Zuma Deluxe Review

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe is an addictive puzzle game in which players take control of what resembles a stone frog that spits out colored balls into a line that rolls to an underground pit, gradually increasing difficulty over time.

Adventure Mode offers 21 boards to explore while Gauntlet Mode challenges you against an endless chain. Additionally, the game also contains an obligatory but not overly long or complex story mode that provides some depth.


Zuma Deluxe is the premium PC version of the popular puzzle game of the same name, boasting enhanced graphics and audio over its initial release. Players explore jungle temples filled with traps and treasure in this fast-paced puzzler, firing balls from a stone frog idol into rows of three or more identical colors to eliminate them before reaching a skull structure which will cause an explosion if reached.

Gauntlet Mode in this game provides players with multiple modes, such as Gauntlet’s five temples that can be played whenever after defeating an earlier temple. Worlds one through three feature red, blue, green and yellow as their primary colors; worlds four through six add purple for an added challenge; while worlds seven to twelve become increasingly harder with speed of balls increasing and difficulty of colors increasing each time through.

The game is a fun and addictive arcade puzzler suitable for gamers of all ages, with its accessible rules making it suitable for even young children to understand its rules and interface. Furthermore, playing this game can help build logic, vigilance and resourcefulness skills while having lots of fun at the same time! As well as being a popular mobile gaming title, this game can also be found online without the need to download software. As long as your computer supports HTML5 to play this game, all that’s necessary for playing the free version is for getting acquainted with how the game works and becoming familiar with its controls; paid versions include additional features and content – like customizing the appearance of your frog!


Although this game is quite old, its graphics still look quite nice. With Aztec-themed artwork and music making for an immersive gameplay experience, and a range of power-ups that help users blast chains before balls reach a golden skull at the end of every level – perfect for puzzle lovers looking for fun times. This game will keep players busy for hours!

Zuma Deluxe is the premium PC version of PopCap Games’ popular tile-matching puzzle video game created in 2003 titled Zuma. Users are invited to explore jungle temples full of traps and uncover ancient secrets while being challenged with firing magical balls from a stone frog idol to form long chains and avoid danger traps.

This game boasts intuitive game controls and allows the player to use their mouse to manipulate a frog idol located at the center of the screen and control where balls are shot from. Power-ups such as blast chains or alter ball paths or disappearance also help increase game play.

However, Zuma Deluxe’s repetitive gameplay mechanic can become tedious and tiring after a while. Furthermore, newer operating system versions sometimes cause crashes or errors for this game – plus there are no co-op or multiplayer options to speak of! Despite these negative aspects, Zuma Deluxe remains an enjoyable and addictive title that keeps users entertained for hours at a time – including its Pause Menu which allows them to adjust music volume/sound effects volume as well as enable 3D hardware acceleration for greater user engagement!


Zuma Deluxe is an amusing arcade game with an engaging theme and gameplay. The premise is pretty straightforward; you are a frog defending an area from balls trying to enter through holes. Although initially easy, as more you play it gets harder; making this one of those addictive titles that may keep your hand busy for hours on end!

The frog launches colorful balls onto a track which are then colliding to form groups of three or more matching colors that explode upon impact, helping prevent balls from reaching their skull and stopping play. Additionally, there’s also great music – featuring tribal chants as well as tribal music to add atmosphere.

To hear the soundtrack in action, you need a media player that supports module music (XMPlay or Winamp are two examples), then download and run a program to convert regular music files into module songs for Zuma Deluxe to use. Once complete, play it back through Zuma Deluxe!

Zuma Deluxe is an enjoyable way to kill time, but there are more advanced games out there with better gameplay and design. If your computer can run it well enough, another game might be more suitable; but don’t discount this one just yet; give it a try, it may keep you entertained for hours! Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes if playing this one as it involves being on your feet frequently – happy gaming!


Zuma Deluxe is an action-packed arcade game suitable for both kids and adults, offering both quick-fire gameplay that tests hand-eye coordination, aim, and strategic skills in an exciting yet simplistic package. Its intuitive concept is sure to keep kids engrossed for hours on end while testing your hand-eye coordination, aim, and strategic skills as the clock ticks down to zero!

At the core of this game is a frog placed at the center of the screen defending an open hole from colored balls that attempt to reach it from multiple directions. Your task is to throw balls that explode into groups of three or more similar colors at those lines to stop them reaching your hole and killing your frog – a classic strategy game with addictive qualities!

The controls in this game are easy to grasp; simply use your mouse or controller stick to move the frog around, with clicking either mouse or controller stick causing him to spin and change direction accordingly. Once in his desired location, shoot balls at them with your frog’s cannon to detonate them and earn points towards your Zuma counter!

Zuma’s Revenge offers plenty of levels to keep you captivated. Although its adventure mode doesn’t match that of its original, its new innovations like iron frog mode, score challenges and boss battles more than make up for this fact. Furthermore, there are multiple power-ups that can aid your quest for maximum score; not to mention colorful graphics that increase in complexity as you play.


The game boasts a versatile design compatible with multiple devices, enabling it to reach a wide audience of gamers. Furthermore, its simple yet enjoyable gameplay and colorful graphics make it suitable for players of all ages and generations – providing an excellent opportunity to build agility, attention, observation skills as well as logic and vigilance!

Zuma Deluxe’s gameplay is both intuitive and enjoyable, yet challenging in later rounds. Players control a frog who shoots balls of different colors onto a line that falls into a pit; when one group is destroyed, its path stops moving forward, ending the round for them and winning them the round! This popular title has been ported onto various platforms including PDAs, cellphones and iPods and is also available in multiple languages.

Zuma Deluxe features two main gameplay modes, adventure and gauntlet. In adventure mode, players must work their way through all temples which are divided into worlds and levels; in gauntlet mode they can select any level already accomplished in adventure mode to hone their speed and reaction skills further.

The game uses module music, a type of audio file that consists of samples instead of actual musical composition. This saves space on mobile devices; however, its main downside is requiring users to have a media player compatible with module songs in order to use them – an issue for older devices as they cannot support this format.

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