored to fit your specific needs; you can renew it monthly or annually as per your own preference.

Dialpad is another Zoom alternative that uses artificial intelligence for real-time call transcriptions and speech coaching, group texting capabilities, as well as video conference calls. Additionally, its user-friendly interface attracts business users while its customizable settings ensure maximum flexibility for meeting needs.

It’s secure

A new phishing campaign targeting Zoom users aims to spread IcedID malware. If you click on any suspicious-looking meeting invitation links, malware downloads could occur and take place without your knowledge or consent – an attack designed to steal passwords and login details as well as credentials from their victims.

Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing software options, and provides cutting-edge security measures to protect meetings from hackers. Zoom uses encryption to prevent unwanted access to meetings, as well as various privacy tools like adding virtual backgrounds or screen sharing features; plus it enables meeting password protections for added protection.

Zoom’s use skyrocketed after the coronavirus pandemic caused millions to work remotely, prompting its number of daily users to quickly grow from 10 million daily users to 300 million within months, placing its security and privacy practices under scrutiny. Notably, Zoom’s so-called “end-to-end encryption” did not completely protect attendees’ content in sessions allowing pranksters or bored teenagers to “Zoom bomb” public meetings with shocking or inappropriate material.

The company came under scrutiny from lawmakers, leading its CEO to freeze updates for 90 days in order to address privacy concerns. They also revised their policy so it was more clear as to how it treated data; now promising not to sell or share users’ personal information with third-parties while collecting basic technical details about users such as operating system type and device type for troubleshooting and reporting purposes.

Zoom’s settlement with the New York Attorney General remains an effective one despite these concerns, as it will increase security by increasing password-protection capabilities and strengthening encryption standards, conducting better code audits, conducting regular penetration tests, offering dedicated user security tabs that enable them to change settings, as well as soon becoming enabled by default.

It’s flexible

Zoom videoconferencing works on all major devices, using cloud computing and web technologies as well as machine learning and natural language processing algorithms for communication purposes. Zoom also offers APIs so developers can integrate its features into their applications.

Users can quickly join a Zoom meeting by entering either its URL or ID provided by its host, calling one of the numbers listed in their invitation email, or downloading and installing the Zoom app for iOS or Android mobile devices – the app offers simple navigation as well as many keyboard shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts to make meeting participation simpler than ever!

Zoom allows you to host meetings for up to 100 participants, offering audio/video recording, screen sharing and text chat capabilities. Compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones alike – you can even view meetings in split screen mode if desired! Zoom has also been integrated into popular business apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook and IBM Notes for further functionality.

Zoom allows you to easily connect with people, helping increase productivity and strengthen relationships. Its user-friendly interface and powerful security features make it the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes; however, certain precautions should be taken when using Zoom; for instance avoiding it when handling sensitive information as this could expose it to hackers; also make sure your internet connection is secure before proceeding.

Zoom’s flexible and user-friendly design enables it to adapt easily to changing work environments and workforces, such as those working remotely with colleagues. Furthermore, Zoom focuses on building strong engagement programs as well as using its people experience team to meet employee needs.

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