X VPN Review

X VPN’s expansive server network enables users to gain access to region-locked content while speeding up browsing speeds. Furthermore, its intuitive setup process enables users to easily protect their online security and privacy online.

Additionally, this application is fully compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms, offering diverse accessibility. With its minimal user interface design, even first-time users will find it straightforward.

X-VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with X-VPN, you can request a refund within 30 days – this is much better than Windscribe’s 3-day refund policy! Furthermore, their money-back guarantee covers first time purchases as well as monthly plans; with one caveat being it cannot be combined with promotions or discounts.

X VPN employs Ram-only servers to protect your privacy without using third-party trackers or advertisements, as well as offering a unique security feature which allows you to switch virtual locations so your IP address won’t be identified, even on public WiFi networks. Furthermore, its advanced features help bypass geographical restrictions and censorship to access content from anywhere around the globe.

X VPN app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it accessible even to newcomers. Available for both Android and iOS, free download on both platforms comes with 500MBs of data free to start off. Furthermore, multiple protocols are supported.

If you want to try X-VPN for mobile devices, the app can be downloaded from Apple App Store, Amazon App Store or Galaxy Apps. Once registered you will need to select from a list of available countries before selecting from them all again for registration and connecting automatically with the fastest server.

X-VPN’s key advantage lies in not logging any of your traffic information, meaning you can browse, play games and stream videos without ISP throttling becoming an issue. Their privacy policy states they do not collect or store any personal data about browsing activities – although they do keep logs of IP addresses connected with.

In case you experience any difficulties, X-VPN provides a 24-hour customer support team who are available via their website or email and ready to help solve them. In addition, their help center offers comprehensive tutorials designed to address specific problems.

It has a simple user interface

X-VPN’s intuitive user interface makes it an effortless experience for even novice users, enabling them to quickly locate and connect to the fastest server with one tap or browse a long list of country and city-level servers. In comparison with other providers, it also offers multiple protocols including UDP (for speed), TCP and TLS-3 (an upgraded version of TLS). In addition, Dark Mode reduces screen brightness for enhanced visibility when using the VPN at night.

X-VPN stands out from competing services by not requiring a subscription and providing a 30-day money-back guarantee, making the service accessible without incurring financial risks. In addition, its website contains numerous helpful guides and FAQs designed to solve issues quickly. While live chat support isn’t provided like its premium competitors do, email assistance offers real time assistance in real time.

X-VPN’s website offers comprehensive details regarding their terms of service and privacy policies, which includes no sharing of personal data except when required by law. In addition, no third-party advertisers are permitted on its websites – providing peace of mind to privacy enthusiasts.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and works with most popular routers. Although free to use, its data cap of 500 MB restricts how often you can access the Internet if connection drops; however it features a kill switch to block access if that should ever occur. If desired, full versions can also be found at GitHub for Windows and macOS systems.

X-VPN service is easy to set up and provides secure connections for home and office networks, providing seamless media streaming, game playback, browsing the web and identity protection through encrypted communications – perfect for remote workers or businesses with mobile workers requiring encrypted communications – compatible with most Samsung and LG TV models.

It has a range of servers

X VPN boasts over 300 servers in 20 countries around the world, giving users an array of choices when it comes to location and speed. Support for multiple devices includes PCs, smartphones, Smart TVs and Amazon Fire Sticks is provided; its mobile app features an intuitive user interface making use easy even for first-time users. In order to start using it you’ll first need to register and purchase a subscription through various payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal; alternatively it also accepts Bitcoin payments.

The mobile app’s intuitive user interface makes connecting to servers effortless with just a tap. Server lists are organized into three categories: Recommended (including misspelled servers), All, and Streaming for streaming and gaming services. X-VPN also features an auto-connect option which automatically selects the best server for your connection as well as kill switch and Application Control to let you decide which apps utilize VPN service and which should use regular Internet.

X-VPN stands out among many VPNs by offering real-life chat support from Monday to Friday, while many offer automated or fake live chat support. While other providers might offer bot chats or provide fake answers in real time, the support staff at X-VPN provide real answers in an efficient manner. Unfortunately they’re only available between this period.

X-VPN stands apart from many other VPN services by not collecting any personal information about its users; instead, it collects a vast array of metadata related to them such as timestamps, protocols used, device information and data usage – and has outlined in its privacy policy how it will use such information.

X-VPN is compatible with most major desktop operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux. Additionally, there is an iOS/Android mobile app and Chrome web browser extension for Chrome that make this service available to purchase as either a one-time fee or through subscription plans that start at less than $10 monthly subscription plan.

It has a mobile app

X VPN is an easy-to-use virtual private network (VPN). Designed to protect mobile devices and computers from hackers and other online threats, this VPN encrypts data between a user’s device and remote servers, hiding IP addresses while giving access to blocked websites or content, keeping personal information safe, as well as keeping IP addresses anonymous. Plus it boasts features that set it apart from its competition!

X-VPN offers a free account with 500MB of Premium plan traffic without needing an email address for sign-up. While its desktop version requires login credentials, its mobile app offers more flexibility by being compatible with multiple devices – available for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms and allowing five simultaneous connections under a single subscription plan.

X-VPN’s mobile app is easy and user-friendly, featuring a straightforward user experience and offering users access to an extensive list of available servers based on location, protocol or search engine. Furthermore, split tunneling enables users to select which applications should use their VPN connection; this feature is particularly beneficial for mobile gamers that need fast connections while playing their favorite game on mobile.

Performance wise, X-VPN stands up well. Ping times and download speeds are fast; although X-VPN loses about 15% of a user’s bandwidth when connecting to distant servers. Furthermore, its security protocols include AES-256 encryption technology.

One drawback of X-VPN is its absence of a kill switch, meaning all data may be lost if its VPN connection drops. However, their website contains installation manuals and FAQ pages which may help users solve any issues; customer support services are only available Monday to Friday.

X-VPN’s pricing and features are highly affordable, making it an attractive solution for protecting privacy online while confidently navigating digital space. In fact, tech experts and media have often recommended it.

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