NovaBACKUP Review


Protect your data with an intuitive, reliable backup tool. It automatically backs up files, photos, music and email to either a local device or online storage, and creates an image of your hard drive and restores it in case of disaster.

Our fast and easy restoration process offers local support, one-on-one technical assistance and one-stop technical services.

It’s easy to use

NovaBACKUP is an easy and efficient backup solution designed to protect physical and virtual environments alike, including Disaster Recovery. Unlike competitors, it does not require purchasing multiple products in order to backup both physical and virtual data – this streamlines the process and lowers total cost of ownership.

NovaBACKUP allows you to store your files either locally or remotely on any cloud service of your choosing, creating multiple jobs and running them according to a schedule that suits you. Furthermore, its minimal system impact restore feature enables users to recover single files or folders or an entire virtual machine quickly and effortlessly.

At its core, Backupper supports both file-level and image-level backups. A file-level backup saves copies of only those files you specify to protect critical information; image-level backups provide protection for an entire computer, including its operating system and applications – providing an ideal way to recover after unexpected events such as hardware failure.

Both backup types can be encrypted to protect data access by only authorized users, with options such as including password-protected backups. NovaBACKUP allows you to further safeguard your information by creating custom backup jobs with exclusion of specific folders or applications and even custom commands to run before or after each backup job completes.

NovaBACKUP provides another great feature with its ability to detect and replace outdated files automatically, saving time and space by not keeping files that no longer serve their purpose. Furthermore, you have the option of scheduling backups at regular intervals, with full monitoring capability through a central management console.

Additionally, this program also allows you to select which file extensions to backup, making this ideal if you have many large files to back up. Furthermore, you can select a destination drive for backups as well as how long they should remain stored there.

It’s secure

NovaBACKUP secures data with a private encryption key that only the owner can decrypt, ensuring that only you can read your backup and make any modifications without your knowledge or approval. This feature is also provided by other online backup services like Backblaze, IDrive and SpiderOak One; however one drawback of NovaBackup is its lack of an online portal or two-factor authentication compared to these offerings.

NovaStor’s software is easy to set up with its simple wizard-based installation process and multiple instance installation capability of NovaBackup. Installation takes only minutes, while this versatile solution offers features including backups to both local and remote servers as well as removable media such as USB drives or RDX storage drives. Furthermore, their website provides extensive FAQs along with downloadable documentation and recorded webinars if you require more help or documentation.

Online support from this company is both efficient and helpful, offering customers a free trial of its software to test out its features. In addition, customers have access to phone support numbers and email addresses so they can reach them with questions or help – as well as purchasing additional online storage from its web dashboard.

No matter if you’re backing up files or an entire computer, NovaBACKUP provides secure, reliable backup and recovery solutions. Its restore speeds are up to four times faster than its competitors – something important when trying to recover data after hard drive failure.

NovaBackUP is an all-in-one software solution that provides centrally managed local and cloud backup for PCs, distributed systems, virtual machines and popular file sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iDriveSync and SkyDrive. Furthermore, it includes a managed backup-as-a-service solution tailored specifically for Service Providers.

Finding an appropriate software solution for your business can be a difficult task, especially if it requires comprehensive tools. One effective strategy for narrowing down your options is conducting in-depth product research; taking into account both major aspects of your business and budget constraints. Doing this will help ensure you avoid purchasing apps which don’t fit with what your needs are.

It’s affordable

Software that offers features necessary for protecting data is both accessible and cost-effective, offering email support during its free trial period and 30 days after purchasing ownership as well as a web-based help center and tutorial videos. Furthermore, customer support representatives can answer any inquiries directly.

NovaBackup is an efficient backup and recovery program, enabling you to protect files, images, and music on local devices or cloud file storage services. The simple user interface makes selecting folders and files to back up quick and simple; scheduling backups at times that suit you can make this process even faster; as can backing up via cloud instead of local device!

As an IT professional or service provider, your job is to keep customers’ systems operational and their data safe from cyber threats and natural disasters. NovaBACKUP provides a flexible yet transparent solution that empowers you to easily monitor and manage clients’ local and cloud backups without getting in their way – while helping grow managed services revenue.

NovaBACKUP makes backuping single files or an entire drive faster while protecting it with military-grade encryption in transit and at rest. Plus, its granular restore feature enables fast retrieval of individual files or entire drives that meet compliance regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA.

Backup storage handling is managed efficiently with compression enabled by default to save 10-25% of original backup size. A multi-threaded I/O process enables read/write process overlapping, further improving backup performance. Furthermore, its ability to detect and recover files with broken permissions ensures seamless backup/restoration operations.

Contrasting with Retrospect’s process, NovaBackup’s backup procedure is much easier for the user. Simply choose which drives, folders and files need backing up from a list. In addition, user options like registry backup or file-level container file backup may also be provided as an optional choice. Lastly, NovaBackup can create a bootable disk to restore both Windows OS and any installed applications if needed.

It’s reliable

NovaBACKUP software provides an efficient backup solution, safeguarding both files and images on Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and XP systems. Offering both file-level and image-level backup, as well as free trials of software with an extensive help section – NovaBackup makes for an effortless backup solution which works across various hardware devices while being capable of recovering files after disaster strikes.

Features of the software include multiple backup modes, an intuitive restore mode and various options for backing up to the cloud. In addition, multiple versions of each file can be stored, making reverting back possible as well as keeping track of them all by renaming old file versions and tracking changes over time.

This backup software enables you to select your backup destination at installation, then modify it as necessary later. Furthermore, it can be set to run at a predetermined time each day automatically and encrypted for added security. Furthermore, it offers local drive backup, network share backup, cloud storage backup as well as image backup (which saves all file structures necessary for system recovery in case of total system loss) options and an image backup function to protect all of your files against system corruption or loss.

NovaBackup provides numerous options for online and local backups, including customizable filters, multiple schedule settings, blowfish or multiple levels of AES encryption, custom command execution before/after backup runs and notifications when completed.

Full backups are vital when recovering from major events, like ransomware attacks. With this type of backup you can retrieve files or even your entire computer that have been lost – though they could take up valuable storage space if used on an everyday basis.

NovaBACKUP also features a central management feature designed to help IT providers remotely oversee backups on clients’ computers, and support for public or private clouds – giving IT providers full visibility into each client’s backup status while helping customers stay productive while earning revenue from managed services providers.

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