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Epic Browser

Epic Browser is a Chromium-based browser designed with privacy in mind, not storing browsing data and blocking unauthorised plugin downloads to avoid fingerprinting.

Search engine queries are routed through their own encrypted proxy. While this doesn’t offer complete protection, it does decrease tracking attempts and speed up website pages.


Epic Browser offers an always-on private browsing mode to encrypt data transfers to websites, preventing prying eyes from accessing personal data. In addition to protecting privacy by blocking ads trackers and fingerprinting techniques on sites visited. Built upon Chromium for exceptional security and speed. Each tab runs as its own process to maximize data isolation; and there is even a customized uBlock-based ad blocker with additional filter lists for maximum protection of privacy.

Epic Browser offers a private browsing mode that automatically activates each time it starts up and never requires users to manually activate it manually. Furthermore, Epic does not store browsing history, and when closed immediately deletes all browser data. Designed as a privacy-centric browser to thwart hacking and surveillance attacks while providing protection for user IP addresses and online activity with its built-in encrypted proxy service that conceals user IPs and encrypts online activity – Epic is one of the premier privacy browsers available!

This web browser boasts numerous security features that make it one of the top choices for those who prioritize online privacy, such as a password manager, always-on private browsing mode, granular privacy settings control and built-in protection against phishing attacks and cybersecurity threats. In addition, it supports HTTPS everywhere so it automatically connects websites using encrypted connections.

Epic’s privacy features are tailored to shield users from cyber threats and surveillance in an accessible way, and users can easily utilize them. The browser enables them to block ads and other tracking, as well as utilize an encrypted proxy that masks their IP address while protecting data transfer to websites. Unfortunately, however, Epic does not block all fingerprinting techniques, nor may it provide as much security as a traditional VPN would.

Epic Browser offers several privacy features that will protect you, such as a password manager, an always-on privacy mode, and granular setting controls for privacy settings. Furthermore, its built-in VPN encrypts data transfers between websites – making it difficult for hackers and government officials to monitor online activity – faster than Tor and featuring single node architecture that makes it more secure than onion networks.

Epic Browser boasts robust privacy features as well as other useful tools, such as its reader mode that simplifies page reading for easier consumption, customizable dashboard with favorite links, bookmarking system and the option of choosing between Yahoo or Epic search engines (Epic costs $2.50 monthly). Furthermore, its New Tab Page works like Chrome’s New Tab Page by offering eight panels which can be tailored according to one’s favorite websites.


Epic Browser stands apart from major browsers by not keeping usage logs or sharing your browsing history with third parties. Furthermore, it does not permit unauthorized plugins to be installed without your approval and protects you from hackers and trackers by not sharing this data with websites. Furthermore, its built-in encrypted proxy hides your IP address and makes it nearly impossible for ISPs, governments, or other entities to follow you around online.

Epic Browser’s simple, intuitive interface and comprehensive list of features makes it a pleasure to use, with all the essential functions for everyday browsing available at your fingertips. Plus it supports Chrome extensions as well as offering privacy-centric tools to protect your online security fully. Plus its lightweight nature means minimal strain on devices and increased browsing speeds!

As well as offering security features, Epic allows users to create and save proposals on both their desktop or laptop computer, access them at any time – including while on the move – and edit them later as needed. Unfortunately, some users have experienced difficulties when creating large reports; Applied Systems has taken note of these concerns and is working toward solving them.

Built on Chromium – the same foundation as Google Chrome – Epic Browser is lightning fast and secure. Utilizing multiprocess architecture where each tab runs its own process for maximum data isolation, as well as using a custom uBlock-based ad blocker with additional filter lists to protect from tracking agents, prevent annoying ads, and block fingerprinting attempts by website trackers that might attempt to identify your device and tailor prices according to location, it offers exceptional speed and security for internet browsing.

The Applied Epic Browser is available for both Windows and macOS and works in the background to protect users from harmful websites. With its user-friendly interface and an array of security tools such as an ad blocking feature, navigating this browser is made effortless. Furthermore, its synchronization capability with desktop computers provides seamless access to documents, files, and resources – ideal for businesses that must remain productive no matter their location or device.


Epic Browser is software that enables you to browse online anonymously, creating no traceable record of your internet activity. This feature has become increasingly popular as users become aware that many online entities track and record user behavior for tailoring ads specifically to them – something many perceive as an invasion of their privacy and prefer browsing anonymously online.

Epic, created by Hidden Reflex, an Indian software company, is a proprietary web browser based on Chromium source code and designed specifically with privacy in mind. When in private browsing mode or exiting, all data associated with your visit to any website are deleted upon exiting. Furthermore, every time you visit any website it blocks dozens of trackers which helps reduce tracking over time significantly.

Epic protects your browsing history by clearing cookies and blocking third-party tracking, while it also blocks websites from accessing your location. Furthermore, Epic encrypts all connections to websites using a secure DNS server and uses an inbuilt proxy that encrypts all data transfers to and from the internet; additionally, this feature allows anonymous browsing even if Epic is not running at the time.

While other browsers provide basic privacy features like incognito mode and extensions, Epic goes one step further by providing a secure proxy server and granular fingerprinting protection to protect you from network snoopers such as your ISP, employer and government, hackers as well as bypass paywalls in countries that forbid content viewing.

Epic can also prevent various fingerprinting techniques, including ultrasound signaling and image canvas data collection, from leaving their mark. Furthermore, Epic offers protection from data collectors that leak your real IP address even when browsing incognito mode or through VPN services.

However, you must be mindful of a few limitations before using this browser. Notably, it blocks almost all Chrome add-ons – password managers such as LastPass and RoboForm; Evernote Web Clipper which lets users save content from webpages; bookmark synchronization extensions like Xmarks and Pocket; which could pose issues for those relying on them heavily. This could become problematic for people accustomed to their usual add-ons.


Epic’s focus on privacy limits the browser to only a handful of add-ons; though there are security tools, none offer media downloaders and other advanced options such as media downloaders. Furthermore, there are no social media integrations nor AI enhancements or an improved search engine; although there is an optional built-in proxy and support for Chrome extensions.

Epic provides protection for your browsing data without forcing you to enable incognito or private mode, unlike Google Chrome which requires turning them on manually. By blocking trackers and other attempts at collecting it without your permission, Epic displays on its home page the number of tracking attempts it has blocked.

Your browser does not share your personal data with websites, such as search terms or other data being sent directly to them, blocking WebRTC calls that could leak your IP address and clearing away preferences, index DB entries, visited links, login data, media cache entries and origin-bound certificates when closing the browser.

Epic is built upon Chromium and runs on Linux, meaning anyone can review its code. Hidden Reflex claims it has severed all ties with Google (aside from using Chromium to construct its browser), giving users peace of mind knowing their data won’t be transmitted third parties. Furthermore, its design ensures maximum speed with an ad blocker specifically for speedier page loads.

One of the more noteworthy features is a “reader” mode, which converts websites into plain text for easier reading and skimming. Another unique feature is secure vault, which lets you store passwords and other sensitive data safely within an encrypted database.

To activate the functionality of Applied Epic, ensure the following browser settings are configured for all users and browsers in your organization. Specifically, install both Applied Epic Extension and Epic Connection Suite Package on each workstation and set policies accordingly in Google Admin console > Devices and Apps > Users & Browsers.

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