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ConvertFree is a free online file converter that supports nearly all video, audio, eBook, document, image archive and presentation formats. It works on virtually all browsers without the need for plug-ins; all that’s required for use is fast internet connection and no ads or malware are present – its privacy policy outlines their commitment to user data security. Convert Free also offers various plans such as its free plan that provides up to 25 conversion minutes daily and paid packages or subscription plans should your needs exceed this quota.

Though most online converters provide high levels of security, you should select one with which you feel most at ease. Be wary of tools which require you to upload files onto their servers before providing download links as this could leave your system vulnerable to malware infections. A converter with an effective privacy policy that ensures uploaded files will be deleted once converted for download is also worth looking out for.

ConvertFree is an online file conversion service compatible with all major browsers that promises instantaneous file conversion and delete them once completed from its server. A Chrome extension makes the service even simpler to access from within browsers, while there are three pricing tiers – 24-hour free trial plus monthly or yearly subscription plans are also offered.

ConvertFree is an online tool that makes file conversion simple and efficient, supporting audio, video and image formats as well as documents, archives, presentations and font files. Compatible with all major platforms and operating as a web app; no software installation necessary!

Converting a file

Converting a file

ConvertFree makes file conversion quick, simple, and free – offering a wide selection of formats and customizable output settings to meet your individual needs. Its user-friendly interface makes the tool simple even for novice users while its many useful features and compatibility with most operating systems make it a powerful solution.

When converting files, simply choose your output format from either the drop-down menu or available options list and the program will save it in your specified folder. Depending on the file’s size and your connection speed, this may take some time; but you can track its progress with ease using the progress bar at the bottom of the window.

Once conversion is complete, you can download your file in its preferred format from either the website or directly onto your computer. The program offers support for various video formats like MPEG, M2TS, MOV and FLV; MP3 AAC WAV audio files; PDF documents as well as scanned images can all be read easily by this converter program.

The converter can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux computers as long as they use modern browsers. Furthermore, this cloud-based solution does not require installation; its web-based interface is user-friendly and accessible from any device including mobile phones.

Apart from file conversion, this tool comes equipped with optical character recognition (OCR). OCR allows users to convert scanned documents or images into editable Word, Excel and Txt formats – supporting multiple languages such as Chinese, Dutch, French German and Italian.

Importantly, it should be noted that this tool does not collect personal information from its users; rather it uses secure and trusted cloud service providers who adhere to Information Security Standard compliance and practice data isolation. Furthermore, uploaded files will be deleted after 24 hours from its servers; users can use it free-of-charge provided they agree to its terms and conditions.

It’s easy to use

ConvertFree is one of the most comprehensive file converter programs available today with support for various file types like video, audio, archives, images, documents, presentations, ebooks, vectors and CAD files. It works online and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux Android iOS as well as many more operating systems.

The tool is highly user-friendly, boasting an intuitive interface and useful features that are user-centric. Additionally, its extensive knowledge base contains solutions for most questions while the company responds promptly to any additional help requests.

ConvertFree stands apart from many file conversion tools by running in your browser on any device and supporting up to 100 MB per file conversion for free – and higher file sizes require upgrading plans. Furthermore, OCR technology makes this tool invaluable by recognizing text in images, PDFs and documents scanned with ConvertFree.

It’s free

ConvertFree is a web-based file converter compatible with most operating systems and browsers that allows users to convert between various audio, video, image, document archive presentation font and ebook formats. Additionally, also features an OCR service to convert scanned documents and images into editable files.

ConvertFree makes using files easy: simply upload or drag-and-drop a file onto the page, choose an output format and click “Convert.” Your files will be converted in the cloud so they won’t take up space on your device and are easily accessible from all devices (even mobile ones!). Plus, they’re secure and safe.

ConvertFree offers two plans – free and premium – each of which has limitations on file size and number of conversions, respectively. While both plans provide limited file sizes and conversions, with limits on both file sizes and conversions respectively. ConvertFree also boasts several security measures in place including ISO certification as well as encrypted conversions for added protection of personal information – making it one of the safest online file converters currently available.



ConvertFree can convert text from scanned documents, handwritten notes and images into editable formats such as PDF, Word and HTML. Its recognition engine can identify a wide variety of fonts and languages; however it performs best when processing standard, high-contrast text documents – wrinkled files may not be recognized correctly due to their uneven text structure.

This tool is easy and straightforward; no download or installation are necessary! Simply upload files directly from your computer or device or import them directly into Google Drive or Dropbox for storage. When it’s time for conversion, just choose your file format and hit “Convert.” It only takes minutes before your conversion has completed; and supports multiple file types including audio and video.

Convert Free provides more than file format conversion. In addition to offering OCR capabilities, ConvertFree also provides batch OCR for PDF and image files – unlike some tools that restrict file sizes or retain their original formats. Furthermore, its batch OCR feature lets you scan specific pages at once.


Convert Free is one of the most comprehensive file converter programs out there with support for an impressive variety of formats, such as videos, audio, archives, images, documents, presentations, ebooks, vectors fonts CAD files. Being cloud-based it does not require downloads or installation and works on Windows Mac Linux Android iOS or any other modern browser with internet connection.

The company has implemented multiple steps to protect user data, such as immediately deleting all input and output files after conversion and wiping their servers clean of uploaded files within 24 hours. At S&H Technologies we utilize secure cloud services providers who meet Information Security Standard compliance and practice data isolation. Furthermore, no personal information will be collected from files uploaded by users and shared with any third parties. However, they collect basic usage data to improve services and offer better support. Premium users enjoy an ad-free experience; free users, however, may encounter occasional ads which don’t distract – typically only taking up one space per page.


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