Tux Typing Review

Tux Typing is a free desktop program that teaches typing through two games. Although designed primarily to teach young children how to type, this game also contains difficulty levels that challenge adults.

Tux, the Linux penguin mascot, plays an integral role in both games. Fish Cascade challenges him to spell out letters on fallen fish before eating them before collecting more letters in his basket.


Tux Typing is an engaging, free educational typing tutor program for children and adults of all ages who want to learn touch typing. The games offer multiple difficulty levels to keep players entertained while improving accuracy, speed, finger placement and speed on the keyboard. In addition, lessons offer practice with individual letters/words/phrases/sentences along with colorful backgrounds, engaging animations and catchy music to ensure kids don’t become disinterested quickly.

Tux Typing offers visually impaired users a special Braille version to aid them. To access it, just select an option on the main screen with an icon of a Braille keyboard; once selected, a series of dots and spaces represents each key on the keyboard; users are instructed to hit these keys to complete tasks. Furthermore, Tux Typing features four modes of gameplay and can be set up either for single- or dual-screen computer usage.

Tux Typing stands out by supporting multiple languages. From Spanish and French to German and Armenian and Bokmal. Simply pick from the main menu or switch them for practice with different spellings.

Tux Typing’s game portion may be entertaining, yet frustrating for those who struggle with typing. Each game’s graphical style stands out, helping keep people engaged even when they struggle to complete a task at hand. But getting used to all its various characters moving differently may take some getting used to and cause frustration at first.

The Lesson portion of the software is its most scholarly element and may appeal more strongly to people who prefer not playing video games. Utilizing simple XML scripting techniques, tutorials on individual letters of the alphabet are run that demonstrate where and how each should be typed on a keyboard keyboard and typed. Customizable fonts, backgrounds colors and sound effects allow users to personalize lessons to meet their individual needs and preferences.

Fish Cascade

Tux Typing is a free typing tutor program designed to teach children, particularly elementary school children, how to type efficiently and interactively. It includes multiple games which can be played at various levels of difficulty to increase word per minute speed and enhance computer literacy and learning in general. Furthermore, these games feature engaging backgrounds, sounds, and effects designed to keep children entertained and motivated while typing.

The program includes a practice mode to allow players to work on specific skills or exercises without time pressure or scores being calculated against them. Furthermore, several types of typing drills such as letter drills, word drills and sentence drills are provided within this platform.

Another key feature of the program is its capability of providing teachers and parents with a list of exercises for a particular student, which helps teachers and parents determine which drills will be most suitable. This feature can prove particularly helpful in classroom environments with numerous students possessing differing abilities who require personalized attention.

Fish Cascade and Comet Zap are two gamified games included with this app to add more excitement to its use. In these games, users control Linux penguin Tux as they attempt to catch letters or words as they fall from above; players earn points based on correct press/mispresses made. Both are challenging yet can become frustrating for beginners.

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Tux Typing software is available to be downloaded from Ubuntu Software Center. To do so, users need only click the Dash Home button, which can be found in the top left corner of their desktop computer screen.

Key Cascade

Tux Typing is an engaging and effective way for children to develop basic typing skills while having fun! Additionally, adults looking to increase their speed may also enjoy Tux Typing’s multiple game modes that offer various degrees of difficulty and word length options – the game was originally intended for kids, but can still be enjoyed by adults! Originally intended as an educational game only. But adults may enjoy using it too!

Fish Cascade is the first mode, featuring juicy fish cascading down from above and needing to be caught by spelling words correctly to capture. While this game starts out easy, as time progresses it becomes increasingly challenging as players gain skill.

Key Cascade is another challenging mode, wherein players must type out complete words before they slip off of the screen and become unreadable. This mode can become particularly chaotic if keyboarding skills are poor.

Tux Typing offers more than games; it also provides a practice mode to let users focus on specific keyboarding exercises without time limits or scores putting undue strain on them. Furthermore, this mode enables customization of falling letters and comets. Tux Typing provides students with limited mobility the opportunity to practice at a level which best matches their abilities. Furthermore, Tux Typing can be accessed using Braille keyboards and screen readers – two useful resources for people living with visual impairments. Tux Typing is an excellent tool to teach typing in educational settings, providing safe and enjoyable typing lessons in an engaging learning experience. As well as being free and open source, this makes Tux Typing a highly flexible choice that’s suitable for use across a range of settings and environments. Tux Typing is an engaging way for children to build keyboarding skills they will carry throughout their lives. With multiple modes and an increasing level of difficulty, this game makes an excellent educational tool suitable for students of all ages in classrooms, homeschooling environments, computer labs, as well as accessible versions that feature voiceover throughout the game playback.

Comet Zap

Tux Typing is a free, open source educational typing tutor game designed to teach both kids and adults the art of typing through fun and interactive play. The game offers different forms of gameplay with increasing levels of difficulty as well as lessons for teaching children touch typing techniques.

Tux Typing’s games provide users with a range of themes and backgrounds and music, so users shouldn’t quickly become bored. The default theme has vibrant backgrounds with cheerful music while lessons employ soothing, peaceful tunes in soothing scenes. Furthermore, there are different levels of difficulty so users can start small before progressing towards higher difficulty levels over time.

Two of the most beloved games within the program are “Fish Cascade” and “Comet Zap”. In Fish Cascade, players control Tux as he searches for fish that fall from the top of the screen, each bearing an alphabet letter on it that must be pressed correctly in a certain timeframe to devour it before Tux suffers a stomachache and loses. If letters are not pressed quickly enough Tux may experience pain from eating his meals which means loss for players.

Tux, who has his eyes fixed upon guarding a city from comets that threaten to hit buildings within, must press one of the letters on each comet in order to direct Tux’s laser beam at it; failing to do this could destroy all buildings within and end the game prematurely.

There are other activities within the program designed to develop typing skills. The default theme features an extensive collection of finger exercises using pangrams and well-known quotes from public domain literature to test accuracy and speed. Other activities include “Lessons”, which uses XML scripting technology to run various parts of the program sequentially including its “Practice” activity.

There is also a version of the program designed specifically to accommodate visually impaired users with braille keys, making it accessible. Furthermore, there is an inbuilt speech engine which reads out aloud any letters and words entered into it.

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