PDFCreator Review


PDFCreator is a program that converts documents to PDF files. It acts as a virtual printer, enabling users to print directly into PDF from any Windows application.

This software not only converts PDF documents, but it also allows users to edit them and add digital signatures – further streamlining workflow. The program is intuitive and straightforward for use.

Create PDF/A files

PDFCreator, the popular PDF converter, provides all of the features necessary for automating workflow and getting work done efficiently. You can use it to convert multiple file formats and add digital signatures; additionally it enables password protection and access control settings for individual users.

Another key advantage of this tool is its ability to combine multiple documents into a single PDF file, making it simple and efficient to share large documents with colleagues or clients. Furthermore, you can compress files for easier storage and transmission – especially as many PDF/A standards guarantee long-term archival with legible reading when retrieval occurs.

PDFCreator can easily convert any printable document to PDFs, working as a virtual printer to allow direct PDF creation from any application. Furthermore, its versatility makes it an indispensable asset for businesses that deal with a high volume of documents daily.

Reviewers frequently praise this software for its user-friendliness, with users enjoying how easily they can convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using this tool. Likewise, Windows Explorer users can search documents through this tool using tokens which can be replaced by values like username, date and time if required.

Installed on all versions of Windows from early to the most current releases, Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded freely for installation on every version. Awarded numerous awards for its performance and security, Adobe Acrobat can provide extra features like restricting printing or editing of documents. The two can work hand-in-hand for additional benefits like restricting printing/editing rights of documents.

Merge multiple documents

One of the primary features of PDFCreator is its ability to combine multiple documents into a single PDF file, providing numerous applications ranging from printing multiple faxes on one page and creating a master document from various spreadsheets, to merging two e-mail messages or Word documents into one PDF file – this feature can especially benefit businesses handling large volumes of paperwork daily.

PDFCreator makes merging multiple documents extremely straightforward. Simply open one document you’d like to combine, click Print and when the PDF Print Monitor window opens select PDFCreator PDF Printer as the printer and name your combined file before repeating these steps to add more documents and combine them together with the first.

An alternative way of creating PDF documents from multiple files is using PDF Joiner, an online tool which makes the task straightforward and offers features not found in free versions of PDFCreator. Downloading and installing this software free online are available options as well.

To combine multiple PDFs, first open one in Preview and choose View > Thumbnails from the drop-down menu to display page thumbnails in the sidebar. Then, in your second PDF select an area where you wish to insert new pages and choose View > Thumbnails as shown above; select an area within that second PDF that corresponds with this thumbnail selection, and drag in that particular PDF document onto the first one before saving both versions of it.

PDFCreator is an innovative PDF converter that can be controlled remotely with scripts and applications, via its COM interface. You can use it to wait for jobs, define where it should be saved, merge print jobs together or merge jobs that occur at different times into one print job. Advanced features of the program include adding cover pages, uploading files via FTP or sending emails directly with attachments and calling custom scripts to further process files – making this popular among PDF writers and converters alike.

Add digital signatures

Signing PDF documents can be done using various techniques: you could draw your signature with a mouse or touchpad, scan an image of your handwritten signature or fill out an online form. When your e-signature is complete, save the PDF and your signature will be included with it to view in Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer.

If you want to protect your digital signature, PDFCreator offers various methods of protecting it, such as passwords and permission settings for different users. Furthermore, PDFCreator gives users the choice between low (128 Bit AES), medium (132 Bit AES), or high 256 Bit AES levels of encryption for PDF documents.

PDFCreator features an intuitive user interface; however, some users have experienced issues with it such as saving file errors or slow performance. If this is happening to you, consider using a third-party uninstaller for complete removal of all associated files and registry entries.

Though this free software doesn’t provide as many features, it still serves as an ideal alternative to paid programs. With its user-friendly design and support for multiple file formats, this software works smoothly across Windows operating systems without causing compatibility issues.

This program is the ideal solution for businesses that need to sign large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently, streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. It’s easy to use, boasts many customization features and multiple ways to display a signature – including selecting font size, color and appearance options – while even providing lines, circles, rectangles, and ellipses as elements of graphics for signature display.


PDFCreator acts as a virtual printer and converts any file to PDF format, giving you full control of its look and content. It enables you to change titles and metadata such as subject, keywords or author name; split documents into multiple ones or upload the resulting files directly onto FTP; it supports numerous file formats including TIF, JPG and PNG and has the functionality for Dropbox uploads or share links, making file delivery to clients even simpler!

PDFCreator goes beyond its core functionality of creating and editing PDF documents by offering security features like adding password protection or digital signature protection for each PDF document created or edited using it. These extra security measures have made the software particularly helpful to companies dealing with confidential information; reference sourcing, SOWs, project briefs, real estate proposals seating charts are just some examples.

The PDFCreator API can help automate many tasks and customize the software according to your preferences. It can even automatically save documents to directories specified by users, while providing filename templates for print jobs that suggest their resulting file names – for instance using tokens like ComputerName>_DateTime> to include date/time information into them.

Businesses that generate multiple documents every day and wish to avoid frequent manual interactions with the application will find this feature beneficial. For instance, invoices can be created automatically for each client by setting the app to insert their invoice number as part of each PDF document’s filename name.

FTP support

PDFCreator offers many features to assist with creating PDF documents, including the ability to convert any printable document into a PDF file, support multiple file formats like PNG, TIFF and JPG and merge multiple documents into a single one with reduced file sizes and simplified workflows. In addition, this program offers various security measures like adding password protection for PDF files as well as authenticating digital signatures ensuring they were signed by you personally.

PDFCreator makes FTP support accessible so you can send and receive documents over an Internet connection easily, making this tool an indispensable asset when sharing large files with others. PDFCreator even automatically saves documents to a specified directory to save you time and effort! Furthermore, its flexible file transfer protocols offer you flexibility when choosing what best meets your needs.

PDFCreator 2.0 comes packed with upgrades and modifications designed to improve your experience with using it. These improvements include an optimized algorithm for parsing user tokens, improved support for Microsoft Word files and other enhancements that will make using PDFCreator even simpler!

Important features include its COM interface, which enables users to call custom C# scripts before and after conversion. Furthermore, this interface is compatible with any COM-enabled application or script, giving users greater freedom in customizing their program according to individual needs.

Notable improvements also include the option to automatically print documents after they’ve been converted and the ability to select a directory where your documents will be stored, making it easier to keep an eye on files and prevent accidental overwriting with new documents.

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