1. What is WinRAR

WinRAR is a popular compression option for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is an open source file archive utility that allows you to compress files in RAR format. The program will help reduce the size of your data by as much as 10%, which can be very helpful if you have limited bandwidth on something like Verizon’s FiOS service or Comcast Cable internet connection from home!

The program was first released in 1995 by Eugene Roshal before being acquired by CNET Networks in 1999.

It has been around for over two decades with its origins dating back to 1995 when it launched as freeware created, designed, developed and maintained by Russian software developer Evgeny Pavlovitch Roschajm who also founded WinZip Computing Inc., which later became Arcadia Systems International Corporation after merging with another company called Softexx Development Corp.; but eventually bought out CNet networks from an acquisition bid of $18 million USD at the start of 1999 making this one piece computer software valued at nearly 19 billion dollars!

2. How to use WinRAR

WinRAR is a popular utility for compressing and extracting files on Windows. Here we will explore how to use it by following three simple steps: first, select the folder containing your files in WinRAR’s “File Manager window; then right-click them and choose either “add” or “extract here.” Finally, once you have chosen what type of data extraction method you want from that list (i.e., full extraction), be sure to scroll down and check out any additional options like compression level before clicking OK!

3. Pros of using WinRAR

WinRAR is a file compression application that allows users to create and open compressed files. It also has some useful features like the ability to encrypt, extract data from archives without losing original folder structure, remove an archive password if it exists or add one with full access permissions for all of its associated contents.

WinRAR offers many more benefits over other popular programs such as 7-Zip which only performs opening functions on existing RARS but does not allow user modification; Zip Archive which cannot handle encrypted files and suffers from small size limitations when compressing very large folders containing multiple gigabytes worth of material; FileZilla Server where there are no archiving abilities at all so server administrators need third party software in order to compress their work.

4. Is WinRAR Safe to use?

WinRAR is the most popular compression software on Earth, and it’s safe to use.

WinRAR has been around for a very long time now with most people using it without any problems at all which means that after so many years of use by millions of users worldwide, we can only conclude one thing: WinRAR must be safe!

5. How to download WinRAR for free

If you’re looking for a way to download WinRAR, I have good news! It’s not as hard as it sounds. Here are the steps: Go on Google and search “WinRAR”. Click first result (usually win-rar) Once there click Download button in green bar at top of page Follow instructions when prompted by popup box After downloading is complete double-click installer file Save or Run Installer.

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