Norton Internet Security Review

Norton Internet Security

According to AV-Test, Norton Internet Security excels in detecting malware. Furthermore, it also effectively safeguards online privacy and helps keep devices secure.

Antivirus protection helps ward off cryptojacking – a type of malware that uses your device’s resources to mine cryptocurrency – as well as forms of identity theft that target passwords and personal details.


Norton Internet Security’s antimalware scanner uses signature-based detection, heuristics and machine learning techniques to effectively identify malware files on your device. Furthermore, this powerful security suite monitors for known exploits and blocks them immediately so you don’t have to worry about hackers exploiting vulnerabilities on your PC.

Norton Cloud Backup is an outstanding addition to its suite, providing easy setup and automatic weekly or monthly backup, depending on your preferences. Unlike some competing antivirus programs that slow down PCs with frequent scanning and backup processes, Norton works to minimize intrusiveness while not compromising quality results.

Norton Security Suite’s privacy features include a video downloader and cleaner to clear cookies, browser history and cached data, plus coupons (US only). However, Norton’s VPN and password manager apps must be downloaded separately rather than being integrated directly into its desktop program – they still work effectively, though.

As far as additional cybersecurity protection goes, Norton stands out among the competition with its dark web monitoring and LifeLock protections being among the finest available. Furthermore, their app security for Android and Chromebooks as well as Web and Wi-Fi protection is exceptional.

Another handy feature is its centralized dashboard, which makes accessing various tools simple. From here you can set schedules for malware scans and manage program settings easily. However, some key features–like parental control options and anti-theft tools that allow remote location or deletion–have been discontinued for 2019.

Norton provides comprehensive security packages with top-tier support, making its premium packages worth considering for users in need of comprehensive virus and spyware protection. If your needs go beyond simple virus and spyware protection, its more basic packages may still serve their purpose if only basic antivirus protection is necessary. If more advanced suites are necessary, Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus stands out amongst competitors by providing unlimited password storage across devices as well as dark web and LifeLock protection that aren’t offered with other plans.


Norton’s Smart Firewall serves as an electronic gatekeeper, monitoring what enters and exits a system to guard against cybercriminals who might try to sneak malware onto it or remove sensitive data without authorization. To achieve this goal, various methods are utilized, including packet inspection and heuristic analysis – these compare files against known malicious databases to flag any suspicious code; as well as machine learning technology to analyze how files behave while simulating normal behaviors to look out for patterns which could indicate criminal activity.

The Smart Firewall monitors all inbound and outbound communications between your computer and devices on your network, such as printers or other computers. If it detects anything that is unauthorized, it alerts you and blocks it immediately. Customization options exist so that specific programs or files can be excluded from protection, while rules for network access by application enable you to give certain programs more or less privilege over your data.

Norton Internet Security stands out from competitors by including cloud backup, which protects your data without slowing down your device. This feature can especially useful for users who frequently connect to public Wi-Fi as it reduces risk of data theft and other cyber threats.

Norton’s mobile app offers another great advantage, allowing for simple set up and attractive design. Quick scans can be initiated directly from its homepage, and your privacy and security status can be quickly checked at a glance.

There’s also an extensive help section, featuring articles covering common issues as well as a search bar and 24/7 helpline link. While I didn’t use it myself, Norton offers technical support services for advanced PC users who require more hands-on assistance.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Norton’s performance and features. In AV-Test’s real-world protection test, it identified 100 percent of five viruses planted on my computer; its quick and efficient virus detection makes it a top choice for anyone needing full-featured protection.

Parental Control

Norton Internet Security’s parental control software offers plenty of benefits, from time restrictions and app usage limits, as well as web supervision that prevents access to inappropriate websites. Setting it up is simple with predefined age filters making the process even simpler; with screen history keeping tabs on any apps they download or install. Plus you can customize their web supervision level between Monitor (Low), Warn, or Block settings!

Location tracking is another feature worth noting, showing both your child’s current location and an archive of past ones. Furthermore, geofences allow you to set alerts every time he/she enters or leaves an area such as home, school or playground.

One of the more noteworthy innovations of Norton Family review is its capability of setting learning times where your children cannot use their devices for browsing the web or social media use. This feature was introduced as a direct response to coronavirus pandemic outbreak and works across all supported devices – it can even be managed directly on children’s devices themselves as well as through parent mode in mobile app.

Norton Family may be more costly than comparable solutions that include parental controls and password management features, but its unique features set it apart. For instance, children can advocate for themselves by sending parents requests to gain access to any blocked sites or videos.

Another big advantage of Norton Family is that it won’t spy on your children like many other programs do, limiting their activities online to those they can control themselves and the boundaries you set. However, for comprehensive monitoring of social media chats and instant messaging we suggest more advanced solutions like mSpy. Norton Family features an easily navigable dashboard interface; most features open as individual tabs rather than being integrated directly into its main menu; similarly its mobile app may appear well-organized although having separate tabs for every function could prove somewhat disorienting to some users.

Identity Protection

According to independent testing lab AV-Test, Norton excels at detecting and blocking malware. Even its basic program detects over 99.99 percent of widespread threats – making it one of the best protection tools against infection for PCs.

Norton provides protection for your computer, phone and tablet that goes beyond antivirus software. Mobile apps offer malware protection and password management features; its web and Wi-Fi security shield your devices against hackers; these features sync seamlessly across all Norton-protected platforms and platforms.

Identity Protection is another essential service, designed to prevent thieves from stealing your identity by monitoring data-brokers and alerting you when your information has been misused against you. Furthermore, Identity Protection helps restore your reputation and recover lost funds after fraudsters gain access to it – all important steps against identity theft! It provides an effective defense against an increasingly prevalent threat.

Norton products bundled with LifeLock include Standard, Deluxe and Advantage plans; however, LifeLock can also be purchased separately and added to any Norton suite. LifeLock’s service features 24/7 remediation to help recover from identity theft or fraud, reimbursement of funds stolen by criminals as well as payment for legal counsel needed against these crooks.

As is typical with Norton products, its app features a user-friendly interface with all major features available right on its home page and an instantaneous scan starting up immediately to help get you up and running quickly. In our tests, a full scan took approximately two hours with CPU utilization increasing by 84%–something to expect with most antivirus software solutions.

The Norton mobile app provides many helpful features, including password management, VPN access and cloud backup. Its password manager stands out with unlimited password storage across devices – an attractive alternative to more comprehensive standalone password managers like LastPass or Dashlane that require separate downloads.

The Norton mobile app also helps protect your privacy and security by scanning for potentially harmful apps, browsing history and ad tracking – a great way to stay ahead of cybersecurity concerns and monitor children’s online activity.

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