How to Create PDF Files With novaPDF

Once installed, novaPDF creates a virtual printer driver on your Windows computer that allows any Windows application to create PDFs by printing to it directly.

Customizable printing profiles can be created, each containing its own set of settings which can be changed on-demand.

Create PDF files from any printable document

novaPDF acts as a virtual PDF printer driver that enables you to generate PDF documents from any program that supports printing. With it you can turn Word documents, Excel sheets, AutoCad drawings, HTML web pages and even email messages into PDF documents for easier sharing – as well as password protecting them so only those with access can see their contents.

The OEM Developer version of novaPDF is an ideal choice for developers who wish to integrate PDF creation functionality into their applications. With its royalty free licensing model and convenient printer driver distribution capabilities, this version can easily integrate into any Windows-based printing app without rebranding issues or integration difficulties.

Within the Printing Preferences dialog of novaPDF, you can choose how each PDF file will be saved (e.g., in a specific folder or with specific name). Furthermore, profiles allow you to save PDFs with different Save options – perfect if you regularly create files with similar names!

novaPDF’s PDF creation software can automatically detect hyperlinks and convert them to actual clickable links in the final document, as well as create PDF bookmarks to make navigating it simpler.

novaPDF offers automatic compression of text and images to reduce the size of your final PDF file, as well as watermarks and security levels to enhance viewing, printing or modification of its contents. Furthermore, digital signatures and encryption features can ensure the safety of distributed PDF documents using this program.

Convert e-mail messages to PDF

With novaPDF you can quickly and easily convert email messages to PDF files. Just open up the message that needs converting in your e-mail client and click Print (usually found under Menu or Right Click Area), choose Nova PDF from Printer list available, select Print Dialog Box Save as PDF option then Save As PDF option in Print dialog Box – your email message will now be stored as PDF in its original location on computer.

novaPDF’s great feature of emailing PDF documents directly is its capability of sending them securely via your default email client or by configuring an SMTP server. This feature makes sharing PDF documents with others much simpler; simply emailing it includes both the document itself as well as an original copy in case the recipient requires further changes.

novaPDF software supports PDF editing and modification to ensure created PDF documents meet your exacting specifications. This includes being able to change page sizes, resolution settings, document orientation and add text and image watermarks as desired. Other customization features include font embedding, link detection, optimising text and images for optimised reading, layout PDF/A and linearisation PDF options, along with its smart Profile system which makes using different settings for personal or professional documents simple and hassle-free.

novaPDF is an extremely flexible PDF creator designed for both individuals and businesses alike, helping to increase efficiency and productivity by exchanging electronic documents in PDF format independently of their origin or application of creation.

Convert CorelDRAW files to PDF

Converting CorelDRAW files to PDF is a quick and effective way to share them more easily with others. PDFs preserve their original file format while being accessible by any program supporting PDF specifications – making them an excellent option for business collaboration and archive storage purposes.

novaPDF can convert CorelDRAW documents to PDF as well as any printable document – from email messages, MS Office documents, Web pages and text files to e-mail messages, MS Word files and text files. Acting like a virtual printer driver in any Windows application that supports printing, simply choose the Print menu option to select novaPDF as your virtual printer driver and all printed output will be converted to PDF file format. Customise your paper size, resolution settings, embed fonts (including Unicode characters), compress text and images as well as bookmarks security settings when designing your PDF document!

If your version of CorelDRAW lacks a Save As PDF option, novaPDF can help create PDFs from vector graphics designs. Simply open CorelDRAW, choose File->Print and choose novaPDF as one of your printer options; the program will then convert your CDR file to PDF before saving it into its destination folder.

Download Inkscape for free image viewer software that is capable of opening CorelDRAW files automatically. Once installed, launch Inkscape and convert CDR files to PDF by selecting File->Open or Press Print button; when printing is enabled automatically converts CDR to PDF when you press Print button. novaPDF Professional also comes equipped with powerful PDF security tools including support for signatures, encryption and password-protected documents as well as bookmarks that convert hidden hyperlinks to real links to web content.

Convert Word to PDF

If you need to convert older files, such as those created with Microsoft Works or another word processing program capable of opening the wps format, to PDF for easier sharing, you can use novaPDF’s conversion service to do just that. As long as recipients have access to a free PDF reader installed they will be able to open your document without installing and using its original creator software; this is particularly beneficial if the original app has become unavailable for download or usage.

During its installation process, novaPDF asks if you would like it to add an addin for Microsoft Office programs (or other print capable apps) such that PDF creation becomes as effortless as any other printing procedure in Windows OS. Once this step has been taken care of, documents may simply be printed out instead of going through traditional printer driver processes; you will have created PDF files easily without any special setup or knowledge needed!

novaPDF software can also detect hyperlinks within Word documents and convert them to clickable links within its resulting PDF file, as well as embed only characters used within them and compress them to save space. Furthermore, document information (document title, author, subject matter keywords etc) can be added so search engines will index your file efficiently.

NovaPDF goes far beyond basic PDF creation tools to meet all your PDF document creation needs, providing features such as customizing page sizes and resolutions, adding watermarks and bookmarks, password protecting them as well as setting permissions so only authorized people may view, print, modify or copy documents created with it. It makes an exceptional tool for both individuals and companies looking for quality searchable PDF documents on the market.

Convert Excel to PDF

novaPDF makes it simple and painless to turn Excel documents into PDF files, just by printing your spreadsheets directly on novaPDF and viewing the instant PDF output of your work. This enables you to share your spreadsheets with anyone, even those without Excel installed, just like they would be printed out and shared physically.

novaPDF for Microsoft Office provides many customizable PDF creation options, including defining individual private profiles which will be used when printing to PDF from each application. This feature is particularly helpful if there are multiple users sharing one computer who require different settings when creating PDF files.

novaPDF offers another convenient feature that makes reading Excel documents much simpler: automatically detecting sheet names in an Excel document and turning them into bookmarks in its PDF output. This makes finding pages much simpler when using tabbed viewing; another option available to you is turning cross-reference links into clickable PDF links.

This feature can be especially helpful for large Excel documents where an overview is necessary of all sheets within it. However, if this feature isn’t being utilized it’s advisable that an Excel sheet is saved as its own PDF file before printing in order to prevent pages overlapping when printing to it.

novaPDF makes password protecting PDFs and restricting permissions a breeze, with features like password protection and limited permissions on them enabling you to decide who can read, print or modify them as well as limit how much data can be copied by them.

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