What You Need to Know About Viber

Viber uses your mobile phone number to identify you and allows free communication within their network, working on smartphones, tablets and computers.

End-to-end encryption guarantees all of your personal chats and audio/video calls remain safe, and automatic deletion ensures no digital trace remains behind.

Free voice and video calls

Viber users who share an identical app can communicate free of charge; calling landlines and cell phones that don’t utilize this platform requires subscription fees that could incur additional charges from your service provider. It is possible that data charges could apply when using Viber when mobile network operators blocks VoIP apps; using WiFi can help avoid such fees.

Viber is an innovative cross-platform messaging app with features including free calls, video calls, instant messages, stickers, group chats and the ability to send photos and videos. One of its most popular messaging applications, it allows people to communicate across devices – which makes it especially helpful when working across operating systems with colleagues who require constant contact between devices.

Viber offers an intuitive user interface. The icon-based menu and meatball menu on the bottom right offer access to various settings and options; such as privacy settings, hiding online statuses and customizing app appearance. In addition, Viber also provides hundreds of decorative sticker packs which can be downloaded for use with their app.

Viber leverages your 3G or 4G Internet connection to make free calls and send messages, though this could result in additional mobile data charges depending on your plan’s limits. Video call quality may suffer depending on the quality of your Internet connection, while encrypted messages stored by Viber only become visible for short amounts of time and are never deleted from our servers.

Viber stands out from other messaging apps by providing free video and voice calls, even to numbers abroad. Furthermore, it boasts features that make it ideal for business communication such as community chats, stickers and an integrated e-commerce platform. Furthermore, unlike many other messaging apps it provides high security measures designed to prevent hackers from listening in on conversations via end-to-end encryption technology.

Free text messaging

Viber provides free text messaging as a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, with messages delivered securely only visible to other Viber users who have you as their contacts list. In addition, video calls, photos and maps as well as group messaging capabilities are supported as well as call blocking/muting functionality and customizing profiles with photos or emoticons are also possible on Viber.

Viber offers global connectivity so you can stay in touch with loved ones no matter the distance. Its cross-platform compatibility also makes it a favorite choice for business communication, while the app features various unique features such as stickers and community groups that come equipped with it for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Viber requires internet connectivity in order to operate. It utilizes either WiFi or 3G data for communication between users; however, your cell phone provider may charge extra fees depending on how you choose to connect to other people if using 3G data exclusively is more suitable for you. Alternatively, WiFi only networks may offer less expensive connectivity options if that suits better for you.

Viber offers business messaging for companies to communicate with their customers and clients. It provides various tools that make this possible, including auto replys, customized messages, chat bots and an intuitive interface for managing multiple conversations at the same time.

Viber protects your privacy with end-to-end encryption technology, keeping personal conversations private. However, be aware that your data may be stored temporarily on their servers for future reference or may be accessed if necessary by Viber employees.

Viber Plus is an optional premium subscription that adds additional features to the platform, including ads removal. Communities, stickers and lenses are free as part of this subscription as well as business messaging as well as dedicated customer support teams for companies using Viber.

Free group chats

Viber provides free group calls with up to 250 members, making it ideal for planning parties, family events, joke sharing and photo sharing with friends. Add stickers and use emoji to express emotions during conversations easily on both WiFi and mobile data connections. Furthermore, its Hold&Talk feature enables instant voice messages; similar services like Voxer and Zello feature this same capability to quickly communicate.

Viber’s vast user base makes it a top choice for instant messaging and international calling to both landlines and cell phones. With features such as high-quality video/audio calls, text messages, group chats, sharing files/photos/videos as well as its easy interface that’s user friendly; desktop computer download and compatibility with other messaging apps (such as WhatsApp).

Viber remains one of the most widely-used messaging apps, yet fails to meet user safety expectations when it comes to community conversations, where users lack control over their personal data. At Brosix, our goal has been to change that with an app offering high security while still offering feature-packed communications platform capabilities.

Viber group chats can be divided into three distinct types: groups, communities and channels. Groups provide private connections of up to 250 users at any one time and can be created by any user using either their contact list in Viber or using an unique link provided.

Communities offer enhanced group chat features, such as disappearing messages and the ability to respond directly to other members without writing anything yourself. Administrators can control who can write in the community chat, remove people from it, or create superadmins as needed for management.

Channels are public chatrooms designed for following celebrities or trending topics. Users can subscribe to any channel of interest and get notifications every time there’s new post; however, followers’ profiles remain hidden from other members in the community.

Endless possibilities

Viber offers endless opportunities for users to deepen relationships and connect meaningfully, whether it’s chat, video calls, sharing media files or synchronizing devices – it even prioritizes user privacy! Thanks to its comprehensive features list and consistent accessibility worldwide. It has quickly become a go-to choice among millions.

Viber has also proven an effective tool for businesses looking to stay in contact with customers and build loyalty by calling landlines and mobile numbers globally for free – this helps businesses build customer relationships while simultaneously expanding brand recognition. Furthermore, this platform allows staff and clients to communicate quickly in real time.

Viber can also be used for messaging and video conferencing with up to 100 participants at one time, sharing ideas and working collaboratively on creative projects in an innovative fashion. Furthermore, professional-quality audio or video recordings can also be made using Viber.

WhatsApp also provides many security and customization features, including end-to-end encryption to protect the safety of your data and conversations, location sharing through map or arrowhead view in message composing box and the option to turn off at any point in time.

Parents and employers can both find great value in monitoring Viber chats without physically accessing a user’s device. There are a number of monitoring apps that enable this, enabling you to keep tabs on activity without needing access permission or alerting users – this feature is an invaluable way of protecting loved ones against digital dangers.

Viber is an invaluable app, but occasionally it can act strangely. Users have reported crashes or freezes; to quickly resolve these problems by clearing cache and data. To do this, open up Settings on your phone’s application manager (typically App Manager) and choose Clear Cache/Store of Viber in that menu item.

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