Zuma Deluxe Review

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe is a unique take on Bust-A-Move that combines simple gameplay with challenging challenges later rounds. While at first it may seem easy, Zuma Deluxe quickly becomes immensely engaging if played through.

Players fire balls from the mouth of their frog to shoot rows of colorful balls advancing along a track towards a hole that needs protecting. There are various power-ups (rewind, explosion, slow speed and precise shooting) available to aid the player in this pursuit.


Zuma Deluxe is an addictive arcade game for Windows PCs, mobiles, and tablets that has quickly become a fan favorite. Simply put, Zuma Deluxe involves controlling a frog at the center of your screen to defend a hole that colored balls are trying to reach. Your frog spits out balls of different colors that when they match with others forming groups of three or more will explode, eliminating themselves from gameplay altogether.

Objective of the game is to eliminate all balls rolling along a clearly-delineated path (except for last level) before they reach a yellow skull structure that opens to vary degrees as a warning for oncoming balls. Once one ball reaches this skull structure, your game is over and one life has been lost. Adventure and Gauntlet modes available.

Adventure mode requires players to navigate levels divided between temples and worlds, gradually unlocking more temples and worlds along their journey. Worlds 1-6 include red, blue, green and yellow balls while purple balls will soon join your arsenal as soon as world 7 arrives!

Once a player has completed all twelve levels, Gauntlet mode opens up. This mode enables players to return to a level they have already reached in adventure mode for practice or playing endless mode in which the speed and difficulty of balls gradually increases.


Graphics in this game are bright and colorful – ideal for portable devices. Aztec-themed artwork and jungle-influenced music fit well with the game’s theme; however, after repeated listenings of both pieces they can become annoying or repetitive. Unfortunately there are not many sound effects triggered when balls near oblivion; there is only one heartbeat sound per playthrough!

Bust-A-Move’s gameplay offers a clever take on its classic version. Instead of dropping from above, balls travel along an elevated track towards a skull-shaped exit – your job is to stop them! Although initially easy, this challenging game quickly becomes overwhelming. Sometimes luck plays its hand by shooting one of the right color balls or receiving power-ups!

Zuma Deluxe features 21 boards and four difficulty levels that are sure to keep players entertained for quite some time. Many boards include intricate layouts like tunnels, overpasses and two streams of balls that run alongside each other – plus there’s even one with a skull in its centre!


Zuma Deluxe boasts an immersive soundtrack, vibrant visuals and fast-paced gameplay to provide an engaging experience for players. Utilizing power-ups strategically is key to succeeding at Zuma Deluxe; using these boosters may enable players to clear more orbs quicker for higher scores! Zuma Deluxe’s robust soundtrack sets a captivating atmosphere accompanied by colorful visuals and fast-paced gameplay that keeps players on their toes. It offers various power-ups for conquering challenging levels quickly – these can help clear groups of colored orbs faster or slowing the advance chain or reverse it altogether; using boosters allows more orbs can be cleared off faster for increased scores overall!

Zuma Deluxe game offers two distinct play modes to put your reflexes through their paces at all times. Adventure mode provides standard play, giving three lives. Gauntlet mode gives players access to every level unlocked through Adventure mode; additionally it also features four additional play modes – random, specific practice and survival – giving players plenty of variety in terms of what challenges await them in Gauntlet mode.

Although at first glance this game may appear basic and outdated, it quickly becomes one of the most engaging Live Arcade titles thanks to its fast-paced gameplay as well as numerous levels and challenges it provides.

Zuma Deluxe provides an enjoyable gaming experience for players of all ages and is simple to pick up and understand, making it suitable for everyone from kids to seniors. Its accessible gameplay and fun levels make it suitable for entertainment or competitive play, while being compatible with multiple systems such as Windows and Xbox consoles makes this game ideal for time passing and competitive play. In terms of compatibility, Zuma Deluxe works across many systems such as Windows and Xbox consoles – ideal if newcomers to puzzle gaming like bejeweled and Chuzzle are looking to try something different; its intuitive gameplay makes this an excellent alternative choice; perfect if bejeweled and Chuzzle are too complex!


Zuma is one of the most beloved puzzle games around and its latest version has been given an eye-catching makeover to look fresh and new. While you still play as the frog that shoots colorful balls like an empty cannon, now there are also power-ups you can use to help clear off that ball snake before it crawls up into your skull and ends your life – such as rewind (pushes back chain of balls), explosion, slow down shooting speed or preciseness when shooting – bonuses you may include rewind (pushes back chain of balls), explosion, slow down shooting speed or more preciseness when shooting more precisely.

Playing Zuma is deceptively straightforward, yet can become increasingly complex as you progress through its levels. Chains of balls move steadily towards your skull as you match colors to remove them – the more matches you make consecutively, the sooner your Zuma bar fills up faster! Be wary of which color the next ball might be as it’s important to plan accordingly!

Outside of basic color matching, bonuses can also be earned for quick level finishes, shooting through gaps in the chain and hitting random coins. These bonuses will help create longer combos faster while special power-ups may appear to help when things become challenging.

There are 21 levels, some featuring intricate tunnels and overpasses. While it starts off relatively easy, once you hit Eagle, Jaguar or Sun God difficulty levels it becomes significantly harder but remains extremely entertaining!


Zuma Deluxe is an action/puzzle game with an innovative concept, easily accessible for new gamers but challenging enough for experienced ones. Furthermore, its addictive nature means hours spent staring at the screen; there’s even a mobile version available!

Story is straightforward: as a Mayan god, you defend an open hole at the center of the screen from which a group of colored balls is trying to reach. Fire a color ball towards these advancing balls in order to destroy them before they reach your hole; if successful in eliminating an entire chain before it reaches, your high score will increase accordingly; should they reach it, your life is lost and you must begin again from square one.

Zuma offers various modes and levels of difficulty to keep the gameplay interesting, with visually stunning graphics and an amazing soundtrack suited to this type of game. However, overdoing it may become repetitive.

Although this game is truly fantastic, its price point can be difficult to justify. While essentially replicating an arcade classic may make sense financially, but regardless it remains one of the premier Xbox Live Arcade titles.

This game starts off simple but soon becomes complex and will have your eyes dry with fatigue. Although not as groundbreaking as Popcap games, this puzzle game offers fun and challenging puzzle play that will keep you coming back for more. Additionally, its Gauntlet mode offers additional difficulty that gamers of any skill can enjoy; Gamedeal provides discounted prices.

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