PrivaZer Review


Every time you download or delete files, view videos, or install updates, your PC records traces that could be recovered by third parties and pose a potential privacy risk.

PrivaZer is a free utility designed to protect your privacy and improve computer performance. Equipped with tools for clearing activity traces and available as both desktop and portable versions, PrivaZer can keep your information safe.


PrivaZer is a comprehensive privacy protection and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows that removes traces of online activities, protects sensitive information and optimizes system performance. It cleans files, folders and the registry; wipes free disk space sectors securely; protects privacy using secure deletion methods; scans startup times to identify unneeded programs that reduce startup times; as well as cleans files with suspicious file extensions (.PAR file extension for example).

PrivaZer stands out from other PC cleaners by prioritizing the removal of privacy compromising traces, rather than simply junk files, such as browsing history, passwords saved to websites, cookies and cache. Furthermore, PrivaZer can remove autocomplete logs from Internet browsers, Office programs and photo editing applications as well as erase contents of prefetch/jumplist folders; additionally this program can even delete old Windows updates stored on your computer, duplicate files and temporary folders that linger from past updates!

PrivaZer can ensure that these files are permanently erased and cannot be recovered by any recovery software. Furthermore, PrivaZer employs advanced overwriting algorithms to guarantee all data remains irrecoverable even after being overwritten post-erasure. Furthermore, it offers you the flexibility of customizing your cleaning process; specify which areas of your computer you would like to clean as well as which traces or remnants to keep.

Your C Drive should remain clutter-free, free from junk files that inevitably accumulate over time and any unnecessary programs installed but never utilized that can slow down your system. In addition to clearing C drives, it also supports external and network drives, USB memory sticks, and MP3 players for cleaning purposes.

PrivaZer is an impressive solution, though the process for scanning and cleaning may take 20-30 minutes to complete. As well as clearing away common traces, shelBag (Registry), which contains confidential information that could compromise security breaches, is also deleted as is hibernation file which will reduce boot times significantly. Furthermore, its user-friendly approach and one-click cleanup makes it suitable for users of all ages while regular updates ensure it remains effective against emerging privacy concerns.


PrivaZer, Goversoft LLC’s comprehensive digital privacy tool, provides users with a robust set of functions designed to clean and optimize personal computers and external storage devices. By eliminating unnecessary data, PrivaZer can significantly boost system performance while prolonging device lifespans.

PrivaZer’s cleaning capabilities target residual traces left by Internet browsing and software use, such as browser cache files, download history, cookies, application logs, page file data, registries, free disk space sectors and temporary files. It can successfully eliminate all these remnants to make it impossible for malicious parties to retrieve them; additionally it uses several secure deletion methods that overwrite data repeatedly to prevent recovery.

Contrary to other tools like CCleaner that contain numerous extra features like duplicate file finders and disk space cleaners that some would consider unnecessary bloatware, PrivatZer is solely dedicated to improving computer privacy. As a result, its scan process is more thorough, detecting more residual traces; plus it analyzes and cleans system areas not commonly addressed by other programs, including Autocomplete logs in browsers, photo editing software histories, Microsoft Office histories as well as free space jumplists and prefetch.

With one click, users can quickly and efficiently delete any unnecessary files or traces stored on their computers indefinitely, such as unneeded folders and files, registry entries, thumbnails or data that might compromise privacy. PrivaZer allows users to regain valuable disk space while protecting themselves against potential security threats. The program features additional capabilities, including scheduling cleanings and supporting removable drives and USB keys, automatically backing up their registry, deleting Windows login account history and ShelBag data as well as wiping all free disk sectors – making it impossible for malicious parties to recover deleted information.


PrivaZer is an advanced privacy cleaner tool, capable of efficiently clearing away traces of internet browsing history, old files (even ones you’ve deleted but traces remain), software use history, registry entries and USB history from multiple devices including local hard disks, secondary internal storage devices, external storage devices such as iPods or MP3 players as well as SD cards or network storage devices.

PrivaZer’s comprehensive analysis and cleaning process helps users safeguard critical system files during cleanup/erasing processes without risking data loss, freeing up space for more important projects while improving system performance. This allows them to keep their information protected while freeing up space and improving overall system performance.

This powerful tool can also delete unused files, clear out system logs to free up disk space, and perform an intelligent cleanup of Jumplist and Prefetch. Furthermore, it can remove unused data from office programs, photo editing applications, Internet browsers, IM clients and IM clients as well as remove cookies, autocomplete and search history records from Internet browsers and IM clients as well as delete cookies autocomplete and search histories from these services.

PrivaZer can assist in erasing all traces of your activity using secure deletion methods that prevent recovery of deleted files, as well as reset all free disk sectors to zero, thus completely eliminating traces left by previous deletion operations and protecting you against data recovery by malicious individuals or applications who might attempt to recover information from your computer. This feature serves to protect the privacy and integrity of data on your system from being exposed by its misuse by those able to recover information from it.

While running a comprehensive scan may take longer, its benefits include creating an efficient and secure system. Users have the ability to configure and tailor the erasure method according to their own individual needs; for maximum security it may take longer but it will make it more difficult for malicious individuals or applications to recover information from your computer.

PrivaZer is an outstanding piece of software that can help both experienced PC users and novice PC users protect themselves from potential cyber threats while maintaining a safe, well-functioning system. This is especially crucial when operating laptops or mobile devices where sensitive information may be stored on external storage devices.


PrivaZer is not the only system cleaner capable of eliminating unnecessary signs of usage without impacting performance, like Piriform’s CCleaner does. What sets PrivaZer apart is its unique capability of conducting over one hundred different analyses and cleanups in various sectors of a hard drive – this includes clearing away Internet traces, temporary files and image thumbnails as well as office software histories such as photo editing programs’ autocomplete logs in browsers and Microsoft games’ autocomplete logs history; scanning for and deleting files found within Jumplists and Prefetch spaces as well.

PrivaZer can perform a deep analysis of both your hard drives and external storage devices such as USB sticks to remove any residual file access information. Furthermore, the program completely and irreversibly deletes deleted files to free up hard disk space – even using dedicated recovery software – thus guaranteeing no data can ever be recovered from these storage devices.

Another key feature of this program is its capability of clearing usage traces from the Windows registry, providing privacy-minded users with peace of mind when switching computers. Furthermore, this program can eliminate unnecessary registry entries for popular programs like OpenOffice while clearing away other accumulated junk files that might be taking up hard disk space.

PrivaZer’s interface is very user-friendly, with an options/settings menu that’s simple to navigate. By default, everything is set at its maximum security setting of 4 PASSES but there is also an advanced drop-down menu offering 6 PASSES settings for added peace of mind.

Overall, this software is truly impressive; its easy user-friendliness and wide ranging recommendations make it worth trying for many users. I can see this piece being invaluable to them in protecting their privacy and keeping their computer running smoothly; the only improvement that could have been made would have been offering selective cleaning of specific sectors or areas, though that’s likely just an oversight.

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