Toolwiz Care Review

Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Care is a suite of utilities designed to speed up Windows-based computers. This suite offers over 40 tools designed to optimize, clean and tune up your machine.

CleanMyPC can remove junk files, repair registry errors and erase traces of online activity from your system. In addition, it comes equipped with several useful features like File Locker, Virtual Safe, Game Booster and Password Manager – providing peace of mind while browsing online.


Toolwiz Care is a system cleaner, optimizer and security package designed to give users access to powerful optimization, maintenance and protection tools that will enhance the performance of their computers. With over 40 powerful optimization, maintenance, protection tools in its arsenal – registry cleaner, disk checkup/defragmenter/startup optimizer, application manager and privacy cleaner all included within its fold – Toolwiz Care provides users with everything they need for better system health.

Cleaner features of this program can assist with freeing up valuable space by deleting unneeded files and data that no longer serve a purpose, which in turn improves computer speed and performance by freeing up space more effectively. Furthermore, its security features may help keep systems safer by eliminating potentially unsafe or corrupt applications or files, decreasing risks such as malware and spyware infections.

This package offers several additional utilities, including a file restoration utility, password manager and feature to search for duplicate files and folders on a PC. Furthermore, the program helps keep computers running smoothly by reducing CPU and memory usage as well as monitoring Internet connections while stopping unnecessary processes from running in the background.

An interesting feature is its ability to enable users to create “Safes” on the PC where they can store and protect private files and information, with password protection that keeps prying eyes from accessing it. Furthermore, this tool can also create bootable USB drives in case of power outage or hardware failure on their machine.

Toolwiz Care is a comprehensive system maintenance program suitable for users at all levels. The software can be installed onto a computer or run portable mode and supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 platforms. Toolwiz Care may help speed up start-up times and enhance network, CPU and memory performance – as well as help prevent eye strain with its built-in Eyes Care feature, reminding the user to take frequent mini breaks away from their screen!


Toolwiz Care is a free suite of system optimization tools, capable of fixing errors, clearing away junk data and increasing performance on any PC. Offering no installation option at initial setup and being portable enough to run from an USB flash drive directly.

This program features an elegant, straightforward user interface and provides quick access to its key features. The Cleanup section enables the removal of junk files and disk errors as well as purging the registry while the Speedup tab offers options to increase GUI and command response speeds as well as optimize file system, disk defragmentation and startup acceleration. Furthermore, an efficient screen capture tool and password protection are included within its features.

One of the key features in system optimization software is Time Freeze, which lets users protect against unexpected changes or malware programs. Boot Report keeps a comprehensive record of startup process activity while Game Boost concentrates all system resources specifically for gaming use by temporarily disabling background processes, cleaning RAM memory and intensifying CPU performance.

This multi-functional optimizing suite boasts more than 40 powerful tools designed to boost PC performance, local and network security, and optimize Windows startup procedure. The Disk Cleaner tool assists with finding and deleting trash files while the Registry Defragmenter feature rebuilds your Registry to make it faster and more stable.

This system maintenance suite’s Program Manager is easy to use and offers numerous additional functions, such as creating system restore points and performing an extensive scan for malicious software. Furthermore, you can set a customized schedule for automatic cleanup and defragmentation, create a system monitoring window with all actions performed as well as run it from USB drives – ideal for portable systems! You can even use it to clean out unused programs, remove unneeded ones, repair broken shortcuts and more!


System Optimizer Suite, available as a free download from Microsoft Store, contains over 90 maintenance tools and powerful built-in utilities designed to clear junk data, remove registry errors, improve PC performance, safeguard privacy and ensure privacy protection. Over 50 program functions have been organized into categories for easy navigation. Toolwiz Care features an exceptionally attractive and thoughtful user interface – each section concentrates on specific operations related to checking, cleaning, accelerating and protecting your computer. Cleaner provides many features to erase files and folders, clear browser caches, delete cookies, obscure traces and wipe Windows Registry entries. Furthermore, users can analyze disks, manage applications and context menu items as well as monitor programs launched with their system and more.

The Privacy section includes tools to safeguard your personal data and prevent unwelcome programs from accessing your computer by locking files and folders within the system. Furthermore, it enables you to protect your online identity by blocking unauthorized users from viewing, stealing or changing passwords without your knowledge or approval. In case of accidental deletion or software malfunction, the File Backup feature provides an invaluable backup solution – simply restore important files and settings via File Backup!

Notable tools in this suite include a fast defrag method and Optimizer engine to enhance CPU and memory utilization, disk response time, system startup/shut down speeds, GUI/Command response times as well as game boosting. Finally, this suite comes complete with Game Booster to maximize hardware power for optimal gaming experiences.

TOOLWIZ AND ITS RESELLERS MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, the implied warranties of mercantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Furthermore, in no event shall TOOLWIZ OR ITS RESELLERS BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM THIS LICENSE OR SOFTWARE; even if informed about such damages by TOOLWIZ OR its resellers.

Portable and run without installation, the tool is an ideal choice for users who need multiple copies. Regular updates add new features and modules while an easy-to-follow user manual provides guidance in getting started.


This software suite offers a complete PC maintenance solution, complete with powerful built-in utilities to clean up junk files, fix registry errors and optimize system settings. In addition to these utilities it features security features such as password manager, file shredder and duplicate file finder; easy use makes this program ideal for novice as well as experienced PC users.

Secure Your System By Reducing Unauthorized Access This program ensures your personal information stays protected online by clearing away all traces of your activity, such as cookies, history, cache, temporary files and sessions that could otherwise remain. It can do this by clearing away cookies, history, cache, temporary files and sessions as well as protecting your privacy by blocking certain websites or programs access. Moreover, when you’re away from your computer it can lock itself so no other person has access to your files and data.

Toolwiz Care can also prevent your system from slowing down or hanging up by resolving issues like memory overruns, CPU overload and disk errors. It does this by cleaning RAM memory, repairing Windows Registry files and deleting unnecessary or old files; furthermore it prevents malicious software and malware from infiltrating by detecting and removing files which might pose potential danger or suspiciousness on the system.

The program can protect and recover corrupted files on your hard disk drive, as well as protect sensitive information from being seen or viewed without authorization through its Virtual Safe utility. Furthermore, Startup Defender tracks startup items to detect new services, programs or processes being added without your consent and makes backup copies for MBR, Registry files and Network and Hosts files allowing you to back up and restore important files from within this pack.

This program can also assist with protecting accounts, passwords and sensitive data with AES-256 encryption standard. In addition, this tool can aid you in creating strong passwords which are difficult for unauthorised users to crack or access. Finally, this application also manages plugins, Internet applications, running processes and Windows services to enhance overall system performance and enhance overall system management.

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