Adobe Photoshop Express Review

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is an outstanding mobile image-editing app. Featuring an array of editing tools in an intuitive user interface, this mobile image-editing program makes retouching photos quick and effortless.

Users can apply instant filters from an assortment of Looks, such as classic, charm, black and white portrait, duotone and pop color images.


Auto-Enhance is a tool at the top of your screen that applies automatic light and color adjustments to your photos, using its analysis of thousands of professionally edited images as reference material. Auto-Enhance can adjust highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, exposure contrast temperature tint and sharpness settings accordingly for any given photo based on an analysis of tens of thousands. Furthermore, it features automatic straightening to ensure landscape photos feature level horizons while architecture photos feature straight lines.

Filters provided by the app provide your photos with different moods and styles, while frames and vignettes add even more drama and flair to them. Spot Heal removes blemishes or other image flaws instantly with just one click!

Adobe Photoshop Express makes resizing photos simple. You can select the ideal dimension for social media posting or printing purposes; furthermore, Adobe Photoshop Express lets you rotate or flip images horizontally or vertically for seamless results.

Adobe Photoshop Express is an ideal photo editing app for iPhone or Android smartphone users looking for basic image manipulation, though you will only have access to some of its advanced tools with a subscription. For more sophisticated photo editing tasks such as making Instagram or Facebook posts more visually striking, more comprehensive software such as Photoshop may be more suitable; but for quick image enhancements on-the-go Adobe Photoshop Express makes an excellent alternative solution.

One-Tap Filters

Adobe Photoshop Express is intended for on-the-go editing (not replacement of full desktop programs), providing one-touch filters, overlays and novelty effects that you can apply easily with one touch. Cropping, straightening and rotating your photos is also supported along with auto exposure/contrast adjustments for optimal photos. Various themes provide additional interest.

Make your images pop by using the one-touch Auto-Fix tool for effortless results. Using artificial intelligence technology, this tool analyzes photos and adjusts various aspects that could benefit from editing – however not every photograph may need this extra boost!

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, the bottom of the screen displays all available ‘Looks.’ These instant filters can dramatically alter an image’s appearance in an instant and come grouped under categories like Basic Charm Black & White Portrait Nature Pop Color Duotone Premium with slider controls for intensity of each look – typically it would be best to reduce this strength so as not to appear over edited.

Another impressive feature is its ability to effortlessly remove spots, dirt and dust from photographs with just one tap. This simple yet effective tool provides excellent results; if not satisfied with its outcome simply retap and try again.

The app also lets you add borders to your photos – there are a selection of standard borders to choose from or you can create and save custom borders of your own design. Furthermore, this feature lets you copy eyes from one photo into another photo using facial recognition technology.


Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile app designed to quickly and effortlessly touch up and adjust photographs, offering filters (“looks”) that allow you to set the ambiance for your images as well as tools that let you fix issues such as red eye effects or noise reduction. Furthermore, this program features adjustments for working with light, color and creating vignettes, blurs textures or other special effects such as vignettes or blurs for creating unique photos with effects like vignettes blurs textures or other creative features.

PS Express may not have as powerful adjustment tools as those found in Photoshop, but its mobile photo-editing application still offers plenty of flexibility and ease-of-use. You can adjust intensity by dragging the slider. In addition, nondestructive edits can be made by creating an adjustment layer and applying it selectively or path-wise; and finally the tool even supports applying adjustments across images with multiple layers.

Another impressive feature is the option to use a brush to selectively edit an image with an adjustment, creating subtle or dramatic edits without altering the entire picture. This method of editing can be especially beneficial when editing portraits or complex scenes where traditional slider-based editing methods simply aren’t enough.

Adjustments is also useful for correcting perspective distortion in images, such as when tilted off-center; simply drag or tap to adjust vertical skew slider and/or tap Auto for automatic corrections. Furthermore, this tool allows you to rotate photos to different aspect ratios as well as rotate individual pictures individually.


Adobe Photoshop Express is an accessible photo editing program for everyone to use, providing enough features for basic retouching and effects. But for professional edits requiring extensive retouching, more powerful applications such as Lightroom or Capture One might be necessary.

One of the most valuable features is being able to resize images while editing on the fly. To do this, select an image and click Crop on the left panel; this will bring up a cropping overlay showing which areas of your image will be affected by cropping. There are preset sizes to choose from as well as customizable pixel dimensions if necessary – especially useful if resizing images for social media platforms or websites that feature specific column widths.

Other tools include an option to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of images as well as tools that let you rotate, add or remove glare and sharpen them. In addition, there’s a panoramic image creator and brush for adding text or emojis to photos.

Photoshop Express stands out as an invaluable resource for its special effects feature, which lets you add a variety of effects ranging from raindrops and bokeh effects to raindrops and more. This section of Looks tool offers some exciting possibilities.

Adobe Photoshop Express’s most useful feature is the ability to resize an image while editing. Its user-friendly interface provides many preset sizes for common file formats and making custom sizes for files easier – perfect for social media platforms that specify specific width requirements for pictures.


Adobe Express is a free photo editing and collage-making app available for smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows phone versions (8.0 or later). Additionally, desktop computers with Adobe Creative Cloud installed can use it. Adobe Express is user-friendly for beginners yet still offers plenty of advanced features that satisfy more experienced photographers.

Photoshop Express provides an impressive variety of photo effects, including numerous text-based options. Adding text to an image in Photoshop Express is both straightforward and fast: just choose a text tool from the tools menu or click on the text icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, select font type, size, color and style preferences as well as rotate, trim and align your text for quick customization! Plus there are text on shape tools which enable you to add text onto any available shape!

Text can add another level to an image and help tell its own unique narrative or express personal messages. It can also help promote products or services; for instance, local businesses could post photos of their storefront along with information such as their phone number or website address below the photo.

Adobe Express is an excellent solution for small businesses without the budget to hire full-time graphic designers, featuring an easy interface and preloaded templates to get you started quickly and easily. Teachers and students can also utilize this app to create visual journals of field trips, PBL projects, science fairs and other events; its photo collage maker especially helpful when documenting group activities or compiling school yearbooks.

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