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EF Commander

EF Commander is a dual-pane file manager, FTP client and multimedia player for Windows that features many advanced features like an internal packer, folder comparison tool and synchronization functions.

Light on system resources and packed with features similar to Windows Explorer, it features an inbuilt text editor with hex editing capability as an example.

File management

EF Commander is a dual-pane file manager designed for Windows PCs that offers features to meet both professional and novice user needs. These features include support for FTP client access, text editor with hex editing capabilities, folder comparison tool that compares/synchronizes folders, audio player capability built-in and powerful search program capabilities. In addition to these standard file manager tools, there are additional ones not found elsewhere such as file splitter/merge tool and checksum management tool that create or verify SFV, MD5/SHA-x checksums for more efficient checksum management capabilities.

This program’s user interface resembles that of Microsoft Explorer, enabling users to customize colors of panels and folders, add or remove separators, set quick-access icons, support multiple view modes, as well as using dark themes depending on personal preference. Furthermore, its easy navigation takes up very little memory space making it an excellent alternative solution.

Renaming files and folders with the built-in renaming tool is quick and straightforward. Simply create and manage a list of file names or use flexible rules to define exact rules for renaming. In addition, this program features tools to compare folders to find duplicate files as well as calculate directory size allowing you to easily gauge how much disk space is currently being consumed by directories.

EF Commander offers another useful feature in its integrated media player, which allows for easy playback of music, movies and videos in different formats. You can even open external media players and playlists. With simple mouse or keyboard control options as well as custom playlist creation capabilities.

EF Commander offers many useful secondary functions that make it an excellent replacement for Explorer. It features a built-in audio player capable of playing most popular music formats and editing their ID3 tags; compare and synchronize folder contents; manage large photo collections or documents easily; display disk information/system data at the bottom of its window to help identify problems; compare folders/synchronize their content to manage larger collections; compare folders for comparison/synchronization purposes, which could prove handy when managing large collections; display disk data/system information which could assist in diagnosing errors as well.

FTP client

EF Commander download is a file management software with various tools designed to assist in organizing files and folders, while its modern user interface makes it simple and customizable for every need. Featuring tabbed panels with customizable views for each pane and support for various formats (IrfanView/XnView support is built-in), as well as multilingual support including support for SFV, MD5 SHA1, disk cataloging functions as well as directory synchronization are among its many features.

The software’s dual-pane interface resembles that of Windows Explorer. Users can view two directories at the same time and use drag-and-drop to move files between them. Furthermore, this program boasts additional features that set it apart from Total Commander and FreeCommander; such as tools to encode/decode UUE, XXE and MIME files as well as compare two folders and synchronize them.

It also comes equipped with an effective search program, capable of quickly locating any file type or attribute that you are searching for, making it simple to find duplicate files and work with them efficiently; even telling you whether a file is empty. In addition, there are various other functions such as checksum checking that ensure the integrity of files.

EF Commander is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and consumes minimal system resources, making it an excellent choice for beginners as well as experts alike. You can download it for free from EFSoftware; additionally, they provide a 30-day free trial period.

EF Commander is an excellent FTP client for anyone in search of reliable access. Its intuitive design offers many functions for working with files, folders and disks as well as playing videos and music such as MP3, WMA FLAC OGG. Furthermore it can edit texts and hex codes, manage compressed data archives as well as compress archives with compressed data archives.

Media player

EF Commander Free download is a specialized file manager designed to control files and folders efficiently and effortlessly, featuring a dual pane view, tabbed interface, secondary features, integrated media player supporting various audio formats as well as ID3 tag viewing, customizable fonts and icons to enhance user experience and speed up operation. Fast, straightforward to use and taking minimal memory space up, this program comes equipped with several helpful plugins that enhance functionality further.

EF Commander Free Download is an innovative file management application that was designed for all levels of users – from beginners to experts. Its intricate yet user-friendly design was the result of numerous requests received by its author; originally written using OS/2 in 1994 before transitioning over to Windows in 1996.

EF Commander stands out among its competitors by its unique capability of working with multiple folders simultaneously and its tabbed interface, which makes switching between folders easily within a single program window. This makes EF Commander an excellent option for users working with large amounts of data. Furthermore, drag-and-drop compatibility makes moving files and folders simpler, and it can synchronize directories allowing for quicker access and displays files as thumbnails for easier browsing.

The program includes a built-in search program for quickly and accurately finding files. It can also verify their integrity by supporting common checksum algorithms. In addition, there’s a hex editor for more comprehensive file editing capabilities.

EF Commander can be enhanced through the addition of external plugins that expand its support for new pack, viewer and file system formats. You can access these plug-ins from the EFSoftware website or even develop them using its open source framework; they can then be installed through various methods – for instance using WCX Packer Plugin, Viewer Plugin or File System Plugin.


EF Commander is an advanced file manager designed for all levels of users – beginners to professionals alike. The modern interface gives users full control of their files and folders while its highly customizable capabilities allow you to adjust it according to your own individual needs – whether this means altering colors, fonts, user defined columns, keyboard shortcuts, icons and much more!

The dual pane design of this program makes navigating two directories simultaneously simple, making file transfers and copy/paste easy. Furthermore, it supports various file formats (XnView/IrfanView extensions are supported); its media player plays high quality audio files supporting ID3 tags while offering playlist options including M3U/PLS formats.

It offers a robust search program, capable of quickly finding files by file type, attribute and keyword searches. Furthermore, duplicate files can also be detected and cataloged into an easy-to-read table format for cataloguing disk or directory information. Finally, changes detected within files and their contents can also be monitored – which makes this a very useful way to identify suspicious files.

EF Commander offers more than just these features for file management, though. It provides internal editors, hex editors, a packer supporting over 20 archive formats, an image viewer and much more! EF Commander even boasts multi-rename tools, folder synchronisation features and many other useful utilities making it a superior alternative to Windows Explorer.

EF Commander also features an effective feature for easily and conveniently renaming multiple files in a processing step, with flexible rules to set renaming rules. In addition, there’s an intuitive thumbnails function for quickly getting an overview of photos or image collections; support for long file operations running parallel; resume downloads when they pause; support for working across multiple servers simultaneously and an FTP client that lets you resume downloads; as well as thumbnail support to provide quick visual overview.

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